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The Basics of 2 Carat Diamonds Explained (Size, Price and 4Cs)

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring with a really big diamond, you’re likely looking somewhere around the 2 carat range. There are even bigger diamonds, of course, but 2 carat diamonds are usually in the “sweet spot” for a lot of people...

Girl wearing oval shape engagement ring

Square Shaped Diamond Cuts Explained

Although round diamonds are the most popular of all diamond cuts, square shaped cuts also have their allure and beauty. In fact, of the 10 commonly found diamond shapes, 5 are square or rectangular. The princess cut is the most famous of the square...

Square shape diamond engagement ring on girl's finger

Emerald Engagement Rings and Loose Gemstones – How to Choose

Emeralds have been used in jewelry for centuries and have been coveted as a precious gemstone since ancient times. It’s the most popular green gemstone with the very word ‘emerald’ used as a synonym for green. But how does emerald perform as an...

Bride trying emerald engagement ring