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How to Buy Aquamarine for Your Engagement Ring – A Guide

Aquamarine, the beautiful blue sister-stone of emerald, is one of the more interesting choices for engagement rings. Its name means “Water of the Sea” in Latin, which is quite romantic in and of itself, especially if the engagement ring is for...

Bride wearing aquamarine engagement ring closeup on finger

How to Choose Your Wedding Earrings

You’ve said yes to the dress, now all you need is a few finishing touches to elevate your look. Bridal earrings are one of the most important to consider as they help to frame your face. Learn all you need to know about finding the right pair of...

How to choose wedding earrings

24 Unique Wedding Cakes for the Non-Traditional Couple

Your wedding cake is more than just a pretty center piece. It’s is an excellent way to incorporate a bit of your personality and to make a statement about your style. While most people go for the traditional tiered cake with perfectly symmetrical...

Bride and groom cutting wedding cake