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Jade Engagement Rings – Good or Bad Idea?

Jade Ring is a Dark Green

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When it comes to choosing a gemstone for your engagement ring, jade can make a good choice. While not as hard as diamonds, they offer a variety of other benefits for an non-traditional ring design. Here’s everything you need to know about a jade engagement ring, before you buy.

What is Jade?

Jade is an umbrella term for two separate gemstones that are both compact, tough and typically green in color. ‘Jadeite’ is the more expensive type of jade stone while the other is ‘nephrite’, which is much more affordable.

Although both these stones differ slightly in chemical composition and crystalline structure, they’re both either colorless or white. However, the most popular variety, as you might have guessed, is green. When choosing by color, emerald-green jadestones are often the most highly prized and sought after. But due to the presence of iron, other colors such as gray, violet, green and red can also occur.

Jade has been around since pre-historic times, when it was used to make weapons, tools, carvings and ornaments. It has also been used for making a wide range of jewelry items, and is espeically popular in the East, notably China. Throughout history, jade has also been a highly popular gemstone for engagement rings.

Pros and Cons of Jade Engagement Rings

Jade engagement rings are an excellent choice for anyone looking for something non-traditional. Jade rings have a gorgeous, classic look and their lustrous polish and intense green color make them eye-catching and unique. Here are the pros and cons of jade engagement rings:


  • Jade stones are versatile and suit a wide range of engagement ring styles and designs
  • It looks great on almost all complexions and skin tones
  • Jade is very compact, and has a unique luster and texture.
  • Jade is the official gemstone for the 12th wedding anniversary and is one of the birthstones for the month of August. If you’re wedding or your birthday is in August or if it’s the month in which you got engaged, this will be the perfect engagement ring for you
  • Every jade stone is unique. You’ll find them in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • It’s easy to match with almost any color and style of clothing
  • You can find jade to suit a variety of prices, meaning there’s a jade ring for every budget.


  • Jade isn’t as tough as diamonds, rubies or sapphires which means they aren’t suited for rough exposure  and can get damaged easily.

Jade Engagement Ring Design

Jade rings have a stylish, delicate appearance that’s not often found in engagement rings. It looks beautiful with almost any type of metal and any colored setting. When paired off with silver or white gold, the piece has a modern look to it and the color of the stone is highlighted. Here’s some of our favorite jade engagement rings.

  • Icy Jade Engagement Ring: This piece features a natural icy jade stone, mounted between diamond accents, with a rose gold band. The center stone is translucent to the point where it looks like ice, mimicking a moonstone, giving the ring a beautiful, classy and elegant look.
Icy jade ring

Oval Icy Jade Engagement Ring by Honngaijewelry. Check price here.

  • Natural Jade Ring: This ring is a simple, yet elegant piece with a natural oval jade stone in its center and a thin rose gold bezel which highlights the intense color of the stone. The bezel adds extra protection to the ring desing. It’s a minimalist piece that stacks well with other rings.
Bezel jade ring

14K Gold Jade Ring by Diamond For Love. Check price here.

  • Imperial Jadeite Engagement Ring: This luxurious ring features a highly lustrous cabachon-cut jadeite stone held by four prongs and surrounded by sparkling diamonds. This design showcases the jade ring to maximum beauty, with the diamonds adding that touch of sparkle and clarity to complement the jade’s luster and opacity.
Luxurious jade engagement ring

Jadeite Luxury Rinb by Baikalla Jewelry. Check price here.

  • Nephrite Jade Engagement Ring: Here’s a unique engagement ring, carved entirely out of solid natural nephrite jade. This one is ideal for a true lover of jade and works well as a wedding ring or an all-in-one ring too.
Nephrite jade band

Nephrite Jade Wide Band Ring by The Jade Mine. Check price here.

  • Solid Gold Jade Ring: For a modern choice, consider this modern and minimalist style. The bezel of the ring is carefully crafted, highlighting the jade stone on top. This one-of-a-kind piece is sure to stand out and grab everyone’s attention.
Unique modern jade ring

Jade Engagement Ring by Jadeite Atelier. Check price here.

  • Celtic Style Jade Engagement Ring: This design features a cabochon jade center stone set in an exquisitely designed variation of the Celtic Trinity Knot. Since it has no visible beginning or end, this piece is a symbol of eternal love.
Jade trinity knot ring

Celtic Jade Engagement Ring by Celtic Eternity. Check price here.

  • Vintage Jade Ring: Go vintage with this gorgeous, mid-century jade ring, showing off a translucent, rich jade stone held in place by four prongs. The unicity of this pieces lies in the texture and the detail of the scrolls inscribed on its shank. An easily stackable and exquisite piece of work.
Jade antique ring

Vintage Jade Cocktail Ring by The Jeweled Crescent. Check price here.

  • Lotus Flower Engagement Ring: Made from sterling silver with a set of small jade stones arranged in its center in a mosaic, the minimalist beauty of this engagement ring is undeniable. The jade stones come in a mix of light to darker green shades in a gorgeous floral pattern and its narrow bezel makes it easy to stack with a wedding ring.
Rustic jade ring

Silver Lotus Jade Ring by Gemologies. Check price here.

Jade Engagement Ring Meaning

Jade is considered to be a symbol of tranquility, serenity and purity. Many people around the world wear or keep jade in their homes since they believe it brings friendship, good luck, harmony and peace. Used in engagement rings, jade  promotes healing, courage, love and success for the couple.

Many civilizations throughout history have valued jade and believed it to have mystical properties. The Aztects and Mayans believed that the stone had healing powers and could alleviate body pain. In China, Jade is a much valued stone, used for protection from illnesses.

The Chinese believe that jade absorbs negative energy and has healing properties. They refer to the stone as ‘yu’, which means ‘royal gem’ or ‘imperial gem’. Today, it’s considered a Chinese religious symbol.

Choosing the Best Jade

If you’ve decided to go ahead with a jade engagement ring, here are some tips on how to choose the right jade gemstone.

  • Jade Color

Jade can be found in many colors, but the most prized is the pure green variety. Both nephrite jade and jadeite come in almost every color of the rainbow, including light yellow to translucent white.

The color of the jade stone you choose should be lively and vibrant. Try viewing the stone under different types of light, natural and artificial, to ensure that it has a nice, even color without any splotches.

  • Jade Clarity and Texture

The texture of jade can be either very coarse or very fine, depending on the variations in the hardness and size of the stone. It’s composed of interlocking crystals (also known as grains) which increase the density of the stone as it forms. The texture of the highest quality jade is extremely smooth and fine.

  • Jade Cut

Because of its hardness and versatility, jade can be easily cut or carved into all shapes. It has a fine-grained crystalline structure that makes it easier to cut than most other stones and will not break, chip or crack. This is why there are whole jewelry items made entirely out of jade, known as hololiths. The highest quality jade is most commonly cut into cabochons and used for jewelry.

  • Jade Carat

Jade is a highly dense stone that’s sold by the piece (measured in millimetres) instead of in carats since it’s heavier than most other gemstones. A piece of jade that’s the same size as a sapphire for example, would be considerably heavier than the sapphire.

  • Jade Translucency

Another important factor to consider when buying a jade ring, is its translucency, the amount of light that passes through it. The higher the translucency of jade (the more light that passes through), the more valuable the stone will be.

Treatments and Enhancements

Jade stones usually undergo various treatments to enhance their color. Some treatments include heat which can decrease the hardness of the stone and affect its stability. There are three categories of jade certification: Type A, B and C.

  • Type A – This type is jade in its natural form and completely free of chemical or heat treatments. The stone is polished and coated with a colorless wax that enhances it luster but this does not cause any damage to its crystalline structure or impede on its value.
  • Type B – Type B jade is bleached to remove any oxidation stains or impurities in the stone. This is done to lighten its color but this makes the stone porous and prone to breaking. To fix this, polymer resins are infused into the stone and it’s finally polished, to give it a smooth and lustrous look. Although the stone has its natural color, it can discolor over time and turn yellowish when exposed to sunlight and heat.
  • Type C – This type of jade undergoes all the treatments as Type B jade and is also dyed to enhance its color. Type C jade cannot be used for long since its color can fade over time. The stone is also not as stable as Type A or B and can break easily. This variety isn’t very valuable.

Of the three, Type A jade is the most durable and expensive. It’s an excellent gemstone to use for engagement rings or any other type of highly priced jewelry.

Cleaning and Caring for Jade Rings

Jade is a highly durable and extremely tough gemstone but it does require some care to maintain its shine and lustre. Regular cleaning will keep it in good condition. The richness and lustre of jade stones increases every time it’s touched due to body oils. Wiping it with a cloth after taking it off is enough, but make sure to wash it when you notice any soiling.

Never use any kind of chemical cleaner on your jade ring and don’t expose it to heat since this can damage the stone. Remove the ring and keep it in a safe place before swimming since the chlorine used in pools and hot tubs is harmful to most gemstones.  

All you need to clean your ring is some lukewarm water and just a few drops of liquid soap. Avoid using jewelry cleaning solutions since they may contain certain chemicals that can damage the stone. Instead of using brushes to scrub your ring (this can scratch its surface), wipe it gently with a clean, soft cloth dipped into soapy water. Once you’re done, dry it off with a soft cloth or a paper towel and it in a jewelry box or wrap it up in a cloth to keep it safe.

Where to Buy Jade Engagement Rings

If you’re unable to find your ideal jade engagement ring at your local jeweler’s, we recommend having a look online. When shopping online for your ring, however, make sure that the retailer provides you with all the right information about the piece and clear images or videos of it so that you know exactly what you’re buying.

Etsy: Etsy has a highly impressive selection of jade jewelry for you to browse through, in all colors, shapes, sizes and styles. This is the place to go if you’re after quality and range – from artisan to antique pieces. Always check out the customer reviews to get an idea of what to expect before you go ahead and purchase your ring.

Amazon: When it comes to jade engagement ring designs, your options at Amazon are endless. The platform features classic, modern and eccentric styles in various metals and settings. Just check each item carefully and ask questions from the seller as each Amazon store may have its own policies.