Marquise Cut Engagement Rings – Yes or No?

Bride wearing marquise cut engagement ring

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Marquise cut diamonds have been in and out of fashion over the last several decades but have lately experienced a major revival. These unique, elegant and feminine stones are perfect for engagement rings. Here’s why.

Is the Marquise Cut in Style?

If you like to go with the trends, note that diamond cuts go in and out of fashion reflecting the fashion and sensibilities of the time. With the renewed interest in all things vintage, the marquise cut is back in the spotlight. It’s one of the oldest diamond cuts, making it a classic that has lasted the test of time. While the round and princess diamond cuts are always in style, the marquise can fluctuate in popularity but will always be around.

Although the marquise cut was considered old fashion for a while, today it’s back in style and graces the fingers of many celebrities. It combines a vintage charm with modern style making it perfect for modern day brides. 

catherine zeta hones marquise cut engagement ring


Some famous personalities sporting marquise cut engagement rings include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Portia de Rossi and Victoria Beckham.

What is Marquise Cut?

The marquise is an elongated shape, similar to a pear cut diamond but with two points instead of one. It’s a highly brilliant cut, with 56 facets that contribute to its sparkle and depth.

It can be thin or squat, depending on the length to width ratio you choose, with experts recommending a ratio of 2.0 for the best look. The cut is also called navette, French for little ship, because of its shape.

marquise shape diamond close up

Marquise diamond with L-R ratio of 2.11.

See it here

The marquise cut is among the more brilliant diamond cuts, even though it’s relatively shallow. It also tends to look large, maximizing the carat weight and offering you good value for your money.

Note that marquise cut diamonds can display a bowtie which can reduce the beauty of your stone with an ugly blacked out section on the surface. Always check the diamond carefully from all angles to avoid buying a poorly cut stone.

If set vertically on the ring setting, the marquise cut can elongate your finger and give it an elegant appearance. However, the sharp points of the shape are vulnerable and prone to damage, so choosing the right ring setting is crucial if you want to keep the stone lasting a lifetime.

Marquise Cut Engagement Ring Styles

The marquise is perfect for the bride who wants something different and wants her engagement ring to stand out from the rest. The majority of brides gravitate towards round and princess cut diamonds, meaning that if you opt for a marquise cut you might be the only one you know who chose a marquise, making it special.

One benefit of the marquise shape is that it’s highly versatile and gives you endless design options. Here are the most popular ring settings for marquise cut engagement rings.

1- The Solitaire Setting

The classic solitaire cut is always in style, exuding simplicity, class and sophistication. The beauty of the marquise cut is clearly visible in a prong setting, with the strategically placed prongs emphasizing the curves of the shape. Solitaire settings allow maximum light reflection and the chance to see the diamond from almost every angle. The number of prongs are typically 6 or 8.

Marquise cut solitaire engagement ring

Solitaire ring setting for marquise cut.

See it here

v-tipped solitaire marquise-diamond ring in yellow gold setting

V-tipped solitaire ring setting.

See it here

The solitaire, however, is among the more fragile types of ring settings in that it exposes the diamond and provides less protection than some other settings. Ensure that there are prongs at either end of the cut. V-tipped prongs provide added protection to the shape’s sharp points and holds it securely in place.

2- East-West Ring Setting

The East-West ring setting offers a twist on the traditional marquise shaped diamond ring. Simply have the diamond placed horizontally rather than vertically and you’ve immediately got a whole new look.

east-west marquise cut ring

East to west marquise ring setting.

See it here

You can have the diamond set in a bezel, halo or solitaire, the choice is yours. One thing to note is that the East-West marquise setting may not complement wide or short fingers. In this case, the vertical marquise offers the best look.

3- Marquise Halo Ring Setting

Marquise shape diamond halo setting engagement ring

Halo setting.

See it here

The halo setting is one of the most popular for marquise cuts because of the extra sparkle and protection that it offers. A well-crafted halo engagement ring is stunning and luxurious, adding extra depth to the marquise cut. However, halo settings can be harder to clean than solitaire ring settings and there’s always the likelihood of the diamond melees falling out down the track. These can be replaced easily, but if you lead an active lifestyle, the halo may not be the best option for you.

4- Bezel Ring Setting

moonstone marquise cut bezel setting

Not a diamond but just as beautiful.

See this ring here

Most people choose the bezel setting for its minimalist look and the security it offers the diamond. The bezel setting is very versatile, easily adapting to vintage or modern styles, bringing a touch of minimalist charm to any ring design. It is probably the most secure engagement ring choice as it has metal surrounding the entire diamond, acting as a buffer.

The issue with bezel settings is that they tend to minimize the diamond’s sparkle as light only reflects from the top view. If you want maximum brilliance, the bezel may not be for you.

5- Tension Ring Setting for Marquise Engagement Ring

If you want a contemporary ring design with an almost futuristic look to it, the tension setting is your best bet. Here, the marquise diamond is held in place by the tension of the band, with its points set into protective grooves that hold it securely. At first glance, a tension set diamond appears like its floating. This type of ring setting always gets a second glance. Here, the diamond is visible from all sides, interacting with light for maximum brilliance. There’s no metal interreference and you get to see the stone in all its glory. What’s more, they’re very easy to clean and are highly durable.

Tension-setting marquise shape diamond ring in white gold

Contemporary tension ring setting.

See this ring here

The trouble with tension settings is that not every retailer offers this design, because of the effort and skill required to make them. James Allen appears to be the only reputable retailer that currently offers a selection of tension settings. This, plus the fact that the setting uses up more metal, makes the tension an expensive setting option.

Deciding on Your Marquise Ring Setting

Bride wearing marquise cut engagement ring

Classic marquise engagement ring

In terms of engagement ring styles, your decision will be mainly dictated by the following factors:

  1. Your budget
  2. The security the ring setting offers the diamond
  3. How the setting shows off the diamond
  4. Your personal preferences
  5. Your lifestyle

Often there’s a tradeoff between some of these factors. If you choose a bezel ring setting, for example, you’ll have the highest security but lower brilliance and diamond size. For a modern-style ring, a tension setting is the best option but you’ll have to pay a higher price.

Is the Marquise Cut Right For Me?

Here’s what some marquise engagement ring wearers say about their rings:

FutureMrs.C – I love my marquise diamond on my halo ring! I am in love with this shape because I feel it has so much character and elegance and it looks amazing in any type of setting.

MaryJ – My mom has a marquise ring too so it’s really special that we both have matching rings. I think it’s a timeless style that’s just beautiful to wear and look at every day.

Maria – I keep looking at my ring without even noticing that I’m doing it! It’s such a graceful shape.

JessicaBP – Somehow the marquise seems the most feminine of all the diamond shapes to me. I love how it looks.

If you’re on the fence about choosing a marquise, consider what your engagement ring means to you. Do you care what others will say or do you love beating your own path?

If you choose a marquise, you’re bound to be asked why you didn’t go with a round diamond. People might wonder why you opted for an ‘old-fashioned’ style. Then again, they might admire your sense of style and direction, and the fact that you picked out something that you really loved.

Another thing to note is that marquise cuts go in and out of fashion, but a shape like princess or round is always on trend. If this matters to you too, then it’s better to opt for a popular cut.

At the end of the day, go with your gut feeling. We at Wedding Know How thing the marquise cut is exceptional and an always in-style option. We love its elegant shape and graceful curves. But that’s just us. What matters is what you think!

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