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REGARDS Ring – A Meaningful Victorian Ring Design

Gemstones resembling REGARD ring

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During the Victorian era, jewelry designs were often romantic, sentimental and meaningful. Many often contained hidden meaning and secret messages, which were given as love tokens.

One such meaningful jewelry design was the REGARDS ring. It featured gemstones whose initials corresponded to the letters in the word REGARDS. This type of ring was known as an acrostic ring, as it spelled out a word using gemstones.

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So which gemstones were used to spell out REGARDS?

regard antique Victorian ring

Regard Ring by Victorious Antique. Check Price Here.

The gemstones were: R = Ruby, E = Emerald, G = Garnet, A = Amethyst, R = Ruby, D = Diamond, S = Sapphire. These were all extremely valuable gemstones, making the REGARDS ring a statement piece, and one that wasn’t given lightly.

Victorian era

To understand the full significance of these rings, it’s important to remind ourselves of the context. This was a time when social restraint was the order of the order and in fact, even today, we associate Victorian times with the Freudian concept of ‘repression’. This was prevalent in every aspect of ‘nice’ society.

So what does this have to do with REGARDS rings?

Well, in such a restrained society, these rings were a way to convey pent-up passion and were essentially passionate love letters. They were sentimental codes full of supressed ardor. As such, these acrostic rings held a place of importance.

Another point to note is that while the word regards doesn’t hold much meaning for us today, during the Victorian era, it was much more meaningful and romantic. The REGARDS ring was often given as engagement rings to signify betrothal and were highly valued.

Modern regard ring closeup

Modern REGARDS Ring by PH Beads. Check Price Here.

Today Victorian engagement rings and jewelry are back in the limelight, valued for their beauty and romance. Acrostic rings from the period are making a resurgence and you may find rings spelling out words like DEAREST, REGARDS, ADORE and other similar terms in modern replicas.

The rings typically feature a row of gemstones placed in a specific order to spell the word. These gemstones are mounted into a ring setting made of precious metals. Most antique REGARDS rings from the period feature yellow gold but modern replicas have white gold and platinum acrostic rings as well.

Gemstone alphabet chart


If you don’t find the ring you’re after, why not consider having one custom made? And while you’re at it, if you don’t like the word regards swap it for something else that’s more meaningful. The point of acrostic rings is to embed a message in the jewelry design, so using the concept of gemstones representing letters, pick any word you want.

Victorian antique REGARD ring

Antique Ring by Victorious Antique. Check Price Here.

And finally, if you’re looking for a genuine antique, always do your due diligence to avoid getting ripped off. Look for a well-established retailer with experience in dealing with antiques, a solid track record and happy customers.

Always check about a certificate of authenticity and don’t forget to look into the after sales policies. A reputable retailer should be able to stand by their products and take them back in the event that the don’t satisfy your expectations.