Why Choose a Trellis Engagement Ring?

Trellis engagement ring closeup

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The word trellis generally means a framework that offers support to creepers or fruit trees. In the context of jewelry, trellis refers to the way prongs are designed to hold precious stones.

Let’s take a look at the reasons to choose a trellis engagement ring. There are many!

What’s a Trellis Ring Setting?

A trellis engagement ring is a type of prong settings with a twist – literally. Prong settings feature three or more prongs standing up straight and holding the center diamond or gemstone in their grasp.

A trellis ring is similar except that the prongs are twisted and interwoven to create a basket-like elegant look. The overlapping prongs create a criss-cross of prongs, usually with a clear stylized X visible from the sides.

prong ring vs trellis ring side by side

As the two rings show, the trellis is more elegant and flowing, with its curved prongs adding a feel of movement to the ring design.

The trellis setting can work with any type of diamond shape or number of diamonds, as its very versatile.

Types of Trellis Ring Settings

There are several popular ring styles that feature the trellis settings. Let’s take a look:

Trellis engagement ring

Solitaire trellis ring. Check Price Here.

Solitaire trellis rings are among the most popular for engagement rings as they’re stylish and elegant. They look stunning from all angles, especially the sides, adding detail to an often boring part of the ring.

Three stone trellis ring

Princess cut diamond three stone trellis setting. Check it here.

Three stone ring settings are valued and sought-after for their meaningfulness. These settings represent the Past, Present and Future of the couple’s journey together. Three stone settings also provided added sparkle with extra diamonds. When held in a trellis setting, the three individual stones appear more connected, stylish and flowing.

Five stone diamond ring in trellis setting. Check it here.

Like the three stone ring setting, five stone rings are also very stylish and have a gorgeously interconnected look when set in a trellis setting. The prongs appear longer and more elegant, reaching from corner to corner in elegant swirls. This is much more stylish than a typical five stone ring. The five stone trellis ring works well for a range of relationship rings, including engagement, wedding and anniversary.

Reasons to Choose a Trellis Ring Setting

Trellis ring settings add more detail and style to a standard prong setting. It’s the ideal choice if you want a ring that’s a little more elaborate but still subtle.

Trellis rings are very durable because of the additional support the prongs provide each other. Being connected adds more strength to the setting, so that even if a prong gets damaged, it can still stay in place and hold the diamond.

Trellis rings also provide a lot of visibility to the diamond, just like any prong setting. Even though it has more detail, it still allows the diamond to sparkle and have good light interaction. This gives you a very brilliant diamond that’s still very secure.

Despite the added detail, trellis rings aren’t much more expensive than standard prong settings. If all else is equal, the trellis ring could be equal or just slightly more expensive. To get an idea of the difference, compare this classic three stone ring with this trellis three stone ring. The prices are the same for both settings.

One other thing to note – trellis ring settings can be limited compared to other types of settings. In this case, your best bet is to commission your own engagement ring design or to carefully sort through reputable retailers to find your trellis setting.

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