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6 Reasons to Wear Your Engagement Ring on Your Middle Finger

Girl wearing engagement ring on middle finger

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Engagement rings are typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, also known as the ring finger. This tradition goes back to ancient Roman times, when it was believed that a vein, known as the vein of love (vena amoris), rank directly from the ring finger to the heart.

While this is now known to have no scientific basis, the concept and tradition persists. Which is why the idea of wearing an engagement ring on your middle finger might come across as strange and non-traditional.

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Even so, some brides opt to do just that, and we agree with them! Here are 6 reasons to wear your engagement ring on your middle finger.

1- Suits the Seasons

If your engagement ring fits you perfectly during summer, there’s a high chance that it’ll be loose during winter. The reason for this is that our fingers tend to swell during warmer months, which means that during the cool months, they can start to feel looser. The best option for this would be to wear your engagement ring on your middle finger, often slightly larger than the ring finger. Simply alternate between both fingers according to the seasons.

2- Expresses Your Personality

Not everyone is a fan of tradition or of doing things simply because ‘that’s how they’ve always been done’. Instead, express your personality and individuality by wearing your ring on the middle finger. As one bride puts it: Your ring, your hand, your rules and it’s no one else’s business!

3- Gives You Privacy

If you’ve watched How I Met Your Mother, you probably remember what happens when Robin wears her engagement ring – everyone knows she’s engaged and avoids her in the bar. While this particular scenario probably doesn’t apply to you, it can get irksome that your ring gives away some of your identity. Wearing your engagement ring on your middle finger gives you a certain privacy, as no one would be certain that you’ve got engaged unless you wanted them to know. For some brides, this is also a form of feminism, because if a man doesn’t have to wear a ring to show that he’s unavailable, why would a woman?

4- You’ve Been Given a Ring

Sometimes, there may be practical reasons that make wearing your engagement ring on your middle finger a better option. You may have been given a special heirloom or a vintage ring that fits your middle finger but not your ring finger. If you don’t want to get the ring resized, it makes good sense to wear it on your middle finger.

But here’s what one Wedding Bee reader put it: I’d get it resized for the ring finger. If you flip someone the bird, they don’t deserve the joy of seeing a lovely ring. Well we never saw that coming.  

5- Your Engagement Ring Is Easy to See

An engagement ring is typically worn stacked above a wedding ring. While this is the traditional way to wear it, some brides prefer their engagement ring to stand alone on a separate finger so that it’s easy to see it. This is a point to consider if your two rings don’t complement each other or if your engagement ring has a gorgeous design that deserves it’s own place to shine from.

6- Symbolizes Power and Responsibility

The middle finger of the left hand is often associated with power and responsibility because it’s the longest finger and it’s located in the center. As such, wearing your engagement ring can symbolize the power of your relationship and your mutual responsibility to your commitment.

Some Issues to Consider

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While there are several reasons to wear your engagement ring on your middle finger, here are a couple of issues to consider:

Metal on Metal

An engagement ring on your middle finger and a wedding ring on your fourth finger will likely grate against each other, which can get annoying, uncomfortable and also damage the rings. However, if you’re used to wearing rings a lot and you don’t mind how that feels, it shouldn’t be a problem.

How Others Perceive the Ring

Be prepared for people coming up to you and saying things like – That’s not the right finger; Where’s your engagement ring? Why are you wearing your engagement ring on the wrong finger?

These are silly comments but are to be expected and if you can deal with them, you should be fine.