Flush Ring Settings – Everything You Need to Know

Flush ring setting closeup in pink background

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Also known as a hammered, burnished, shot or flush setting, the gypsy ring setting is the ideal choice if you want to add a little sparkle and detail to your ring. It’s perfect for active lifestyles with a functional yet subtle design.

The gypsy setting is becoming increasingly popular for its minimalist, sophisticated look and for its versatility. Here’s what you need to know about this unique setting.

What is a Gypsy/Flush Setting?

Flush setting wedding ring

Gypsy set wedding band set by Follies Jewels. See them here.

A gypsy setting is when the diamond is set into a hole in the band of the ring where it sits flush with the metal of the ring. The diamond is only visible from the top view, with its sides and bottom half completely hidden from sight. In this respect, the gypsy setting is quite similar to the bezel setting.

To keep the diamond in place, the metal around it is hammered. This keeps the stone secure and fixed in position, with little to zero possibility of it getting lose or dislodged.

Because this process can be quite intense, only hard gemstones like diamonds, sapphires or rubies are recommended for gypsy settings. Softer gemstones like turquoise or opal could crack or chip during the hammering stage.  

Best Gypsy/Flush Set Ring Designs

Gypsy settings are a unisex style and are very versatile for use in ring designs. They’re perfect for wedding bands but can also look amazing as accent stones for engagement rings.

The trouble with gypsy set rings is that designs may be limited as not every retailer offers this type of setting. Taking your search online is your best option to easily search through gypsy set rings.

Gypsy settings are ideal to add a little sparkle and embellishment to a man’s engagement or wedding ring. Most men tend to choose plain metal bands for their rings but the gypsy setting offers a way to include some sparkle without changing the style of the ring too much, like this men’s etched white gold flush set ring.

Beautiful organic flush set wedding ring

Organic shaped flush set gold ring by Malleable Jewellers. Check Price Here.

Flush settings are also perfect for minimalist wedding rings and stacking wedding rings. They’re small and dainty but with just the right amount of sparkle and beauty.

However, we don’t recommend setting a large diamond in a flush setting as an engagement ring, simply because you won’t see the complete beauty of the stone. We prefer using smaller diamonds to create a pattern or design on the metal. Having said that, if you have a skillful jeweler who’s able to craft a stunning flush set engagement ring, there’s no reason not to go for it.

Here are some of our favorite flush set ring designs:

Why Buy a Gypsy/Flush Setting?

Flush set ring with black diamond

Unique gypsyset wedding band by Korus Design. Check Price Here.

Gypsy ring settings are ideal for people with active lifestyles. If security and durability are your primary concerns, then this is the setting for you. Because the diamond or other gemstone is set into the metal, there is little chance for damage and exposure for the stone. Gypsy set gemstones also don’t catch on everyday objects and are comfortable and easy to wear.

The gypsy setting is versatile, as it can be used as the focal point of the ring design or as an accent. This type of setting tends to highlight the metal as much as the stones, creating a balance between these two elements.

Another reason to buy a gypsy set ring is that these rings are very easy to maintain. As there are no grooves, channels or hidden areas where dirt can get lodged, cleaning a gypsy setting is a breeze.  

Problems with Gypsy/Flush Setting

Flush setting wedding ring with white gold

While the gypsy setting is ideal for rings and makes for a sleek, sophisticated style, there are certain downsides that you need to be aware of before purchasing.

Most significantly, the gypsy setting tends to reduce the diamond’s visibility, making it appear small and hidden. Because you only see the diamond from the top view, the diamond doesn’t look as impressive. Again, this is only an issue if you want to focus solely on the diamond. Remember that with gypsy settings, the important thing is to focus on the design of the ring as a whole.

Another downside is that because the diamond is embedded into the metal, it can’t interact with light as a diamond normally would. Light cannot enter or refract as it would if the diamond were in a more visible setting. This results in lower sparkle and light performance.

Gypsy Setting vs. Bezel Setting

Bezel set diamond ring

The bezel setting is similar to the gypsy setting. See this ring here.

The bezel setting follows a similar concept to the flush setting. Here too, the metal can be found all around the diamond, offering it protection and durability.

However, the key difference is that while the gypsy setting sees the diamond set into the metal band, with the bezel setting, a strip of metal is wrapped around the diamond to form a round lip. What this means is that the diamond can be lifted up, just like a prong setting, but with the ring of metal around it.

Flush settings can’t be lifted up because they’re set into the metal band. Flush set diamonds are pushed into the metal, while bezel set diamonds are wrapped with metal. Like flush settings, bezel set diamonds are also limited in their sparkle and brilliance but are highly durable.

Gypsy/Flush Setting Value

Gypsy set rings are usually reasonably priced, because they are made using small diamond melees. Because diamonds are very reasonably priced the smaller they are, the diamonds in most gypsy set rings are not very valuable.

This of course depends on the particular ring style, the materials used and whether it’s a branded product. However, in general, with gypsy settings, you can have a beautiful ring with winking diamonds at a reasonable price.

Should I Choose a Gypsy Setting?

If you’re in a dilemma about whether or not to choose the gypsy setting, what will ultimately help you decide are the following considerations:

  1. How important is the diamond’s durability and security to you?
  2. How active is your lifestyle and how much do you use your hands?
  3. Do you want a large, prominent diamond or do you want the metal to play an equal role in the ring’s design?
  4. What is your budget for your ring?
  5. Do you have a minimalist or a maximalist aesthetic?

Answering these questions can help you hone in on the type of ring setting your after. Choose a gypsy setting if you’re after a clean, sleek looking ring that highlights the metal and the stones together.