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15 Best Jewelry Gifts for Girlfriend

Best jewelry for girlfriend

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Jewelry is one of the most sentimental and lasting gifts you can give to the girl of your dreams, so it matters to opt for something unique, personal and meaningful. While gift giving isn’t a love language that comes easily to everyone, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Whether it’s for her birthday or a special moment in your relationship, we’ve rounded up the best jewelry gifts your girlfriend will surely love.


Before we go over our favorite jewelry options to give as gifts, here are some important tips to remember.

  • Avoid purchasing jewelry where size is an issue. Unless you absolutely know her size, or aren’t worried about getting the wrong size, it’s best not to opt for jewelry like rings or tight bracelets. The easiest types of jewelry to purchase are necklaces, earrings and charms, as they tend to fit everyone. Rings and bracelets are trickier.
  • Consider her skin tone and the type of jewelry colors she normally wears. Some people look better in certain colors depending on their skin tone, so take cues by observing the colors she leans towards or that look good on her. Rose gold tends to look good on any skin tone, so that’s a safe bet.
  • Consider her style. Does she like small, subtle designs or loud, maximalist styles? If you aren’t sure, opt for something on the subtle side as a safe option, or go for classics like stud earrings, which pretty much every woman loves.
  • Consider the type of jewelry she likes. Some people love earrings, but just don’t like wearing rings. Others prefer pendants but hate bracelets. Keep an eye out on the type of jewelry she prefers.

Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Silver Citrine Jewelry

Citrine silver pendant

Citrine Choker Necklace by Sada Jewels

For a year filled with happiness and positivity, think of a bright, sunny gemstone like citrine, ranging from pale yellow to brownish orange color. There are many yellow gemstones to choose from, but this is the most popular and inexpensive option. A great thing, citrines make fine jewelry stones and you have lots of choices, from minimalist to dramatic designs.

The silver-gray of the metal and the bright yellow of the stone give the message of fortitude, resilience and hope. It might be daunting to think of the uncertain future that awaits us, but citrine silver jewelry will make her optimistic for the good things that are yet to come.

An Elegant Watch

Daniel wellington watch

Petite Melrose Watch by Daniel Wellington

From a classic timepiece to a bracelet and watch hybrid, your options are endless. Most watches for women are designed to look dainty and jewelry-like, which can take her straight from office to parties. Think of a number-free face design, or discreet diamond hour markers that can easily complement other pieces of jewelry. Rather than a trendy timepiece, go for something classic that suits her style. After all, you would want a gift she’ll love to wear for the rest of her life.

  • Birthstone Earrings
Raw emerald drop earrings

Raw Emerald Drop Earrings by Delezhen

If you’re looking for the perfect jewelry gift for her birthday, you’ll never go wrong with birthstone jewelry. Birthstones are filled with meaningful symbolism that makes your gift more special. For example, garnet, the January birthstone, represents peace, prosperity and good health, while emerald, the May birthstone, symbolizes hope, renewal and growth. If she’s an August baby, you have three different birthstone options, from peridot to spinel and sardonyx.

Going for a real gemstone is a lovely gesture, but you can also think of a high-quality synthetic stone, especially if you haven’t been together long and you have a restricted budget. Almost every lady loves a gift that involves their birthstone, so she’ll surely wear it for years to come.

Paperclip Chain Necklace

Paperclip necklace

Paperclip Necklace by Harlem Bling

The cool-girl necklace of the year, paperclip chain necklace gives a more minimalist approach on the chain link trend. It’s a subtle choice for everyday wear, livening up the most pared-back of outfits. Also, it can be a statement piece when layered with necklaces of varying lengths. A great thing, you have lots of options to suit your budget from 14k gold to sterling silver, gold vermeil and gold tone pieces.

Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Gold vermeil jewelry

Mermaid Necklace by Nahluu Jewelry

An affordable alternative to real gold, gold vermeil jewelry is more durable than gold plated varieties. In fact, it’s made up of sterling or fine silver coated with gold. The thicker the gold plating is, the longer the piece will last. Just opt for 14k or 18k gold vermeil, as anything lower won’t have the ideal tone of gold, and higher will be prone to scratches.

If she’s a jewelry lover, she’ll surely appreciate that you carefully considered the quality of your gift. It’s a great option if you want to give her gold but can’t afford to buy the real thing. When purchasing any gold vermeil piece, always look for the mark 925, which signifies that the item is sterling silver coated with gold.

Classic Crystal Studs

White sapphire stud

White Sapphire Earrings by Priyas Jewel Creation

A delicate pair of diamond studs is a true staple but if you’re deterred by factors such as price point, opt for other diamond alternatives. There are moissanites, white sapphires and white topazes that are ideal for everyday wear. If you’re after some sparkle and shine, cubic zirconia can rival diamonds in brilliance. With a pair of classic crystal studs, she can easily add a touch of sparkle and elegance to any outfit.

A Statement Cuff

gold cuff agate

Agate Cuff by Impulse India Jewellery

Women never seem to have enough jewelry, and a statement cuff is a nice addition to her collection. There are so many varieties of bracelets, but this one makes for an effortless and fashion-forward look. If she’s the life of a party, she’ll surely love a statement piece, unlike a dainty chain bracelet that isn’t noticeable in photos.

From Greek goddess-inspired designs to bejeweled and woven styles, a statement cuff will make her feel empowered. This type of bracelet doesn’t come with any type of closure, so it’s easy to wear around the wrist. Just opt for a size that’s not too loose or too tight. Most of the time, it can be adjusted by bending the ends to make sure it stays put.

Initial Necklace

Name initial silver necklace

Personalized Necklace by Avilio London

From monogram disk necklaces to bejeweled letter pendants, your options are endless. You can even think of a letter charm that rests on the side of the collarbone than the traditional pendant style. Designers are coming up with fashion-forward updates on the alphabet, featuring sea creatures, flowers, stars and abstract motif on the design. Just go for something that reflects her style and personality.

Symbolic Jewelry

Infinity anchor pendant

Infinity Anchor Necklace by Essential Wear Jewelry

Jewelry is rich with symbolism and meaning, making it the most heartfelt gift someone can receive from a significant other. A heart shaped pendant might be the traditional symbol of love, but an infinity necklace can also express how much you want to spend an eternity with her.

You might even think of special moments in your relationship that can be represented with a symbol such as heartbeat, star, anchor, butterfly and so on. It only shows that you put some thought to the little details and significance of the jewelry piece.

A Charm Bracelet

Silver charm bracelet

Bracelet Charm by OCharms

Sentimental jewelry like a charm bracelet is unique and personal, telling your story with unique charms and gemstones. Each charm can represent a memory, recent travel, passion, dream, or a hobby. You can even think of gifting her a new charm as you reach each milestone in your relationship. With a charm bracelet, you’ll let her show off her personal style—be it classy, bohemian or edgy.

A Locket Necklace

Pendant locket

If she loves everything romantic and sentimental, get her a locket with a photo of the two of you inside. While gold and silver lockets are traditional options, you can also go for lockets decorated with enamel or gemstones. There are vintage, modern and trendy designs, but it’s better to opt for something unique yet versatile, so she can wear it with both casual and dressy outfits.

Zodiac-Themed Jewelry

Constellations pendant

Celestial Necklace by Ideal Collect

Astrology these days isn’t just limited to daily horoscopes, as it is becoming more of a style staple. From rings to necklaces, earrings and bracelets, your options are endless. Some jewelry options feature mapped out constellations on golden disks, while others display the astrological glyph, such as Libra (♎), Sagittarius (♐) and Capricorn (♑). Whether she’s a bold Scorpio or an ambitious Aries, your gift will let her embrace her zodiac characteristics, preparing her for whatever lies ahead.

A Stackable Ring Set

Stacking rings

Stacking Rings by Tag You’re It Jewelry

Surprising your girlfriend with a ring that looks like an engagement ring within the few months of dating isn’t a good idea. To avoid this why not opt for a stackable ring set that complements her style? Avoid designs with large center stones and opt for dainty bands in cute and quirky styles. There are edgy geometric shapes, cactus motifs, as well as overlap, technicolor and multifaceted designs. 

Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold pink quartz

Dangle Drop Earrings by Latelita London

Soft, feminine and romantic, rose gold jewelry is made up of pure gold, copper and sometimes silver, making it more durable than yellow or white gold. Whether it’s a pair of earrings, bracelet, or necklace, rose gold jewelry flatters all skin types, bringing out the natural blush of the skin. Mixing metals is now seen as fashionable, so it’ll definitely go well with other jewelry pieces she has.

Personalized Bar Bracelet

Coordinate bracelet

Coordinate Bracelet by Gold Crush Jewelry

Whether you want to say, “I love you” or engrave a message or a love quote, a personalized bar bracelet will make everything unique and personal. You can even engrave the coordinates of the location where you first met! Most of them can be personalized with Roman Numerals, as well as the gemstone and metal of choice for the perfect message.

Jewelry is a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend, no matter how long you’ve been together. As we’ve seen, you won’t need diamonds just to make everything special. There are many options to go for, and after all, it’s the thought that counts. With our guide, you’ll be able to give her a meaningful gift she’ll treasure forever.