Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for First Anniversary (Him & Her)

Best jewelry gift ideas for first anniversary

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Anniversaries are milestones to be remembered and celebrated—and the right jewelry can make it more memorable. Whether you’re looking for something that may become a treasured heirloom, or one that will leave a lasting impression, we rounded up the most thoughtful jewelry gift ideas for your first anniversary.

Gift Ideas for Her

Paper Jewelry

Paper earrings

Origami paper earrings by Lulueo Schmuck. See these here.

If we’re doing things the traditional way, then paper should be the highlight of the first year anniversary. Paper is a reminder that you’re writing the story of your journey together. It’s also symbolic of marriage, which needs work and care to maintain its strength and growth. To highlight this, a pair of paper earrings or a paper pendant is an excellent way to bring in the symbolism of paper as the traditional first anniversary gift, while also giving her something stylish and practical.

Gold Earrings

Gold earrings for first anniversary gift

Twisted gold earrings. See these here.

You made it to your first anniversary! Gold jewelry can remind you of the warmth you still feel when thinking about your wedding day. If you’re a romantic by heart, a pair of gold earrings in a stylish design, whether it’s floral, nature-inspired or geometric, can be great to symbolize your love. It can also be the perfect representation for your first year of marriage filled with precious memories.

A great thing, gifting her a pair of gold earrings on your first anniversary will let her build her jewelry collection as your years together grow. From studs to drop earrings and hoops, your options are endless.

A Dress Watch

Anna Klein watch for first anniversary

Stylish diamond dial bangle watch. See it here.

The modern gift for a first anniversary is a clock. Think of a dress watch instead of a literal clock. It can represent the movement of time on how your first year together has passed. It will remind both of you that time is precious, so you must make the most of it for years to come. Just don’t forget to include a handwritten note about the magic of time to make everything more romantic.

While your budget will dictate how much you should spend for the gift, you would want to go for a stylish timepiece that’s made to last a lifetime. A dress watch is designed to pair perfectly with suits and formal attire, but it can also be great for complementing all outfits. Invest in something that reflects his or her personality, so your significant other won’t leave the house without it.

Sentimental Jewelry

Infinity pendant

Infinity pendant with diamond pave. See it here.

The first year of marriage is the year of adjustment, so why not take the time to reflect on the emotional side of things and make your gift as symbolic as possible? Whether it’s a jewelry piece with a personal message, or an infinity charm that symbolizes everlasting love, a sentimental piece makes your anniversary more special and romantic.

A Personalized Locket

Silver locket

Personalized silver locket. See it here.

To celebrate your milestone, think of a personalized locket as an anniversary gift. It’s commonly worn as a necklace pendant, but it can also be used as a bracelet charm. Lockets feature a little secret space inside, allowing you to include miniature couple portraits and other personal items. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, a locket is something romantic and nostalgic.

There are several types of lockets, from floating lockets to gate lockets and rotating lockets. Floating lockets will let you include charms that are visible through the glass, while gate and rotating lockets will let you place photos of you and your significant other in them. Some locket styles can even let you include a small handwritten note, as well as engrave initials, words of endearment, and messages of love.

Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelet gift for the first anniversary

Diamond tennis bracelet. See it here.

If she loves something sparkly and glamorous, a tennis bracelet can be the perfect first anniversary gift. Tennis bracelets vary in style, but generally tend to feature a row of diamonds all the way around the bracelet. If you prefer a more affordable or colorful option, consider other gemstones like amethysts, rubies, garnets, emeralds, and sapphires. With a variety of metal options, gemstones and setting styles, you’ll surely find something that suits her style and fits your budget.

Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone pearl necklace

Pearl birthstone necklace. See it here.

Birthstone jewelry pieces make the perfect personalized first anniversary gift for her. If she was born in the month of June, think of a pearl necklace that could bring luck and prosperity to her life. On the other hand, the birthstone of December is topaz, which is associated with eternal love, harmony and happiness. Because each birthstone corresponds with each month, you could go for a stone corresponding to the month you tied the knot.

Charm Bracelet

Pandora charm bracelet

Pandora charm bracelet. See it here.

Putting some extra thought and symbolism into your first anniversary gift is a great idea. A charm bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry that she can wear every day, and one that you can personalize in a variety of ways. Consider a charm that features her initials or a meaningful word. Some feature symbols, gemstones and quirky designs to represent something special between the two of you.

Another great idea is to gift the charm bracelet on the first anniversary and then present new charms on each anniversary, so her collection grows. This way, you’ll make a charm bracelet an empowering piece of jewelry, where she can celebrate and cherish all your anniversaries and milestones in life.

Antique or Vintage Jewelry

Antique pendant

Antique pendant by Vintage Jewelry Stars. See it here.

If she’s into jewelry pieces that carry a bit of history, think of gifting her a piece from the past like a vintage necklace or an antique ring. Confused between the terms antique and vintage? While an antique piece is 100 years of age or older, vintage pieces date back around 50 years or more. Nowadays, mixing modern with vintage items is seemed fashionable, so why not let her make a style statement with her jewelry piece?

A Unique Brooch


Vintage Coro brooch. See it here.

Brooches might look old-fashioned, but they’ve made a comeback. As the favorite of European royalty, celebrities and fashion-forward women, a unique brooch can certainly add a bit of style and sentimentality to her looks. Nowadays, they can be worn in clusters on a jacket, on the hat, on the sleeves, and even on a collared shirt. While there are many modern brooches, you can always opt for a stylish brooch from the past from fashion houses like Monet, Napier and Coro.

Ear Climbers

Ear climbers

Ear climbers by Keyzar. See them here.

Are you looking for something modern yet unique? Think of climber earrings that will step up her jewelry game. These pieces look like an elongated stud earring that climbs up the ear. It’s also an ideal anniversary gift if she loves experimenting with her style yet isn’t ready for the commitment of multiple piercings.

Zodiac Sign Jewelry

Zodiac jewelry

Constellation necklace by Fine Jewelry Lab. See it here.

A zodiac sign jewelry piece is personal and is something that’s made to last a lifetime. Whether she’s an independent Leo, a loveable Libran, or a playful Gemini, an astrology-inspired piece will make things more special and personal. Some jewelry designs feature the symbols of the zodiac, while others look delicate in constellation patterns.

Gift Ideas for Him

A Pair of Cufflinks

Cufflinks with paper

Pair of cufflinks with paper inserts by Paper Anniversary Love. See them here.

Every guy needs a stylish pair of cufflinks. There are high-end options featuring gold and precious gemstones, as well as sterling silver and stainless steel if you want something practical. But if you want to make it traditional and meaningful, opt for cufflinks that feature some paper!

You could never go wrong with a classic, understated pair, but novelty designs are more unique and personal. Some are even crafted to look like playing cards, as well as in the shape of animals, stars, buttons, chess pieces, musical instruments, cross and other symbols. Just opt for a design that speaks to his personality.

Classic Gold Chain

Men's bracelet gold

Miami Cuban link bracelet. See it here.

When it comes to anniversary gift for men, understated gold jewelry is the way to go. A classic gold chain bracelet has a masculine appeal and is great for everyday wear. It’s also less intimidating for those starting on the idea of men’s jewelry. For chain necklaces, you have several types of chain options like Miami Cuban chains, franco chains, herringbone chains, box chains, Figaro chains and so on.

Tie Bar, Clips and Pins

Tie bar

Gold-plated tie bar. See it here.

If he’s not really into jewelry, a tie bar can revamp his suit from plain to gold in seconds. Tie bars slide over the necktie and shirt and clip open like a jaw on a spring when opened. They literally look like horizontal bars, but there are many unique tie bars featuring mustaches, leaves, feathers and glasses, to name a few.

While you can gift him novelty tie bars, don’t go for something that’s too wide. As a rule of thumb, the bar should be about 3/4 the width of his necktie. For a more elegant look, opt for a tie pin. These consist of a t-bar, chain and fastener, which is subtler and more elegant. With these pieces, he’ll look dapper for a lifetime.

Signet Ring

Signet ring

Signet ring by Iyeheli. See it here.

Signet rings are most recognized for their raised or engraved design, whether it’s a meaningful symbol, initials, stone, geometric carving or family crest. This give you the option to personalize the ring. The key is to opt for a design that’s symbolic for him or both of you. If he has a minimalist style, there are also plain signet rings, which can be a perfect entry point into men’s jewelry.

Wrapping Up

Your first anniversary is a special celebration and your gift can serve as a lasting memory to commemorate your milestone. With these jewelry gift ideas, you’ll be able to celebrate your special occasion with an unforgettable present.