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Chevron Wedding Rings – What Do They Mean?

What is wishbone wedding ring?

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Chevron wedding rings, also known as wishbone rings, have become very popular lately, due in part to how practical and meaningful they are. They’re typically encrusted with diamonds and worn alone or with an engagement ring.

While chevrone rings vary in style, the distinguishing feature is the v-shaped point that they feature.

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Let’s take a look at why the wishbone wedding ring makes a great choice. Note that we’ll be using the words wishbone and chevron interchangeably in this article.

A Meaningful Design

The word wishbone comes from the colloquial term for the furcula, a type of bone found in birds. It was believed that if two people made a wish and then pulled on either end of a wishbone until it snapped in half, the person with the v-point of the furcula would have their wish come true.

From this superstition, comes the phrases a lucky break, a bad break, catch a break and the wisecracks like ‘You have to depend on your backbone, not your wishbone’.

While not many people truly believe in the powers of the wishbone anymore, the wishbone itself has come to be associated with good luck, positivity, opportunity, and good fortune.

These associations make the wishbone design perfect for wedding and anniversary rings.

A Practical Shape

Wishbone wedding ring rose gold

Rose gold wishbone wedding ring by Nikki Stark Jewellery. Check price here.

Most people wear their wedding and engagement rings stacked next to each other, but the trouble often is that the center stone of the engagement ring pushes against the wedding ring.

The chevron shape is very practical for wedding rings, because it accommodates the diamond or gemstone of the engagement ring. If well chosen, a chevron wedding ring can highlight the beauty of the engagement ring and complement it perfectly.

A Versatile Design

While it might seem straightforward in design, the wishbone shape can be styled in many ways. The depth and size of the V, how angled or curved it is and the materials used in making it all provide endless styles.

Here are some popular wishbone styles:

  • Keep it simple with a classic metal style, that goes perfectly with an embellished engagement band or on its own. This is a clean, minimalist and modern look. For the most durability, opt for gold or platinum as these will work for wear on a daily basis.
Platinum wishbone wedding ring

Modern minimalist style. Check price here.

  • Wishbone wedding rings come with various styles of curves, so pick one that will comfortably accommodate your engagement ring. You can also buy an engagement and wedding ring set that already features a wishbone design like the one featured below.
Curved wishbone style wedding ring rose gold

Deep curve for a pear cut morganite engagement ring. Check price here.

  • For a more fashion focused style, choose an embellished wishbone ring, featuring diamonds, gemstones and metalwork. This elevates your ring to fashion status, making it perfect to work on its own.
Fashion chevron ring

Embellished diamond wishbone ring. Check price here.

  • Wishbone diamond eternity rings are probably the most popular way to sport this style. The eternity ring has its own symbolism and meaning that make it an excellent choice for wedding rings. Think eternal love, completion, togetherness and loyalty. Add to that the symbolism of the wishbone and you’ve got a double whammy. What’s more, the sparkle of diamonds takes the beauty of the wishbone shape to the next level.
Small v wishbone wedding ring

Classic eternity wishbone ring. Check price here.

  • Gemstone wishbone rings have a vintage touch to them and are perfect to add a splash of color to your look. You can customize by choosing your gemstone, picking a meaningful stone like your birthstone or a stone corresponding to a special month (e.g. when you both first met, the month of your proposal, the date of your wedding).
Gemstone wishbone ring

Peridot wishbone ring. Check price here.

You can also have your wishbone ring customized depending on your retailer, to make sure you get exactly what you like.

Wearing a Wishbone Ring – Up or Down?

Wishbone rings can be worn either facing up or down, as the orientation of the ring doesn’t change its meaning. Practically, wearing the wishbone facing downwards would make more sense as this would accommodate your engagement ring. Most people tend to wear their engagement ring above the wedding ring, so it wouldn’t be comfortable or aesthetically pleasing to have the wishbone’s point pushing into the engagement ring.

So, the takeaway? Wear your wishbone ring facing any direction depending on your personal preferences and comfort.

Where to Buy Wishbone Rings

Many retailers now offer wishbone wedding rings but note that these can come under many names including chevron and curved wedding bands.

We recommend searching on Blue Nile for a wide range of curved wedding bands in various styles. Blue Nile is known for their reputation as a diamond giant and a provider of reasonably priced, high-quality jewelry.

We also suggest checking out James Allen, currently the top retailer for diamond engagement and wedding rings online.

And lastly, definitely check out Etsy for a whole range of vintage and modern wishbone ring styles at various price points. Always check the after sales policies and track record of the individual seller, as this can vary. In other words, do your due diligence to get a great deal.

What Real Brides Say

Wondering what real brides think about chevron wedding rings? Here’s what some of our readers have told us:

Maya: Straight bands don’t sit flush with my engagement ring so I ended up buying a curved wedding band in a wishbone style. It’s really comfortable and fits perfectly with my ring.

Danie: I used to think that a v-shaped wedding looks like it’s missing its partner if worn alone, but since owning one, I don’t think so anymore. My wishbone ring looks gorgeous with the engagement ring or on its own. I really like it.

Melissa: I love my chevron band because it adds interest to a traditional band. They don’t catch on objects, they’re meaningful and so comfortable to wear.

So, what do you think? Is a wishbone band something you’d consider? There are pros and cons to any ring design, but the important thing is that you love how it looks and it sits comfortably on your finger.