Pros and Cons of Copper Wedding Bands

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There’s something about copper that makes it an appealing metal for jewelry and while it’s not a popular choice for wedding bands, it makes a good option for someone after a cost-effective, unique wedding band.

Copper wedding rings come in a range of designs and finishes. It’s beautiful polished and shiny but equally alluring when given a brushed, matte, satin, hammered or textured finish. While the color of copper can look feminine and delicate, it’s an excellent unisex metal that looks amazing in both male and female wedding rings.

So, with all that said, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a copper wedding band and whether you should buy one.

Pros of Copper Wedding Band

Men's copper wedding band

Beautiful brushed copper wedding band by Hand Carved Rings.

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1- A Copper Wedding Band is Unique

When it comes to wedding bands, the first metals that come to mind are gold, platinum and silver. Most people never even consider copper, making it a highly unique option. If you want a ring that you know is off the beaten path, choose copper.

2- Copper is Durable

Copper is harder than silver or gold and is typically used in alloys to harden them up. Rose gold is a copper-based metal, getting much of its alluring color and strength thanks to copper. Some popular copper alloys include bronze, brass and sterling silver.

3- Copper Has Good Workability

Copper is easy to work with because its pliable and malleable. This makes it a favorite among jewelers as the metal lends itself well to intricate designs and texturing.

4- Copper is Affordable

Copper jewelry tends to be very affordable because the metal is found in abundant supply. This makes it a great option if you’re on a budget and don’t want to splurge too much on the ring.

5- Copper Has an Inimitable Rustic Charm

Beautiful couples wedding bands copper

Organic and natural copper wedding bands with leaf texturing.

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For a bohemian or rustic look, you can’t beat copper. The color and texture of the metal goes perfectly with rustic elements and looks beautiful combined with certain types of gemstones. If you have a love for the natural, the rustic and the simple, then copper should be on your radar.

6- Copper is Sustainable

One of the lesser known facts about copper is how sustainable it is. Copper has been recycled for centuries and has been melted and reused time and time again. This is possible because the metal doesn’t lose its original quality regardless of how many times it’s been recycled. Over 80% of all mined copper is still used today.

7- Copper Can Have Health Benefits

Copper is a mineral that humans require, and copper deficiency is actually a thing. Wearing a copper ring can give you the copper your body needs. Your body will absorb as much copper as it requires and reject the rest. Note that if you have your copper ring sealed or plated, then the copper chelates will not be able to reach your body.

8- Copper is Safe

Wearing a copper ring is completely safe and isn’t known to have any damaging consequences. Copper is antifungal and antimicrobial in nature, meaning that it’s not harmful for your skin. Copper in its pure form is hypoallergenic but when alloyed with common metal allergens like nickel or zinc, it can cause issues.

Cons of Copper Wedding Band

1- Copper Can Turn Your Finger Green

Here’s one of the main downsides that people tend to associate with copper. The metal has a tendency to turn skin that it comes into contact with, green. This isn’t toxic or dangerous in any way, but it can be annoying and difficult to wash off.

The reason this happens is because when sweat from your body touches copper, it results in copper oxidizing and creating copper chelates. Your body absorbs some of these chelates and the rest becomes green.

When wearing your copper ring, you might notice this happening to your finger. These aren’t permanent stains and only require washing with soap and water in most cases to get rid of. Some wearers say that after a week or two, they notice that the copper stops leaving a patina, so that’s good news if you’re after a copper ring.

2- Copper Tarnishes

Another downside is the fact that copper tarnishes developing a green coating known as a patina. Have you ever noticed the greenish statues in some public areas? Those are actually copper or copper alloy statues that have oxidized.

It’s not difficult to remove the patina but it does require some maintenance and scrubbing. If your ring starts to turn green, don’t stress. It’s reversible with a little elbow grease. The trick is to stop it before it gets to that stage. One way is to coat the copper with a clear varnish, like nail polish to keep the metal from reacting to moisture and air. With copper, prevention is easier than cure.

Taking these pros and cons into account, it’s clear that copper offers a unique, affordable and beautiful choice but the price you have to pay is to give it some TLC and a little bit of maintenance.