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Stackable Wedding Rings Trend – A Quick Guide

Stackable wedding ring on Bride's finger

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Stacking and layering has been in style for all types of jewelry and now it’s crossed over into the wedding ring industry as well. Stackable wedding rings is trending with an increasing number of couples opting to wear layers of wedding, anniversary and gift rings along with the engagement ring to get the stacked look.

There are several ways to sport the stacked wedding ring look. Let’s take a look at this stylish way to wear your rings.

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What is the stacking wedding ring trend?

Stacked wedding rings

Stacking has been a popular fashion trend for a while now and it’s naturally moved into the wedding arena as well. While we all stack our wedding and engagement rings on the one finger, this new trend takes it a step further. It’s all about wearing several wedding rings along with your engagement ring, instead of just one.

Stacking wedding rings has a lot of benefits and is ideal if:

  • You like the idea of adding layers of rings on your finger to keep things interesting
  • You’ve received rings on special occasions like anniversaries or the birth of a child and want to wear them in pride of place
  • You like the idea of having a wedding ring above and below your engagement ring which provides symmetry and security to your engagement ring
  • You want to add more sparkle to your ring finger

How Many Rings is Too Many?

Minimalist thin wedding ring

Minimalist gold wedding band.

See it here

There are no rules as to the number of rings you should wear. Some people like to stick with three: two wedding rings and an engagement ring often worn symmetrically. But you could also wear 4 wedding rings and your engagement ring if you wanted more layers.

The deciding factors would be how comfortable the stack is for you to wear, as well as how thick the rings are. If the rings are extremely thin, like the example above, you could layer several of them and still have a comfortable stack.

How Should I Choose the Rings?

The beauty of the stacking wedding rings trend is that there are no rules.  The most important factor is that you’re comfortable with the stack of rings and that they express your style and personality.

There are two main ways to go about this:

1- The Matching Look

If you’re someone who likes order and a neat, organized look, consider matching your rings. You could match them by choosing the same metal or the same detailing. For example, all your stacking rings could be in yellow gold with diamond detailing. In this way, you’ve still got your layers but you’ve also got a unified, cohesive look.

14k gold stacking rings

A stack of similar looking gold rings.

See these examples here

2- The Mismatched Look

With the mismatched look, wear a selection of rings that have little to no similarity with each other. Combine rings which feature different gemstones, metal tones, thicknesses and styles. For example, layering three eternity rings with white, yellow and rose gold tones together with a diamond engagement ring creates a modern, stylish look. Each ring maintains its individuality but works well together to create a unique style.

Gold stacking ring
Diamond eternity ring
Rose gold wedding band

See more stackable rings at James Allen

Some brides purchase a ring guard, which acts as two wedding rings as well as provides protection for the engagement ring. This is especially important if you’re engagement ring is very expensive and features a valuable stone.

sunburst wedding ring guard
Ring guard wedding ring

Sunburst wedding ring guard.

See it here

While technically not a stacked ring, it looks like one from the front and follows the same trend. Choosing a design that incorporates several bands, like a crossover ring, is one way to get the stacked look while still having just one ring.

How Do I Wear the Stacked Rings?

The preferred method of wearing the rings is to organise them in a symmetrical way. The engagement ring comes in between the wedding rings and is neatly placed in the center, taking the highlight. The wedding rings are placed above and below in equal number.

You could also stack the wedding rings first and place the engagement ring above them or go vice-versa, with the engagement ring placed first and the wedding rings sliding in above.

If you have accumulated a large number of rings over the years (think anniversary and special ring gifts), you could opt to wear these on the right hand in one beautiful stack and keep just the engagement ring on your wedding ring finger. That way, you’ve embellished both your hands for a balanced, stylish look.

Should I Wear Stacked Wedding Rings?

Stackable wedding ring on Bride's finger

Engagement ring with a crossover wedding ring which looks like a stack of three.

If you like the traditional look and prefer to wear a diamond ring with the classic gold band, then a stacked look might not be for you.

But if you like a modern alternative style that gets off the beaten path, stacking your wedding rings is ideal. It’s not too radical and yet offers enough variance to make it a talking point. Also because there aren’t any rules to follow, you can completely customize the look to suit your style, making it as dramatic or as traditional as you want.

Some brides who’ve chosen to wear stacked wedding rings said that it offers them a way to keep things interesting. However, others disagree:

Maya: Wearing a customized stack of wedding rings lets me change things up a bit. I can rearrange the stack or take out a ring and add another in if I feel like it. My ring finger never looks boring.

Jenna: I like the stacked look but I think a wedding ring and engagement ring are symbolic and sacred. Adding several rings takes away the symbolism and makes the rings just another fashion statement.

Charlotte: I’ve got four wedding rings and my engagement ring in the middle. It looks really fashionable and different. Each of the four wedding rings represents a year of our long engagement before we got married.

Where Can I Buy Stacked Wedding Rings?

Because the stacked wedding look is so popular, some retailers offer a stacked wedding ring collection, like this one from James Allen. You could purchase all your rings from the one vendor or purchase them from different sources for more variation. The choice is yours.

Note that some bridal sets offer a stacked wedding ring look and can be more affordable to purchase because it comes in a set. Shop around to find the styles your after at the budget you’ve set.