15 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

wedding traditions you can skip

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Your wedding is your special day, so who says you have got to stick with traditions? This big day should be a representation of what you and your spouse believe in. If there is a tradition that doesn’t sit right with the both of you, and if there is a tradition you just don’t want to include, don’t include i

There’s no rule out there that you absolutely must follow the traditions related to a wedding. Instead, you can still have a splendid day with or without the traditions. Here are our top 15 picks of wedding traditions you can skip.

1. The Fan-Fare Associated with a Big Wedding

pre wedding parties

Some couples out there find big weddings to be overrated while others may disagree, and this is a matter of personal opinion. However, if you have the budget to have a big wedding then by all means go ahead!

For the couples out there who feel pressured to have a big wedding despite their tight budget, just don’t. No one is going to pay those bills and no one is going to pay your debt- if you ever get into it. You can avoid that by just skipping the tradition of having a grand wedding and going for something minimalistic but still elegant instead.

2. The Diamond Ring

diamond ring

There are two traditions associated with the diamond engagement ring, the first is the fact  that it has to be a clear, big diamond. This tradition is prevalent and a lot of couples follow it diligently, despite budget restrictions or personal preferences. There is nothing wrong with going with a blue sapphire or a Topaz, switch it up and see how happy your partner gets (that’s if she prefers coloured stones over a colorless diamond).

The second tradition is that the man has to give the diamond ring to the woman. Why can’t the man have a ring as well? If the both of you want rings, go ahead and get them. You really don’t have to stick to this tradition.

3. Pre-Wedding Parties

big wedding

The pre-wedding parties consist of an engagement party as well as a bachelor and bachelorette party, to name a few. There isn’t any rule that you MUST have all these parties and if you’re on a tight budget, you can always skip some or even all of these to cut down on additional expenses.

Some couples choose not to have alcohol at their wedding and if you’re looking to minimize costs, you can skip this tradition as well. No one is going to check if you’ve followed all the traditions, you can do what you want.

4. The First Dance

bride and groom dancing

The first dance is considered one of the most romantic moments in a wedding where everyone’s attention is on the couple. But this tradition isn’t for every couple out there. If you and your partner do not enjoy having the spotlight on you for a full two minutes, just skip this tradition. Some people may find it strange but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with skipping this tradition.

5. A Church Ceremony

church wedding

Most traditional weddings have always happened in a church, with a solemn aura to the entire event. You can always say your vows in a garden with an ethereal feel to it or on the beach as the sun sets. It’s your wedding and you call the shots. Don’t let tradition get the better of you and affect your memories of your special day.

6. Invite Whomever You Want

wedding guests

One tradition that stands the test of time is being obligated to invite people you don’t like or people who invited you to theirs. You don’t need to invite people your family members want to invite, and you also don’t need to invite people just because they work with you or are related to you.

After all, you and your partner are the ones who are spending for your wedding and it’s one of the most important days of your life so there’s no need to invite anyone you truly don’t want to just because you feel obliged to do so. Your guests should be people who care about you, support you, and bring you joy so it’s okay to avoid inviting anyone you don’t want to be there.

7. The White Wedding Gown

white wedding gown

The white wedding dress is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation and no one has ever seemed to question its roots or the reason why they have to wear it.

Just like any other tradition mentioned in this list, you can skip this one and opt for a different colored wedding dress instead. For the brides out there who want to change up the all-white presence, you can always switch things up by opting for a different color of your dress or adding a pop of color through an accessory!

8. Spending the Previous Night Apart

couple waking up in bed

One of the oldest wedding traditions is for a couple to spend the night before the wedding apart. This is often a hassle and it doesn’t make sense to many people. If you’re like most couples you would have already moved in and lived together long enough, so there is no special reason to spend the last night away from your future spouse. Instead, it could be more fun to wake up next to your future spouse and then share a little celebratory moment together.

9. Being ‘Given Away’

father giving away bride

Some couples prefer to avoid this tradition since they believe that it does not align with the present culture and thoughts. This is because they see it as objectifying the bride as she is something the father ‘gives’ to his future son. It’s akin to a transaction and you can definitely skip this tradition.

If you prefer to include this tradition, you can choose whom you want to walk you down the aisle, or you can walk down alone or together.

10. Why Do the Men Do All the Talking?

woman giving speeches at wedding

While it’s tradition for men to almost always give speeches at the wedding, there’s no reason why women can or should not. If you have a best friend who has some funny stories to tell from your college years or your mum wants to reveal some old embarrassing memories, you can let them. After all, they are the people who matter the most to you.

11. Separate Sides

wedding guests seated

At almost all weddings, the seating is divided into two, one side for the groom’s family and friends and the other for the bride’s side. It’s very likely that your families will know each other and for couples who share the same group, why would you want to divide them? You can choose to let them sit wherever they want which could make everything less formal and more fun.

12. The Bouquet Toss

bouquet toss

Most brides enjoy this tradition but if you feel it’s unnecessary, you can also skip it. There are a number of reasons why you may want to skip this tradition. For example, you may want to save your bouquet instead and keep it as a reminder of your special day. Your single guests may also thank you for skipping this tradition as they may feel embarrassed to fight for a bouquet of flowers in front of everyone.

13. Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

ring bearer

If you’re not able to find a flower girl or ring bearer for your big day, you can simply skip this tradition. Of course, it would be wonderful to have a little flower girl and ring bearer but if you don’t have any children of your own or that you are close to, there’s no need to have them.

14. The Traditional Fruit Cake

fruit cake at wedding

Instead of having the traditional fruit cake at your wedding, you can go for an entirely different option. There is a wide range of flavors to choose from so you’ll be spoiled for choice. If you like, you can also take things to the next level by serving cheesecake at your wedding.

15. The Weird Timings

evening wedding

Almost all weddings start roughly around midday and then go on until midnight, and this can be tiring for the couple as well as the guests. If this is not for you, you can change things up by starting in the late afternoon instead. You can also start later in the evening, which could make the ceremony more enchanting and give it an ethereal vibe.

In Brief

There are many wedding traditions you can skip if you feel like they’re unnecessary or you just can’t manage the expenses. There’s absolutely no need to have all these traditions just because it’s the norm and it’s fine to do what you prefer. After all, it’s your big day and should be exactly the way you want it.