Best Groomsmen’s Gifts – 14 Awesome Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

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Often bridesmaids get most of the attention related to the planning of a wedding. It’s easy to overlook the groomsmen at your wedding because they are just not discussed that much in wedding planning how-to-guides.

The fact of the matter is that your groomsmen are just as much a major part of your wedding as your bridesmaids.  The whole wedding party deserves recognition and to have a token of your appreciation to remember the day by.

Which is where groomsmen’s gifts come in. If you aren’t sure how to go about this, read on!

Do I Need to Buy My Groomsmen Gifts?

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While most men would probably tell you that they are not necessarily expecting a gift for standing up at your wedding, a thoughtful wedding planner will still make sure that the groomsmen at your wedding get gifts. Just like your bridesmaids, you want your groomsmen to remember your special day as fondly as you do. Men may be a little harder to shop for, but rest assured, there are many options out there to give them a gift they will enjoy and use after the wedding is over!

It is also important to remember that your wedding party is taking time out of their lives to share this special ceremony with you and they deserve a little recognition for that. Additionally, many groomsmen have an active role in the planning of the wedding, just like bridesmaids. Giving them a thoughtful gift is a great way to thank them for investing that effort and care into your special day.

If you are decided upon giving your groomsmen a gift, but stumped about what it should be, we’ve got you covered! Here is our list of the 14 best groomsmen gifts for your wedding party.

14 Best Groomsmen Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

1- Groomsmen Gift Kit

Groomsman box

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This nifty groomsmen’s gift kit comes in an attractive box. It includes a mug that is perfect for a cold beer, a cigar cutter, a beer cozy that says “Groomsman” on it, a bottle opener keychain and even sunglasses.  This is the kind of gift that will be enjoyed for years after the wedding and it can even be part of groomsmen photos on the wedding day. This is a gift that sits at a higher price point than some but it really is a fun and unique idea. It’s perfect for any age (over 18 of course!) and can cover the bases for any groomsmen in your wedding party.

2- Customized Whisky Glasses

Whiskey glasses for groomsmen gift personalized

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These beautiful whiskey glasses can be customized with the names of your groomsmen and the date of the wedding. They are high-quality and will stand the test of time. The manufacturer offers many designs and fonts, making it possible to match these really nice groomsmen gifts to your wedding style and theme. Everyone loves a good highball glass, and these will not disappoint.

3- Personalized Flask

flask personalized for groomsmen

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Another related to the joys of a social drink, this flask can be designed to show the names of your groomsmen, the date of the wedding and whether the person it was made for was a groomsmen or the best man.  The flask itself is high quality and it is wrapped in good-quality leather.

4- Groomsmen Toiletry Bag:

Man holding personalized groomsmen Toiletry Bag

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This attractive zippered shaving kit is made of really nice leather and is personalized with the names of your groomsmen and the date of the wedding. Most men tend to keep the same shaving or toiletries bag for years without thinking about replacing it with something newer or better.  You can resolve this for them by gifting them a memorable, quality item that will be used again and again.

5- Bewell Men’s Wooden Watch:

wooden watch

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This is a nifty gift that is be totally unique and is a great way to break with tradition. This handmade watch is made of wood sourced from Africa.  This is a conversation starter and is truly beautiful to look at. The band can be sized with the included sizing tools so that these watches will fit any size wrist.  This is a classy and memorable gift that can be worn every day.

6- Personalized Pocket Watch:

Groomsmen pocket watch gift

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If you want a traditional and very gratifying gift for your groomsmen and your best man, look no further. This attractive watch comes inscribed with a thoughtful message on the front of the watch and is made of high-quality metal. Pocket watches are often handed down through families and your groomsmen gifts for your wedding party will be no different.

7- Personalized Wooden Beer Caddy

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This clever and elegantly designed caddy combines functionality with elegance to make the perfect gift for your wedding party. It comes with an attached bottle opener on the side and the first initial and a personalized message can be added to the same side. If watches and mugs aren’t for you, this great caddy will be the right fit!

8- Personalized BBQ Set

Personalized bbq set

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An awesome grilling kit that comes in a bamboo box, this grilling set with its included spatula, fork and tongs will delight anyone. This is the perfect item to be used at home or even for camping.  A perfect fit for any wedding party members who loves to grill or spend time outside with friends and family, this gift will truly stand the test of time. Although it looks really high-end, the gift falls into an affordable price point giving you maximum bang for your buck.

9- Personalized Pocket Knife

Pocket knife as groomsmen's gift

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Do you have groomsmen who are handy around the house? This well-crafted pocketknife is engraved with the names of your wedding party and the date of the wedding.  The knife has a high-quality wooden handle and each one is hand crafted to ensure that it is sharp, strong and works perfectly. This is the right gift for nearly any party of groomsmen and it will be appreciated every day that it is used to solve problems and complete tasks.

10- Personalized Cufflinks and Tie Clip Set:

cufflinks and tie-clip personalized in a black box

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This beautiful matched set of engraved tie clip and cufflinks can be used the day of your wedding and then worn many times again afterwards. This is a very traditional gift that is as timeless as weddings themselves. Pick from various font options and select the right look to match your wedding style.  An added plus to this set is that it’s crafted to be scratch proof. While men may not wear formal suits as often as they used to, cufflinks and tie clips never go out of style and this gift will truly stand the test of both wear and time.

11- Wooden Groomsmen Gift Box with Flask and Shot Glasses:

Wooden Groomsmen Gift Box

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If you like the idea of gift box but don’t want anything campy to give to your wedding party, this gorgeous wooden box that is personalized with the names of your groomsmen and the date of your wedding comes with an even nicer gift inside. Not only is the box an amazing gift, inside is a personalized flask, a set of shot glasses and a small bottle of whiskey. This is a great gift that your groomsmen will love.

12- Personalized Wood Sunglasses and Case

sunglasses and wooden case best gift for Groomsmen

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Who doesn’t need a pair of sunglasses on a hot day? These personalized wood sunglasses are perfect not just after the wedding but even as props during the photoshoot. Your groomsmen will really appreciate this classy and expensive-looking pair of wooden sunglasses that’s ideal for a summer wedding outdoors. They’ll never guess how much it really costs!

13- Personalize Whiskey Decanter and Glass

While at the top end price wise, this amazing, high-quality decanter and personalized glass will make any groomsmen cheer with delight. Choose from many different font and engraving styles and make this gift as unique as your friendship with your groomsmen. If you want to make sure that your gift can be used and also displayed in equal measure, the artistic quality of this decanter set is the perfect fit for your needs.

14- Personalized Travel Bag

Weekender travel bag

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Tell your groomsmen that it’s time for a holiday after all they’ve done for you with this simple yet functional weekender bag. The best part is that the bag is personalized with the initial of your groomsmen and yet the price doesn’t reflect that. The bag is made of faux leather and canvas, with zip closures and adjustable shoulder strap. It’s very stylish and perfect for any getaway.

You can see from our list how easy and fun it can be to pick out groomsmen gifts for your wedding party! There are options for every style wedding and for every set of friends and family. You can even mix and match if you think that some of your groomsmen would appreciate different gifts than others. Half the fun of groomsmen gifts is giving something truly unique and useful, and you will not be disappointed with any of the items on this list.