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Can I Wear Flats to a Wedding?

Can I Wear Flats to a Wedding?

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With each passing season, major trends in fashion are becoming a lot more relaxed, but that doesn’t mean you have to look underdressed when attending formal events like a wedding.  If a wedding invite is looming on your calendar and you’re feeling slightly apprehensive about what options are available for shoes to pair with wedding outfits, you’ll be pleased to know the market is heaving with shoe options that are both practical and stylish for attending a wedding in comfort.

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Get rid of the heels and still look stylish

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Whilst there is always a place for high heels when it comes to looking glamorous at a wedding, there are plenty of choices for you out there if heels just aren’t your thing, or if you’re worried about spending hours in discomfort. We’ve created this simple guide that outlines all the best shoe styles for weddings, along with which outfits each shoe design will compliment.

Flat Shoes That Go with Knee-Length Dresses

Girl wearing flats and knee length dress

Knee-length dresses are one of the most popular styles of dress to wear at a wedding. They’re a great option if you’re confident enough to show your legs off, and what’s great about them is that you don’t have to pair them with high-heels as a rule of thumb. Flat shoes bejeweled in beads, gemstones, and diamante can add finesse to your chosen dress. This style of dress bridges the gap between an outfit you can wear to the church and then follow on to wear at the reception.

Strappy flats:

strappy flats

Strappy flats with crystal embellishments. View it here.

Flats and sandals with straps look elegant and ultra-feminine with a knee-length dress. Metallic and patent-colored options are a nice choice with wedding attire. A touch of shimmer or sparkle can counterbalance the height of a heel, creating something formal and chic. Flats and sandals with straps will give you the confidence to look great in a dress without having to rely on heels to make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

Lace-up flats

Black lace-up flats

Black lace up flats. View them here.

There are closed and open-toe options when it comes to buying lace-up flat shoes for weddings. An important consideration when choosing a pair of shoes in this style is to find a color that will compliment your dress to ensure you achieve a modern, elegant look. 

Flats That Go with Jumpsuits

Girl wearing flats with jumpsuits at a wedding

Jumpsuits make for an eye-catching alternative to frilly frocks at a wedding. You can easily dress a jumpsuit up with some elegant pieces of jewelry and the right footwear. You can get rid of the heels and opt for a stylish pair of flat shoes to accompany a jumpsuit at a wedding, regardless of whether you opt for a wide leg, a tapered leg or a more figure-hugging design.

Nude flats:

White pointed toe flats

Stylish nude flats. View them here.

Since many jumpsuit designs are patterned, nothing beats a pair of nude flats to break up bold colors and detail. Nude flats are perfect for wearing to a wedding because they’re so elegant and understated, forgoing any lavish detail that can often distract from your main outfit. A patent leather nude flat shoe with a pointed toe with look incredibly sophisticated at a wedding.

Gladiator shoes:

Gladiator flat shoes

See them here

This style of flat shoe can be worn with a wedding outfit, as long as you get the detail just right. You can elevate your outfit with some gemstone-adorned gladiator sandals, or a design that features delicate beading. Alternatively, you could go simple with a solid color if you need a pair of shoes that break up heavy patterns on the big day.

Thong sandals:

Thong sandals worn at a wedding

By Leatheropolis. View them here.

You can still dress a wedding outfit up with a pair of thong sandals, especially if you’re opting for the jumpsuit look. Thong sandals with diamante or rhinestones look refined and opulent, adding a touch of sparkle to a solid-colored outfit.

Flat ankle boots:

Flat-ankle boots for wedding

By The White Ribbon. View them here.

This option may sound casual, but you can always choose to add a touch of dazzle or color to your outfit with a clutch bag.  Flat ankle boots can be paired with an elegant jumpsuit, giving you a little more coverage if you lack the confidence needed to put your whole foot on show. Suede finishes are particularly sophisticated, whereas an open-toe option can exude a more glamorous look for the evening do.

Flats That Go with Gliding Gowns

Gliding gown

Whether you’ve chosen an empire waist with a flowing skirt that reaches down to the floor or a strapless gown to enhance an elegant look, gliding gowns are perfect for women with pear-shaped bodies, plus you can look dressy on the outside of the outfit, whilst feeling comfortable on the inside. The shoes you wear with a gliding gown won’t always be fully on show, but you’ll still want to opt for a nice style that won’t make you feel like you’re wearing a pair of slippers under your dress. 

Open toe flats:

White open toe flats

Stylish open toe flats. View them here.

Open toe flats (also known as peep-toe shoes) are perfect for wearing with a gliding gown, especially at weddings. Materials like satin create a glossy sheen. This silky metallic look is perfect for creating a chic alternative to bold colors, especially if the finish on the shoe matches pastel colors in the rest of your outfit.

Embellished flat sandals:

Flat sandals

Floral flat sandals by Aphrodite Steps. View them here.

Who said sandals were just for the beach? These days there are so many sandal designs to choose from on the market – many of which work well with an elegant dress like a gliding gown. Flat footwear like sandals embellished with beads or delicate diamante can look cute and stylish with a dress that flows down to the floor. Floral details, rhinestones and leaf patterns are another alternative to diamonds and gemstones.

Pointed toe flats:

Pointed toe flats perfect for wedding

Exotic sandals By Aelisa Sandals. View them here.

Flat shoes with a pointy toe are perfect if you don’t like too much of your foot exposed. They can add dressy tones to elegant outfits like a gliding gown for a wedding. From the front, a pointed toe flat can create the impression of wearing high-heels but without the height, making them a great option for tall women who don’t want to tower over people the whole day.

Wrapping Up…

Whether you’re opting for a dress that flows down to the ground, an eye-catching jumpsuit or a dress that shows off some leg, there are multiple flat shoe options for weddings to choose from. Be as quirky or as understated as you like.

Dress an outfit up with a bead-studded or stone-set pair of flat shoes or par an outfit back by adding a neutral color to your look by breaking up bold patterns and colors. There are certain things you may never want to go without when dressing up for a wedding; a clutch bag, for example, or a stylish fascinator. But rest assured that whilst heels will always be there for those occasions when you need to dress an ensemble up, they’re also one commodity that can certainly be replaced by a multitude of comfortable and versatile flats for wearing all day and long into the night.