How To Use Drones for Wedding Photography – Expert Tips

drones for wedding photography

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Capturing perfect moments on your special day is a priority for every couple. After all, as the years pass, it’s those photos and videos that we continue to look back on, to remind ourselves of just how magical it was! 

Wedding photography has evolved over the years to offer unique and breathtaking perspectives. One revolutionary tool that has gained immense popularity in recent times is drones.  

These flying devices equipped with high-resolution cameras have transformed the way we capture wedding memories. In this article, we will explore how to use drones for wedding photography, offering tips and insights to make your aerial shots soar. 

Understand the Regulations  

drone shot of the bride and groom with green scenery

Before incorporating drones into your wedding photography, it’s a good idea to know what the local regulations are regarding their usage. Check the specific guidelines set by your country’s aviation authority, as well as any restrictions or permits required for flying drones in certain areas.  

Complying with the regulations will ensure a safe and legal operation. 

For example, if you’re in the United States, drones are classified as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and all operators of UAS must register their drones with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  

This includes commercial operators who fly drones for hire, such as wedding and event photographers. All drones must also be registered with the FAA, and it’s crucial to be aware of any limitations imposed by the aviation regulatory body in your nation. For instance, in Australia, using a drone for business requires a drone pilot license. 

Hire A Professional Drone Operator  

aerial shot of a bride and groom near the water

Despite the fact that drones are more widely available, it is still preferable to engage a qualified drone pilot with aerial photography experience. They possess the expertise to handle the drone effectively and capture stunning shots while adhering to safety protocols. Collaborating with a skilled operator will relieve you of the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your wedding day. 

The drone operator will also be able to provide you with a list of equipment that they use, which can help in comparing prices and finding one that is within your budget. You’ll get a better understanding of their level of service and product quality from this. 

Plan And Communicate Your Vision  

Sit down with your photographer and drone operator to discuss your vision for the aerial shots. Share your ideas, preferred angles, and key moments you want to capture. The more you communicate, the better they can plan the flight paths and timing, ensuring they capture the shots you desire. Collaborating closely with your team will yield the best results. 

Once you have discussed your vision and ideas, sign off on a contract. This will guarantee that everyone understands the expenses and expectations. This also gives you an opportunity to provide feedback if the drone operator suggests any changes that may not align with your vision or budget. 

Scout The Location 

aerial shot of a wedding venue

Prior to the wedding day, visit the venue with your drone operator to identify potential takeoff and landing spots, as well as any obstacles that may hinder the drone’s flight path. Familiarize yourself with the surroundings to maximize the creative possibilities while minimizing the risks. Having a clear understanding of the location will help you plan shots that truly showcase the beauty of your wedding venue

During your drone scouting mission, take note of any potential risks. For example, if trees near the ceremony site may obstruct the drone’s camera view during takeoff or landing, consider taking those shots before or after the ceremony. Alternatively, you can have a second operator with a handheld camera capture footage from ground level in order to avoid any issues with trees or other obstacles. 

Capture Stunning Aerial Perspectives 

Drones offer unique vantage points that traditional photography techniques cannot achieve. Take advantage of this by capturing breathtaking aerial shots during the ceremony, reception, and couple’s photo session.  

Whether it’s a bird’s-eye view of the venue, a sweeping shot of the bridal party, or an intimate moment between the couple against a scenic backdrop, drones can elevate the visual impact of your wedding album. 

Drones are also great for capturing still images. Don’t go overboard with them, but they may give your images a distinctive viewpoint and aesthetic intrigue.  

If you have access to more than one drone, think about combining them to provide an intriguing size and color contrast. For example, you could use one drone to capture an aerial shot while the other captures close-ups from ground level. 

Be Mindful of Noise And Distractions 

drone photo of a wedding venue

Drones can generate a noticeable amount of noise, which may distract both you and your guests.  

To minimize disruptions, discuss with your drone operator the best times to fly the drone discreetly, without disturbing important moments such as the ceremony or speeches.  

Striking a balance between capturing stunning shots and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere is crucial for an unforgettable wedding experience. 

Backup Plans and Safety Precautions  

Despite meticulous planning, unforeseen circumstances can occur. It is essential to have backup plans in place, such as alternative indoor shooting options if weather conditions become unfavorable for drone flights.  

Additionally, prioritize safety by ensuring the drone operator conducts pre-flight checks, maintains a safe distance from people and objects, and follows all safety guidelines throughout the day. 

Editing and Integration 

back view of the bride and groom with the mountains

Once the wedding is over, your photographer will edit and curate the footage captured by the drone. These aerial shots can seamlessly blend with the rest of your wedding album, adding a captivating perspective to the overall story. Discuss your editing preferences with your photographer to ensure that the aerial shots are integrated harmoniously, creating a cohesive and stunning final product. 

Photos and videos are then edited and integrated into a final album. At this point, you can pick and choose which shots to include in your wedding video. Also, GIFs are great to have lively and fun moments that are captured in the video. You may choose which images to use in your wedding video at this stage. GIFs can be shrunk in a GIF compressor for better quality and to make them more visually appealing. 

In some cases, you may want to have an expert in the field of aerial videography edit your wedding video. This may be necessary if there are too many people in the shot or if your photographer didn’t use a drone that had stabilization technology on board. A skilled video editor should be able to eliminate any undesired elements from the video in this situation and make it appear as though they never were. 

Videos are also often edited to make them shorter and less repetitive to save some disk space without sacrificing its quality, an Mp4 compressor will do the job. 


The use of drones has transformed wedding photography, allowing couples to record breathtaking moments from fresh angles. By understanding the regulations, collaborating with professionals, and planning meticulously, you can incorporate drones seamlessly into your wedding photography, creating an album that is truly extraordinary. 

Whether you’re looking to add drone shots to your existing wedding photography or are ready and willing to use them as your primary means of capturing images, the sky’s the limit to what can be done. You can make an album that is absolutely unique with a little bit of imagination and study. 

Embrace the aerial possibilities and let your love take flight on your special day.  

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