Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress: A Guide for Every Body Type

finding the perfect bridesmaid dress

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When it comes to creating a cohesive and stunning aesthetic for your wedding day, choosing the right bridesmaid dresses is of utmost importance.  

But with the diversity of body types, finding a dress that flatters every figure can seem like a daunting task.  

That’s where this guide steps in. We’re here to help you navigate the world of bridesmaids’ dresses to ensure every bridesmaid feels confident and beautiful. 

The Importance of Body Type in Dress Selection 

Fashion means embracing who you are and understanding what suits your body best. It’s key to know that body shapes vary and different outfits can make them look even better. No matter if you’re an apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, or inverted triangle, there’s an outfit that will showcase your beauty. 

Understanding Different Body Types and How to Dress Them 

A. Pear-Shaped Body 

If you have a pear-shaped body, it means your hips are wider and your bust is smaller. Certain styles of dresses can really make you look beautiful, like those that flare out from the waist or ones with tops that have decorations or designs. Take, for example, the Alison dress from AW Bridal.  

This dress makes your upper body the focal point and flows softly over your hips. It has a way of drawing eyes up to your shoulders and chest while gently skimming over your wider hip area. It’s a great example of how the right dress can beautifully flatter a pear-shaped body. 

B. Apple-Shaped Body 

If your body is apple-shaped, which means you have a wider middle part and slimmer legs, certain dresses can make you look stunning. Look for those that gather or tighten at the slimmest part of your waist.  

The Peipah dress from AW Bridal It has a design that fits snugly at your waist’s smallest point, and it also has a skirt that spreads out or flares. This flared skirt helps to balance out your wider upper body. The dress overall gives a lovely shape to your body, making it a great choice for anyone with an apple-shaped figure. 

C. Rectangle-Shaped Body 

If your body has about the same width at the bust, waist, and hips, you have what’s called a rectangle body shape. To make your figure more defined, you might want to check out the Ethel Dress from AW Bridal. This dress has a design that pulls in at the waist, which can help create the look of curves.  

Additionally, its full skirt adds more volume, which can give your body a curvier appearance. This style of dress can help highlight and create curves, giving your rectangle-shaped body a more defined and attractive silhouette.  

D. Hourglass-Shaped Body 

If your body shape is an hourglass, which means your bust and hips are about the same width and your waist is smaller, the goal is to show off your waist. The Dorsey dress from AW Bridal can do just that. This dress has a design that fits closely around your waist, and its graceful shape is perfect for your body type.  

It can show off your smaller waist while complementing your equally proportioned bust and hips. In essence, if you have an hourglass figure, a dress like the Dorsey that emphasizes your waist and follows the natural lines of your body would be a fantastic choice for you. 

E. Inverted Triangle Body Shape 

If you have an inverted triangle body shape, which means your shoulders are broader than your hips, dresses that add some extra fullness to your lower half are ideal. Take the Ivela dress from AW Bridal as an example.  

This dress features a fitted top and a flared skirt, enhancing your lower body and providing balance to your wider shoulders. It seems as if the dress is amplifying your hips, aligning them more closely with your shoulder width.  

Tips for Accessorizing Based on Body Shape 

Choosing the right accessories for your bridesmaid’s dress can help enhance your overall look and flatter your body shape. Here’s a guideline for accessorizing based on different body shapes. 

1. Apple Shape 

The goal for apple shapes is to draw attention upwards, towards the face, and to define the waistline. 

  • Necklaces: Go for a statement piece that attracts attention to your face and neckline. 
  • Earrings: Dangling or oversized earrings can add drama and pull focus upwards. 
  • Belts: A thin belt can subtly cinch your waistline and create a more defined shape. 
  • Hair Accessories: Headbands, tiaras or flower crowns can draw attention to the face and away from the midsection. 

2. Pear Shape 

The aim for pear shapes is to add emphasis to the upper body and balance it with the wider lower body. 

  • Necklaces: Layered necklaces or bold statement pieces can add visual weight to the upper body. 
  • Earrings: Large, vibrant earrings can draw attention to your face and away from your hips. 
  • Belts: An ornate belt sitting on your natural waist can accentuate your slim waistline. 
  • Bracelets: Stackable bracelets or large cuffs can add some balance by drawing attention to the lower part of your arms. 

3. Rectangle Shape 

Rectangle shapes should focus on creating the illusion of curves. 

  • Necklaces: Long pendant necklaces can help elongate your torso and break up the straight lines of your shape. 
  • Earrings: Circular or curvy earrings can help introduce softness and curves to your overall silhouette
  • Belts: A wide belt can create the illusion of a cinched waist, contributing to an hourglass silhouette. 
  • Brooches: Strategically placed brooches can create focal points and add interest to your overall look. 

4. Hourglass Shape 

For hourglass shapes, the goal is to accentuate the naturally balanced proportions. 

  • Necklaces: A necklace that falls just below the collarbone can help highlight your balanced figure. 
  • Earrings: Choose elegant studs or drop earrings that complement, rather than distract from, your figure. 
  • Belts: A stylish belt around your waist will emphasize your narrowest point. 
  • Hair Accessories: Hair accessories can be used to emphasize the symmetry of your shape, such as a pair of decorative hairpins placed evenly on either side of a bun. 

5. Inverted Triangle Shape 

For inverted triangle shapes, the aim is to balance the broader upper body with the narrower lower body. 

  • Necklaces: Delicate, shorter necklaces can help to reduce the width of the upper body. 
  • Earrings: Opt for dramatic earrings, like hoops or chandeliers, to draw attention away from broad shoulders. 
  • Belts: A hip-sitting belt can add some definition to your lower body and create a more balanced look. 
  • Hair Accessories: Lower hair accessories, such as a decorative hairpin or flower at the base of a bun, can draw the eye down and balance out the silhouette. 

Considerations for Comfort 

Comfort is an essential factor to consider when planning your wedding day outfit and accessories. While it’s important to look your best, feeling comfortable will help ensure you enjoy your special day to the fullest. Here are some considerations for comfort: 


Heel Height: While high heels may look glamorous, consider how long you’ll be on your feet. Lower heels, wedges, or flats are good alternatives for long durations. 

Breaking In Shoes: Make sure to break in your shoes before the wedding day to avoid blisters or discomfort. 

Backup Shoes: Consider having a backup pair of comfortable shoes or sandals for the dance floor or the end of the night. 


Weight: Heavy earrings or necklaces may cause discomfort over time. Opt for lighter pieces if you’ll be wearing them for several hours. 

Material: Make sure you’re not allergic to the materials in your jewelry. Hypoallergenic materials can help prevent skin reactions. 

Secure Fastenings: Ensure that your jewelry has secure fastenings to avoid discomfort and worry about losing a piece during the day. 

Dress and Undergarments 

Fit: A well-fitted dress will be comfortable and flattering. Ensure your dress isn’t too tight, restricting movement, or too loose, requiring constant adjustments. 

Breathable Fabrics: Opt for breathable fabrics for your dress and undergarments to keep you cool and comfortable. 

Undergarments: Choose comfortable and supportive undergarments that work well with your dress. Consider a dress rehearsal with your undergarments to ensure comfort and fit. 


Handbags: Choose a small, lightweight handbag or delegate someone to carry essential items for you. 

Veil Weight: If you’re wearing a veil, consider its weight. Heavier veils can cause discomfort or headache. 

Hair Accessories: If you’re wearing hair accessories, make sure they are secure and not digging into your scalp. 

Your comfort should be a priority. It’s your special day, and feeling comfortable will help you relax, enjoy, and remember the day for all the right reasons. 

Wrapping Up  

Choosing the right bridesmaid dresses involves understanding and embracing different body types. With a wide array of styles, AW Bridal offers a stunning selection that ensures every bridesmaid can find a dress that makes them feel confident and beautiful.