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Foot Jewelry for Weddings – A Bride’s Guide

Best bridal foot jewelry

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Jewelry is a key element in completing your perfect bridal look, but often the feet tend to get forgotten. Anklets, toe rings, and barefoot sandals can add a hint of sophistication and individuality to your bridal style.

Choosing the perfect accessories for your wedding day is not an easy task, especially when it comes to more unique options like bridal foot jewelry. So, we’ve rounded up the tried-and-true tips to help you look your best, including your foot jewelry that will complete your bridal look.

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Foot Jewelry Etiquette for Different Types of Weddings

When looking for bridal foot jewelry, there are three main options to choose from:

Barefoot Sandals

Bridal barefoot sandals

Barefoot sandals by Fancy Feet Team. Check Price Here.

Barefoot sandals are all the rage right now as the perfect accessory for beach weddings. Heels and wedges are a nightmare when walking across the sand, which makes going barefoot a great option. Rustic weddings with relaxed bohemian vibe, along with festival weddings are perfect for barefoot jewelry.

You can choose barefoot sandals that reflect a bohemian vibe or a more classic looking style. Pearls and crystals are ideal for a bridal look and add that touch of sparkle and glamor to your feet. Choose motifs that suit your style and wedding theme.

Toe Rings

Bridal toe ring

Silver freshwater pearl toe ring by Jewelry Web. Check Price Here.

Toe rings have been worn for centuries and are especially popular in certain parts of the world. They’re not very popular for weddings in the West but can give a bohemian relaxed vibe for a bride wanting to express herself.

It’s different in India though. In India, married women wear toe rings on their second toe on both feet. However, Indian women only wear foot jewelry made of silver, not gold—since gold symbolizes Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, it’s considered disrespectful to wear gold below the waist. Toe rings decorated with Sanskrit texts, flowers, paisley patterns and fish are traditional to Indian women.

In the West, wearing toe rings to weddings are acceptable, but this depends on the type of wedding. Like tattoos and body piercings, toe rings are not always acceptable for churchwear in some faiths. So, take it into consideration if you’re having a religious or interfaith wedding held at a place of worship. Having said that, depending on the hemline of your dress, a toe ring may not be visible and it’s unlikely that anyone’s going to even spot it.  So why not add some sparkle to your toes?


Anklets with and without shoes by Cynthier. Check Price Here.

Anklets are simply gorgeous, especially for a casual wedding. They can be thin and barely-there chains or more elaborate, ethnic styles. For a traditional style wedding, think anklets with diamonds and gemstones that will add elegance to your bridal look. Pearls, like in this stunning floating pearl anklet, are also ideal for a classic touch.

If you think this jewelry will only work for barefoot brides, think again. You can be creative with your shoes to make anklets work together with them. Spice up your plain ankle strap sandals with this foot jewelry, making your accessory a part of your shoe design. This style hack will work for any types of weddings, including church and civil weddings where fashion choices are often on the conservative side.

If you’ve got Hindu beliefs, you’ll likely skip gold foot jewelry on a wedding, but you can still opt for a silver anklet.

Foot Jewelry Materials

Most foot jewelry is made using costume jewelry materials like faux pearls, base metals and cubic zirconia. However, if you want your jewelry to last a lifetime, like your marriage, then choosing more durable and higher quality materials will be a good idea.

The best options are either sterling silver or gold in any of its variations. If you want a luxury look for less, think of silver jewelry. Unfortunately, silver tends to scratch and tarnish easily, and requires a lot of maintenance. Gold, on the other hand, is valuable and will retain its beauty and value over time.

The type of material you choose largely depends on the design you choose. If your foot jewelry is large and dramatic, then costume jewelry materials are the best. If it’s more delicate and finer in design, opting for precious metals is an investment.

The 5 Commandments on Foot Jewelry for Weddings

You foot jewelry should be chosen with care to complement your ensemble and bring out your unique style and beauty on your wedding day.

The dress comes first—and foot jewelry complements it.

Dress and foot jewelry for bride

What dress will these sandals By Dream Shop fit?

Keep in mind that your wedding dress should be the hero of the day, and your jewelry the icing on the cake. If you want to wear extravagant barefoot sandals at your wedding, make sure it won’t steal the spotlight from your dress, or from you. If you’ve got an elaborate gown with intricate embellishments, better stick to minimalist toe rings and anklets. If the dress makes the wedding, you can say that your jewelry makes the dress too.

Less is more.

Barefoot sandals for beach wedding

Minimalist barefoot sandals by Passion Flower Jewelry. Check Price Here.

It might be tempting to make a fashion-forward statement on your wedding, but a classic look is a good way to go. Your foot jewelry can easily change your overall bridal style. If you have a simple gown, it can be a blank canvas that will work well with your anklets, toe rings, and barefoot sandals.

If you’re into the bohemian wedding theme, you may incorporate a fresh flower crown into your bridal look, along with barefoot sandals featuring some gypsy details—but don’t load up on necklaces, bracelets, and rings. This way, you’ll keep your bridal look balanced, and your accessories won’t outshine you.

Stay true to your personal style.

Bride's feet

Your wedding day isn’t the best time to go out of your style comfort zone, as you still want to look like yourself. When choosing the perfect foot jewelry for your wedding gown, opt for a design that reflects you. If you aren’t comfortable with chandelier earrings and bib necklaces, you may not feel comfortable in extravagant barefoot sandals? If you have a classic style, anklets with minimalist design might be perfect to complement your stud earrings and wedding dress.

Don’t compromise comfort for style.

Bride walking

If you have a beach or garden wedding, you’ll likely stand for long periods of time. Are you really comfortable going barefoot while wearing foot jewelry? You wouldn’t want to be in pain, so choose toe rings, anklets, and barefoot sandals that are comfortable. This way, your foot jewelry will add a hint of sophistication to your bridal look without weighing you down.

Go for footwear jewelry you’ll wear beyond your wedding day.

Gold anklet

Classic anklet that doubles up as a bracelet. By Floreo. Check Price Here.

Anklets, toe rings, and barefoot sandals are versatile accessories that will stand the test of time. The key is to choose designs that will look great with your wedding gown and will go well with other outfits and occasions too. Also, pay attention on the materials, metals, stones, and decorations in your foot jewelry—and make sure they will last a lifetime too.

At the end of the day, the foot jewelry you’ll wear on your wedding day is a personal choice. There are times when you want to wear ones that sparkle and shine, but you’ll know when it is appropriate. Your wedding is a celebration of love and respect, so put your best foot forward!