How to Have a Cheap (Yet Classy) Wedding

cheap but classy wedding

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Your wedding is one of the most important and expensive days of your life. If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to sacrifice style. To make your dream wedding possible, we have rounded up our top tips on pulling off a classy, elaborate affair without going broke.

1. Have the ceremony and the reception at one place.

Apart from saving money on hiring two venues, you can also skip the cocktail hour and save on travel costs from getting everyone from the ceremony to the reception. Venues with all-inclusive packages also provide lots of services and amenities in addition to the spaces, rentals, catering, on-site coordination, and more.

2. Opt for a venue with a lot of character on its own.

wedding venue cheap

The venue you choose will serve as the backdrop for all your wedding photos and will play a major role in the look and feel of your celebration. Apart from picking a venue close to home, think of a naturally beautiful place that won’t require too much decoration.

Beaches and parks have lower site fees compared to a resort or hotel. Are you friends with someone who has a killer backyard or café you could borrow? If you want something exotic, think of a historical dance hall, opera house, aquarium, gallery, or museum!

There are endless off-the-beaten-track options that will ensure that your venue isn’t just inexpensive but also unique and stylish.

3. Think of a smaller guest list.

Fewer guests mean less cost! A smaller guest list cuts down on your food and drink expenses, the size of the venue you need to hire, and so on. Inviting everyone you know and their significant other and children just increases the wedding size. Do you really want to be buying dinner for all those people? On the other hand, having an intimate wedding will let you relax and savor the day with people who matter.

4. Set your wedding date on a weekday.

Weekends are popular time slots for weddings, but they tend to be more expensive. The wedding vendors, catering, and venue generally cost less on weekdays. So, you could book within the five days of the week to save more money. Some venues even give price discounts for non-weekend days. After all, there’s no rule against having a wedding on a Wednesday or Thursday. However, you will have to consider that not all your guests will be able to or wish to take a day off work to celebrate your nuptials.

5. Incorporate seasonally available décor.

Seasonal and local décor will lower your expenses. When you opt for what’s seasonally available, you’ll get them at the peak of their supply when the cost is lower. For example, for fall and winter weddings, pinecones make a lovely addition to centerpieces, while seasonal flowers are great when they’re available.

6. Be smart with flowers.

wedding table decor

Flowers are expensive so think seasonal and inexpensive for the best bang for your buck.

If you want an impressive arrangement, think of large blooms like sunflowers and hydrangeas, as well as filler flowers that look amazing. Flowers add some romantic flair to weddings, but they don’t have to be the main feature. You could also add sweet-smelling candles, vases, mason jars, and ribbons to adorn the tables.

You can also cut down on the number of people carrying flowers and simply keep them for you and your groom. A mix of greenery is also more affordable than flowers and makes an impression, especially for rustic weddings. If you choose a garden venue for the wedding, the chances are you won’t need many flowers at all.

7. Invest in good lighting.

Good lighting makes a huge impact and there’s nothing more magical than fairy lights lighting up a reception venue. You could also utilize the lighting to draw attention to areas you want to emphasize, whether the head of the table or the cake. This is an easy way to add a wow factor at a minimal cost.

8. Think of vendors outside of the wedding industry.

If you opt for a reception hall’s catering service, the food will probably be average or boring. You could ask your favorite family-owned restaurant if they cater or if they can serve large portions of your favorite dishes. Many restaurants make great food, which costs less per head, so your guests could eat like kings without it breaking your bank.

9. Opt for a buffet service.

buffet service

A more formal, plated dinner is classy, but a buffet-style service is more affordable. A buffet-style feast allows your guests to come and go as they please and requires fewer staff members.

More than that, think of low-cost protein choices and increase vegetable offerings. For example, salmon, prime rib, and filet mignon tend to be more expensive than roasted chicken, taco bars, and guacamole.

10. Hire a trustworthy wedding planner.

If you’re overwhelmed with the details, an experienced wedding planner or coordinator will help you pull off a classy celebration. A planner helps to sort out a realistic budget, the aesthetic for the occasion, and where you can cut on costs if you have to. She or he may even help you save more by sharing some of her extensive vendor networks.

11. Ditch the diamonds.

This option isn’t for everyone but it’s a great way to shave about $10,000 off your total engagement and wedding cost.

A diamond ring will be more expensive than a plain gold band, so why not ditch the engagement ring and have an all-in-one wedding ring? Gold wedding bands are a timeless choice and a symbol of eternal love.

If you really want an engagement ring, you could still opt for alternative gemstones like white sapphires, topaz, and moissanite, or personalize the rings with unique etchings and engravings.

12. Be smart with your wedding dress.

A designer gown might be a stunning option, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. You’re likely to only wear it once, so you could think of renting a wedding gown or shopping the sales. Depending on your taste, you could also check out non-bridal boutiques or high street shops to find something you could wear as a wedding dress.

13. Get RSVPs from all your guests.

Being prepared for unexpected expenses is a part of your wedding budget. Still, it’s better to know which of your guests are coming to determine how much food, tables, and chairs you’ll need. Once you know the final headcount, coordinate with your caterer or hotel.

14. Make your own wedding favors.

wedding favors

Wedding favors can easily rack up costs, so think of crafting them with your own hands. If you’re into baking, think of homemade cookies and cupcakes that match your wedding theme. You could also think of personalized candy bars and homemade jams. This way, you’ll be able to show your heartfelt gratitude to your guests for attending your wedding.

15. Ask your loved ones for help.

DIY doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. Your family and close friends would love to take some stress off your shoulders. Do you have a best friend who is good at baking? She might love to do your wedding cake as a gift for you. You could ask your talented cousin to do your bridal makeup or enlist your relatives for centerpiece preparation. Delegating wedding tasks involves family and friends and makes the wedding even more special.

Wrapping Up

All brides and grooms want to pull off their dream wedding without going into debt. Weddings are expensive, but you can have a cheap yet classy celebration with strategic planning. After all, your wedding is all about celebrating the love you and your partner share – so the price tag isn’t important.