15 Inexpensive Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Love

Wedding favor

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Wedding favors are an integral part of the wedding day.  They’re the items that your guests take away from your wedding as a thank you for coming to your wedding.

Wedding favors are generally expected at any wedding, and some guests may feel slighted or disappointed if there are no wedding favors given at a wedding that they attend.

Often, these gifts are expensive and the amount that is spent on wedding favors alone can run into thousands of dollars very quickly if you have a large wedding with lots of guests.

But there are many ways to keep costs down and to pick pieces that look amazing and capture your guests’ hearts.

Here’s a look at 15 inexpensive yet gorgeous wedding favor ideas.

Why Give Favors?

Apple in a jar as wedding favor

Hmmm… Apple, maybe not the best idea?

Weddings are often a full-day affair and your guests take the time to wear their best clothes, get their hair and make-up done and come to share this special day with you. Don’t they deserve a little thank you for making that effort?

All jokes aside, the favors that you give at your wedding will be the means by which people remember the day they spent with you and your new spouse.  Having unique and thoughtful gifts can lead to years of memories and are a great way to leave a lasting impression.

But the Cost!

As mentioned earlier, it is not at all uncommon to spend thousands of dollars just on wedding favors if you are having a large wedding. The other detraction to more expensive, mass produced favors is that they often lack personality and are not as likely to spark happy memories for your friends and family who attended your wedding.

So the bottom line is:

You don’t have to break the bank to make an impression on your guests with your wedding favors. And to prove that, we’ve gathered a list of 15 inexpensive but totally awesome wedding favor ideas from the net.

Let’s check them out.

  1. Custom Bonbonniere: These fun favors are beautiful and are also useful! They come with great personalized tags and you can choose which teas you want to have inside the tubes.  They are neat and tidy and very unique and are the perfect addition to a table setting or a gift baggy. Everyone likes something useful and these fun bonbonnieres provide that in spades.
  2. Custom Candles:  These pretty and functional favors are a great way to give your guests cheap wedding favors without scrimping on quality. They come with a custom lid and offer various designs to match your wedding theme and colors.  They are elegant and simple and the best part is that they can be used over and over once they are taken home.
  3. Custom Shot Glasses: If you and your friends and guests at your wedding love to have a good time, these clever custom shot glasses are a great way to give inexpensive wedding favors that will be used again and again. Shot glasses are always a fun conversation starter and no one who attended your wedding will be sad to have a shot glass in their collection that brings back memories of your special day.
  4. Punny Pretzels: These adorable baggies of chocolate pretzels are a great way to give a fun favor that will also be delicious to enjoy.  The custom baggies are clever as well as being well made and the pretzels inside are sure to be enjoyed by everyone of all ages.
  5. Custom Mini Bars of Soap: These great wedding favors can also double as bridal shower gifts or bridesmaid gifts. They are beautiful and creative and will be useful for many months after the wedding is over. Select your favorite scent and style and the rest will be taken care of for you by the company who makes them.
  6. Smores Gift Baggies: These delightful wedding favors are a great way to give an inexpensive wedding favor that will charm all ages. These tiny little packages of yummy items give you everything that you need to make two gooey, delicious smores when you get home from the wedding! They come with a cute custom tag and are packed beautifully.
  7. Custom Hand Sanitizer: Nearly everyone carries hand sanitizer with them these days and the small purse-size ones are highly useful and very popular. This great wedding favor offers a custom touch on a practical item.  Everyone who gets these great little favors will be happy to have them and will remember your wedding day for months after the wedding is over.
  8. Hugs and Kisses: Who doesn’t like a Hershey’s Kiss? These beautiful and clever individually wrapped sachets of candy kisses are the perfect way to give everyone who is a guest at your wedding a favor that they will love.  This is a sweet and memorable way to say thank you for attending the wedding.
  9. Elegant Matchboxes: These delightful, gold-embossed little packages of matches are a classic way to provide a memorable take away from your special day.  High-quality and personalized for your needs, these lovely little items are easy to take home and will last for a long time after the ceremony is over.
  10. Gorgeous Scarves: These beautiful scarves come in many colors and have custom packaging that says what you need to say with class. They are as beautiful as they are useful and are a very nice way to thank your guests for attending your wedding.  Any item that can be used more than once is a good choice and these beautiful scarves will be used again and again.
  11. Custom Sunglasses: If you are having a destination wedding and you want to be sure that your guests will be comfortable during and after the ceremony, these fun sunglasses are the perfect favor to have ready for them.  Sunglasses can be worn again and again and the cheerful range of colors means that all your guests can have their favorite color to take home with them.
  12. Custom Coasters: The gorgeous wooden coasters commemorate your wedding day and can be used by your guests in their own homes each and every day thereafter. These are the perfect way to give a cheap wedding favor that is still high-quality.  These coasters are sure to spark memories for years after the wedding day and can be added to table settings or gift bags as well.
  13. Custom Labels: Want to buy bulk gifts that don’t seem generic? These beautiful custom labels will dress up any wedding favor and help to commemorate the day. If you are planning on giving handmade gifts as well, these are the perfect way to add that last little bit of polish needed to make your wedding favors shine.
  14. Mini Pots of Honey: These adorable little pots of honey come with custom labels and gorgeous packaging. A little bit of honey goes a long way, so these wedding favors will last for a long time after the wedding is over. The best part is that the jar itself can be re-used once the honey is gone!
  15. Bubble Wands: For the bride with a sense of fun and whimsy! These customized bubble wands are big enough to generate a lot of fun on your special day as well as creating fun photo opportunities for your wedding photographer.  If you are planning on having a relaxed wedding or if there are going to be a lot of children present, these fun, inexpensive wedding favors can add a sense of levity and humor to your special day.

The favors that you offer to your guests at your wedding are a large part of the day for them.  Thankfully, it is possible to give charming, fun and personalized wedding favors without breaking the bank!

Wedding favors are the tangible items that are taken away from the wedding in purses and pockets and they can be the spark for years of memories of your wedding day for those who shared it with you.