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Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Wedding Dress

Jewelry for wedding dress

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You have the dress, now find the perfect finishing touch with dream day jewelry that you’ll cherish forever. We cover all you need to know about finding jewelry for your wedding dress that will add some sparkle without outshining you.

Where to Start Your Search

Bridal jewelry gives you the chance to inject a little more style and personality into your wedding day look. But if the prospect of choosing exactly what you need is overwhelming, you’re not alone. Many brides are intimidated by the sheer amount of choice when it comes to bridal jewelry and others are blinded by the bling and can end up going overboard.

Avoid overwhelm or over-embellishment by narrowing your search down at the start. If you already own pieces of jewelry that you know you want to wear (something sentimental perhaps) or have your eye on something special, only consider items that will compliment it. For example, if your engagement ring is a marquise-cut diamond set in gold, look for teardrop earrings and necklace pendants in gold to complement it.

If you are building your bridal jewelry look from scratch take the color and cut of your gown into account. If you’re not sure how to marry your jewelry to your gown, start by studying the neckline of your dress.

Jewelry to Suit Your Neckline

The neckline of your gown is one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting your bridal jewelry. The neckline frames your face, so to avoid too much detail distracting from your face, you should consider how your jewelry might clash with design at the top of your dress.

V-Neck or plunging necklines:

Tulle wedding dress deep V Open back 3d flowers Ball gown image 4

Tulle wedding dress with deep V neckline by Our Stories Bridal. Check price here.

Bare skin on the front of the bodice allows for necklaces to drape deeper. A necklace will draw attention to the area, especially at the pendant or at the end of the necklace. This will be important to keep in mind if you are working towards a conservative look.

To get the best of both worlds, consider keeping your jewelry minimal during the ceremony and glamming it up with a dazzling necklace for the reception that follows. Or simply attract attention to your face by wearing statement chandelier earrings.

Bateau (boatneck), sweetheart or strapless:

Earring that go well with sweetheart neckline

Sweetheart neckline with statement earrings.

These lower necklines tend to be simpler, but are every bit alluring with collar bones on display. Enhance the look with an ornate princess length necklace (traditionally between 16-18 inches in length) that hangs just above the neckline of the gown or keep it muted by wearing a fine choker length necklace or a single row of exquisite diamonds. 

Alternatively, skip the necklace altogether and opt for a pair of statement earrings to draw the eyes upwards. This can elongate your torso, giving a refined, stylish look.

Illusion, single shoulder or off-the-shoulder:

Illusion neckline with earrings

Illusion neckline wedding dress with drop earrings.

Dresses adorned with the delicate details of illusion netting, a single shoulder strap, or an off-the-shoulder design already send attention to the shoulders and/or collarbones. Whether skin is exposed or partially covered, you’ll want to steer clear of jewelry around the neckline so that the design of the dress and jewelry don’t clash. Instead, draw the attention upwards by wearing a set of glitzy earrings to add shimmer around your face.  

Halter or high-neck:

Couple smelling flowers

Illusion neckline with diamond earrings

Dresses with high necklines elongate the torso and make for an elegant look. Keep drawing the eye up by skipping a necklace and opting for a gorgeous set of earrings instead. Make the most of statement earrings and a high neckline by wearing your hair pulled back to show it all off.

How to Match Metals to Your Dress

Bride wearing white gold and white dress

Whites with cool tones go well with silver metals.

If you are keeping jewelry to a minimum then the color of the metal or stone will not affect the overall look too much. But if you want to dazzle with jewels and have details in your dress then a little planning will go a long way toward a completely cohesive wedding day look.

In general, platinum and white gold work best with classic white or silver-toned gowns and yellow gold and rose gold work best with ivory or champagne gowns. This is because of the complementary cool and warm tones.

The same rule applies to appliqué details. If the beading on your wedding dress is cool-toned and gives off an icy iridescence, then jewelry with clear stones or cool shades (blues, pinks, lavender) are better suited. If the beading on your gown is warm and gives off more of a golden shine, opt for warm-toned jewels such as yellow sapphires or pearls.

One Ring to Rule

Small bracelet on bride's hand

Keep rings and bracelets small and on the right hand.

The most important piece of jewelry that you wear on your wedding day will be reserved for your left hand, so it’s no surprise that many brides want to keep rings simple. If you do like the look of rings, consider wearing them on your right hand or stacking minimal midi or knuckle rings.    

Tennis bracelets, delicate chains or slender bangles are also a great way to add a little glimmer to your wrists without stealing the spotlight away from your wedding band.

Suit Your Style

Bride and groom kissing

Pick jewelry you can wear again

Bridal jewelry allows brides the opportunity to make their wedding day look truly unique with details that can be worn beyond the big day. This is why it’s important to stay true to your personal style. If your taste is pared back and refined, choose jewelry that is understated and elegant. This may seem obvious, but it is easy to get carried away by the lure or luster and buy pieces that you are unlikely to wear again.

Some popular types of bridal jewelry that can be worn over and over again include diamond stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets, diamond solitaire pendants and pearl jewelry.

Brides can also fall too far in the opposite end of the spectrum and choose pieces that are more pared back than usual. Bridal looks do tend to be on the traditional side, but this doesn’t have to apply to you. If your style is to make a statement with ornate jewels or chic statement cuffs don’t be afraid to break the mold. Some of the most gorgeous wedding day looks are a fusion of fashion and tradition dreamt up by daring brides.

Keep It Comfy

Bride with accessories

Heavy jewelry can get uncomfortable worn for long periods of time.

All aspects of your bridal look should have comfort considered. Your wedding day will be the best day of your life, but it will also be a long one. You want to make sure you are comfortable enough to enjoy every part of it. This is why you should consider how your jewelry will feel when it is worn for long periods and how it will move with you.

Chunky, bold pieces may look fantastic in the jewelry case but could feel heavy if worn for a long period – particularly large earrings. If you plan on pushing your boundaries with jewelry on your wedding day by wearing something you normally wouldn’t (a dramatic necklace for example), do a test run by wearing a similar style of costume jewelry before to see how it feels. Your jewels should make you feel flawless, not weigh you down!

Not Just Something Blue

Bridal jewelry is the perfect way to honor some of the lucky charms that make up the old English rhyme: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

Pay homage to your family by adorning your look with a treasured family heirloom. You can also use your wedding day to buy something new to pass down to future generations.

Blue sapphire and pearl earrings for wedding dress

Two popular wedding day gemstones – sapphire and pearl earrings. See them here.

You could add a little color by making your something blue something sparkling too. Channel Kate Middleton elegance with brilliant sapphire or tanzanite stones or keep it casual with a bohemian touch of turquoise.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

Wedding day jewelry is a great chance to have a little bit of fun and treat yourself to something sentimental that you can wear every day. But it’s also easy to go from the perfect finishing touch to over the top. Coco Chanel put it best when she said that ‘Elegance is refusal’.

Remember that you and your groom will be shining the brightest on your big day, and you won’t need layer upon layer of jewels to do that for you. If you consider your gown, your style and comfort you’ll be sure to find pieces that will make you shine bright like a diamond.