Raw (Rough) Diamond Engagement Rings – Pros and Cons

Raw diamond engagement ring

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How about raw diamond engagement rings, however? We often hear the phrase “like a rough diamond” as a compliment but very few of us have actually ever seen a raw diamond let alone wear one on our finger. And while raw diamond engagement rings are definitely no way near as popular as the standard brilliant round cut engagement ring diamonds, there is a raw diamond trend that’s garnering some popularity.

Why go for a raw diamond?

Raw diamond ring

Raw diamond ring by Aardvark Jewellery. Check Price Here.

Raw diamonds possess almost none of the unique features of polished diamonds. Because they are not yet cut into facets and aren’t polished, they aren’t nearly as brilliant as a faceted diamond – in fact, they usually look like a piece of quartz or other non-transparent gemstone.

Raw or rough diamonds also don’t offer any sparkle, usually have many internal inclusions and often have noticeable color. This is because the diamond rough used to make raw diamond engagement rings almost always comes from low quality material. Higher quality diamond rough is chosen to create faceted gemstones.

Raw diamond three stone engagement ring

Three stone raw diamond ring by Angeline. Check Price Here.

So, if raw diamond engagement rings don’t have the sparkle, brilliance and beauty we’ve come to associate with diamonds in general, why choose them at all?

Well, there are actually quite a few good reasons to do that:

  • It’s definitely unique. Brilliant cut engagement ring diamonds and gorgeous, sparkling, brilliant, and captivating. But they are also quite a common sight and more and more people are looking for ways to spice up their engagement rings be it through a rich side setting, a unique ring design, or a colorful gemstone. Raw diamonds are arguably one of the most unique ways to differentiate your engagement ring from all others, as this unique raw diamond bridal ring set goes to show.
  • They do have a great deal of charm. Like many other of the more underappreciated gemstones used in jewelry, raw diamonds have a very beautiful natural and often bohemian look. They don’t ooze sophistication like a dazzling round brilliant, but they have their own unique charm.
  • They are still diamonds. They may look like a piece of quartz but does that matter if you know you are indeed wearing a diamond?
  • They are tough. One of the many reasons why diamonds are so popular in the jewelry industry is that they are not only beautiful but much more durable than any other gemstone as well. So, while raw diamonds don’t necessarily look like diamonds, they can be as durable as faceted diamonds. Some raw diamonds can be fragile because they may have more fault lines, inclusions and brittleness, however, they are still a 10/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, surpassing all other gemstones.
  • They are eye-catching. A raw diamond can be much more eye-catching and impressive than even the most brilliant round cut diamond. While faceted diamonds are brilliant and precise,

a raw diamond engagement ring, on the other hand, with a unique ring design that matches the earthly and natural style of the stone, can grab people’s attention in a very effective manner. Take a look at this twig and leaf raw diamond engagement ring, or this golden twig raw diamond engagement ring. These organic shaped stones embrace imperfection to create an arresting design.

  • Raw diamonds are significantly less expensive than cut jewelry diamonds. There are two main reasons for that: 1) There has been no extra effort invested in them for cutting, faceting, and polishing and 2) raw diamonds are usually of lower quality in terms of internal inclusions because the highest quality diamonds are typically set aside for cutting.

Why you might not want to go for a raw diamond engagement ring

Obviously, this unique idea for an engagement ring does have its negatives as well. We’ve already mentioned a few of them:

  • Raw diamonds don’t possess the unique brilliance, sparkle, and beauty of faceted and polished diamonds even if they do have their own bohemian charm.
  • Raw diamonds are simply not as prestigious as a big, brilliant cut and crystal clear diamond.
  • These diamonds’ popularity may be on an upward trend but it’s nowhere near as popular as traditional diamonds and no one knows how popular they are going to be in 10, 50 or 100 years from now. Engagement rings are supposed to last a lifetime and a trendy ring can go out of fashion.
  • Raw diamond engagement rings are hard to come by as most jewelry vendors simply don’t offer them. This means limited options but the designs that are available are typically unique.
  • Because they are rough and uncut, raw diamonds don’t come with the quality certificates that accompany diamonds. This means that if you simply buy a “raw diamond” ring from somewhere you might be getting ripped off and you’ll need to do an independent consultation with an expert to determine exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Can you evaluate a raw diamond?

Halo raw diamond ring

Unique raw diamond halo ring by Doron Merav Weddings. Check Price Here.

Almost none of the standard evaluating methods such as the 4Cs apply for raw diamonds, because these stones are only chosen and set into the ring design on the basis of their appearance. The cut, color, clarity or carat size doesn’t have a direct bearing on the stone’s price or quality as they would with polished diamonds.

When choosing a raw diamond ring, the most important factor is how the ring looks with the diamond. Because each stone is different, simply examine the look of the diamond and whether it’s appealing to you – it’s shape and size, its surface bumps and ridges and whether it has any visible hues.

Even then we’d still suggest that you contact an independent professional for a consultation before you commit to the purchase, especially if the ring is of high value. We would suggest that you also ask for a Kimberly Process certificate to ensure that the diamond is conflict-free.

Creativity is Key

White rough diamond ring

Twig band rough diamond ring by Specimental. Check Price Here.

Finally, one of the ironic but important aspects of raw diamond engagement rings is that the diamond is arguably not the most important part of the ring. While a standard prong setting can still bring out the beauty of a raw diamond, pairing it with a unique ring setting takes these stones to the next level.

Regardless of the setting type, it should complement the diamond and accent the bohemian uniqueness of the stone. And since this type of jewelry is usually very personal, the best way to get the exact raw diamond engagement ring you want is to place a custom order.

Where to find raw diamond engagement rings

Because most jewelry retailers don’t offer non-mainstream ring styles like raw diamond rings, the best option is to explore a platform like Amazon or Etsy where you will find a range of high-quality raw diamond rings at a variety of prices and in a range of styles.

Always ensure that you view the exact diamond that’s used in the ring, and check how it looks. Always check for after sales policies and ensure that the retailer you opt to go with is trustworthy and reliable with a clear line of communication.

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