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DEAREST Rings – Guide to A Meaningful Victorian Ring Design

Stones that create dearest ring

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Jewelry from the Victorian era was typically romantic, sentimental and meaningful. One of the most sentimental types of jewelry to come out of this era were the acrostic rings. These were rings that used the initials of gemstones to represent letters. Put together, the gemstones would spell a word like regards, dearest or adore. These were basically little love letters full of passion and love.

The most popular of these acrostic rings is the DEAREST ring.

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The DEAREST ring was the perfect way to tell someone that they were beloved. It was given as a token of love and its valuable gemstones and precious metals made a passionate statement. Interestingly though, DEAREST rings were not typically given as engagement rings.

So how were the letters for DEAREST represented?

Dearest ring closeup

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Dearest ring in flower design

DEAREST Ring in Flower Design by Laurelle Ltd. Check Price Here.

The following gemstones were placed in order in the ring setting: D – Diamond, E – Emerald, A – Amethyst, R – Ruby, E – Emerald, S – Sapphire, T – Topaz, Tourmaline or Turquoise

These stones were commonly set in a straight line or in a circular flower like pattern, with the diamond in the middle.

DEAREST rings are quite popular today and are an excellent way to add some color to your jewelry while having a meaningful ring design.

If the word DEAREST doesn’t mean much to you, you could always borrow the concept and create your own meaningful ring, using a gemstone alphabet chart.

Finding modern rings with this style can be difficult, so your best bet could be to have yours commissioned. Having said that, these acrostic ring designs are experiencing a renaissance with some modern day designers creating their own line of acrostic ring designs.

If you’re looking for a vintage DEAREST ring, there are many options available on platforms like Etsy or shops specializing in antique and estate jewelry. Always do your due diligence to ensure that the piece is authentic.