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Birthstones by Month – Meaning and Symbolism (With Images)

Birthstones by month

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Since ancient times, civilizations throughout the world have been enchanted by the beauty of various precious stones. People believed in their healing powers and symbolism. For them, every stone represented a treasure trove of happiness, health, and prosperity.

Traditionally, each month of the year is associated with at least one or more birthstones and is said to bring positive energy into the life of the person wearing it.

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Whether you believe in the mystical powers of birthstones or you’re just curious – we’ve rounded up a list of various birthstones associated with each month of the year as well as their colors and symbolism. Let’s go ahead and take a look.

January Birthstone: Garnet

Raw garnet necklace

Raw garnet necklace with rose gold chain by Atelier Nymphea. See it here.

Garnet, a semi-precious stone, comes in different shades – from fiery orange, rich green to intense red. This gemstone got its name from its resemblance to the red seeds of the pomegranate.

The popularity of garnet dates back to the Bronze Age and evidence shows that the people of ancient Greece and Mesopotamia used it for crafting jewelry.

This January gem symbolizes friendship and trust and makes a perfect birthstone gift. It’s believed to bring happiness, love, fidelity, and positive thoughts to its wearer, attracting positive energy and vibes into their life. If you were born in January, garnet jewelry could be your ideal ally for starting the year off right.

February Birthstone: Amethyst

Natural purple amethyst

Natural rough purple amethyst stone by Rockcloud Store. See it here.

Amethyst is a jewel of irresistible beauty and color that ranges from lighter lilac and violet hues to deep, almost opaque purple. With its stunning and rich colors, this February gem is a welcomed contrast to the cold and wintery time of the year.

Interestingly, its name is derived from the ancient Greek word, meaning ‘intoxicated’. People believed that wearing amethyst jewelry meant that they would be protected from becoming too drunk.

Throughout history, amethyst was particularly adored by royal families and was commonly featured in their crowns, robes, and jewelry. Besides being the jewel for February babies, amethyst is also the stone of the 6th and 17th wedding anniversary.

The amethyst is regarded as a symbol of wealth and prestige as well as spiritual peace and enlightenment. Whether you choose to wear an amethyst ring, earrings, or necklace, you can rest assured you’re paving the way for positive energy.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Light blue aquamarine

Round mixed cut natural aquamarine by Nava Gemstones. See it here.

If you were born in March, your birthstone is the gorgeous sea blue gem – aquamarine. Its name comes from the two Latin words, ‘aqua’, and ‘marina’, meaning ‘water’ and ‘the sea’.

Thanks to its serene color of the ocean, aquamarine is considered a stone of mysticism, tranquility, but also fearlessness. In the past, it was worn by adventurous sailors to ensure safety and happiness on long voyages. According to old beliefs, aquamarine is a visionary stone and should be worn when you want to bring hope and peace into your life.

This March jewel is also used to celebrate the 19th wedding anniversary. It can look stunning in various settings with different colored gems and metals and when combined with diamonds, you get a sparkling and feminine piece of jewelry with mesmerizing allure.

April Birthstone: Diamond

Double halo diamond ring

A beautiful double halo diamond ring by Segal Jewelry. See it here

April is the month of jokes, awakenings … and amazing diamonds! Also known as Tears of the gods, diamonds are the rarest and toughest precious stones. With diamond’s appearance, shine, and indestructibility, this April jewel is the most loved and prized gemstone of all.

Diamonds are magnificent gemstones that represent courage, hope, and generosity. The symbol and promise of eternal love, diamond jewelry became almost synonymous with marriage proposals. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or a timeless piece for your jewelry collection, this unique and brilliant gem is undoubtedly something you shouldn’t miss out on.

May Birthstone: Emerald

Emerald cut emerald gemstone

Emerald cut emerald gemstone by Rajwada Gems. Check price here.

With its breathtaking, vivid green color, emerald is a true representative of May birthdays, set in the heart of spring. This fine jewel deserves its place among the classic Big Four gems, together with diamond, sapphire, and ruby.

Known as ‘The Jewel of Kings’, emeralds were especially adored and worn by royalty, especially Egyptian pharaohs, such as Cleopatra. To display her wealth and power, the queen liked to wear emerald jewelry, adorn her palace with them, and even gifted them to honored foreign guests. For this reason, emerald is often referred to as ‘Cleopatra’s Gemstone’.

Thanks to its deep green color, the emerald makes for striking jewelry and is a universal symbol of spring, youth, and new beginnings. Wear it as a bracelet, ring, or earrings, and let it bring you hope and calmness.

June Birthstones: Pearl and Alexandrite

June is one of those lucky months that’s associated with more than one birthstone. In this case, we have opalescent pearls and the color-changing, rare alexandrite. With the broad spectrum of colors and price points, June babies can choose the gem that best fits their style, budget, and mood.


Freshwater pearl earrings

Freshwater pearl earrings by Crane And Lilly. See them here.

Delicate, elegant, and refined, pearls are the only precious stones created by living creatures: shells and oysters. These wild pearls are created without human interference, making them the rarest and most valued. However, the majority of pearl jewelry today is made of farmed or cultured pearls that are just as beautiful but less costly.  

Pearls are commonly associated with purity, mercy and faith. Some also believe in their healing powers. In today’s traditional Asian medicine, pearl powder is used for the treatment of eye and heart diseases.

Available in creamy white shades, and rarely black, with an iridescent sheen and reflective luster, pearls make for elegant and classic pieces of jewelry. They’re the perfect addition to your jewelry collection or a timeless June birthday gift.


Alexandrite doublet oval

Alexandrite gemstone by Gems Gallery. Check price here.

Alexandrite is a relatively new gemstone that was discovered in the Russian Ural Mountains in the mid-19th century. According to the legends, it was found the same day the future Russian Czar, Alexander II, came of age and that it was named after him.

This June birthstone is the chameleon of the gem world, showing different colors in daylight and under incandescent light. It’s bluish-green during the day and shifts to a purplish red under different lighting, such as lamplight.

Due to its captivating color-shifting ability, alexandrite has been ascribed to many mystical powers. According to the lore, this jewel is said to inspire creativity, imagination and strengthen intuition and is, therefore, often worn as a talisman by ambitious businessmen and women. It’s a truly unique gem, that will make any jewelry piece look stunning, giving it a mysterious character.

July Birthstone: Ruby

Natural ruby gemstone

Natural ruby gemstone by Pure Gemstones. See it here.

For all those born in the warm month of July, we have great news – your precious stone is a magnificent ruby. It’s no coincidence that the ruby was once called the ‘fiery stone’, bringing the heat of summer.

It’s also known as the ‘King of Precious Stones’ and its value is measured by the intensity of its color, among other things. The more bloody the color is, the more valuable the gem is.

Because of their fiery red color, rubies have become a symbol of passion, courage, positive energy, and vitality. For all these reasons, rubies are perfect for engagement and promise rings, showing the fierce power of your passionate love. They also make for an ideal birthday gift for your special someone as well as an anniversary gift celebrating the 15th and 40th years of marriage.

August Birthstones: Peridot and Spinel

August is another month represented by two different birthstones. With peridot and spinel, August babies will have a plethora of color options to choose from.


Green Pakistani Peridot

VVS clarity green Pakistan peridot by Priyas Jewel Creation. See it here.

This brilliant lime green gem got its name after the Greek word ‘peridona’, which means ‘giving plenty’. For this reason, peridot was often associated with good fortune and prosperity.

According to lore, peridot was referred to as ‘The Tears of Pele’, the Hawaiian volcano goddess. This is because this beautiful jewel is formed in the deep layers of Earth and volcanoes are responsible for bringing it to the surface.

Peridot is known for its signature green color and is one of few gems that comes in a single hue. However, yellowish, brownish, and olive green variations are also possible, depending on the number of inclusions it has.


Vietnamese cushion spinel

Vietnamese cushion-cut spinel by Cecile Raley Designs. See it here.

Spinel, also associated with the warm month of August, is a stunning and unique gemstone. It’s characterized by many colors – from vivid red, purple, orange, pink, blue, yellow, to mauve and dark brown.

Gems with rich red hues are the most desirable variations of spinel. However, bright orange and pink, as well as cobalt blue gems are also popular.

Our ancestors believed spinel had the power to protect people with a pure heart and sincere intentions. It’s also been associated with relaxation and peace, especially after a period of great trials and tribulations.

September Birthstone: Sapphire

Blue sapphire stud earrings

Blue sapphire stud earrings by Made by Moe. See them here.

In addition to diamonds and rubies, sapphires (also known as ‘gems of the sky’) are one of the most sought-after gemstones. Even though sapphires are most commonly associated with the color blue, this jewel comes in a rainbow of hues.

The beauty of the sapphire has inspired storytellers, poets, and painters throughout history. Even royal families around the world haven’t been able to resist the glow of the sapphire, which is frequently present among their treasures.

Sapphires symbolize honesty, loyalty, trust, and dignity. Thanks to the soothing power of blue, sapphires are believed to bring harmony and help focus and calm the mind. Since the Middle Ages, this magnificent September gem was believed to enhance wisdom and improve insight.

October Birthstones: Tourmaline and Opal

The lucky Libras and Scorpios of October have two magical birthstones: tourmaline and opal. Tourmaline can be found in every color of the rainbow, while opal always displays a unique play of colors.


Green tourmaline ring

Gorgeous green tourmaline ring by Holy Land Jewelry. See it here.

Known as the stone of mixed colors, tourmaline stands out as a unique gemstone available in a spectrum of colors, sometimes displaying two or more colors in one stone.

From intense red and hot magenta to mint, deep green, and ocean blue, this October gem can suit anybody’s style and taste. Even for those who are a bit hesitant to choose a single color gem, tourmaline won’t disappoint as it can be bi- or tri-colored. ‘Watermelon tourmaline’ is the most famous bi-color variation with a layer of pink and green, resembling a slice of watermelon.

It’s believed that tourmaline can boost self-confidence, inspiration, compassion, and tolerance. It radiates positive energy and attracts health, money, and friendships.


Five stone opal ring

Five stone raw opal ring by Ring Crush. Check price here.

With its outstanding play of color, opal is a true masterpiece of nature and each gem is one-of-a-kind, displaying distinct flashes of blues, greens, reds, and yellows.

In the ancient times, it was called ‘the queen of gems’ because of its ability to encompass the colors of all the other precious stones. Its beauty is fragile, however, and wearing the special opal would require special love and care.

It’s believed that, like tourmaline, opal brings positive energy to the wearer and has a calming effect on the mind and soul.

November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

Topaz and citrine are associated with November birthdays. Yellow topaz and citrine are very similar gems, radiating a beautiful sun-like color. Topaz, however, comes in a variety of colors besides yellow, such as blue, orange, and pink.


Natural imperial topaz

Natural imperial topaz by Xgems. Check price here.

Topaz gemstones are naturally colorless and thanks to their impurities, they have a particular tint, ranging from earthy yellows to blues and purples. The vibrant orange with various pinkish undertones is perhaps the most prized variety topaz, called ‘Imperial Topaz’. In jewelry, however, a blue variation of this gem is the most popular but occurs rarely and is, therefore, quite pricey.

The people of ancient Rome and Egypt linked the golden topaz with their sun god Ra and believed it had healing powers as well as the power to protect from harm. The ancient Greeks believed that anyone who wore topaz jewelry became braver, more friendly and sincere. Topaz was also considered a source of creativity and wisdom.


Citrine earrings

Natural citrine earrings by Been Jeweled. See them here.

Citrine, with its warm yellow color, brings light and warmth into this cold winter month. The name of this stone speaks for itself, reminding us of precious, juicy citrus fruit.

Since the color of this gem is associated with joy and happiness, it’s believed that it gives the wearer of citrine jewelry hope and strength necessary in difficult situations. Legends say that citrine has healing and calming powers, relieving anxiety, nervousness and reducing stress in everyday life.

December Birthstones: Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon

With their stunning blues, turquoise, tanzanite, and zircon make for perfect birthstones for a cold and wintery December. With their overwhelming beauty, these gems can rival even the most precious gemstones. Colorless zircon is a convincing substitute for diamonds and tanzanite for sapphires. However, with its robin’s egg blue, turquoise is unmatched in its beauty.


Cabochon cut turquoise

Cabochon-cut turquoise by Prospecting Arizona. See it here.

The sea-colored turquoise is one of three gems associated with the coldest month of the year. It’s a unique gem known for its distinct hues, from baby blue to robin’s egg greenish-blue.

Known as a symbol of wisdom and protection, turquoise is perhaps one of the oldest gemstones in history. It was admired for thousands of years by kings and warriors alike, from Persians and ancient Egyptians to Native Americans and Aztecs. This gorgeous stone adorned their jewelry, weapons, and ceremonial masks.

To this day, turquoise is widely appreciated and can be found in a wide array of jewelry pieces, giving you that X factor that makes you special and different.


Blue tanzanite

Stunning blue tanzanite by Priyas Jewel Creation. See it here.

Tanzanite is another exquisite blue gem that crowns the last month of the year. This blue-purple stone can only be in Tanzania and nowhere else on the planet which is how it got its name.

Flawless and elegant, tanzanite is considered a valuable spiritual stone that helps in meditation. The perfect gift for people born in December, it’s been known to inspire creativity, honesty, wisdom, and respect.


Yellow African zircon

Yellow African zircon by Priyas Jewel Creation. See it here.

Last but not least, zircon is the third spectacular December birthstone. Unfortunately, this stone is often underrated because it’s often confused with synthetic cubic zirconia.

Zircon is a breathtaking natural stone that comes in various shades, from brown, red, and orange to blue and green. Blue zircon is its most popular variation, although the colorless gem with high luster reminds of diamonds.

Our ancestors believed that this beautiful jewel had the power to bring prosperity, wisdom, honor, and harmony to its wearer.

Wrapping Up

In many countries around the world, gifting and wearing birthstone jewelry is a long-lived tradition. A birthstone ring or pendant is often the first jewelry item many children receive and it’s also a popular graduation gift.

The so-called ‘Mother’s Ring’ is another well-loved birthstone jewelry piece, often set with her children’s birthstones and engraved with their names and a special message. Birthstones are becoming a growing trend in bridal jewelry as well, with many brides-to-be opting for a beautiful sapphire or ruby instead of a diamond for their engagement ring.

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