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Mystic Topaz – 10 Things to Know Before You Buy

Mystic topaz faqs before you buy

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Mystic topaz is a unique gemstone known for its rainbow colors and sparkling, mystical look. The gemstone has been rising in popularity in recent years, as more people look for non-traditional options. While it’s an excellent gemstone for jewelry, there are some things to know about mystic topaz before you purchase. Here’s a look at 10 important factors.

What is mystic topaz?

Let’s start with the basics. Mystic topaz is made by treating natural colorless quartz with a fine titanium mist on its outer surface using a process known as chemical vapors disposition, or CVD. What this does is to create a layer that exhibits rainbow colors which change when viewed from different angles.

This means that mystic topaz is not a lab-created gemstone, but simply an enhanced natural topaz. Note that sometimes, this same treatment is performed on quartz to get the same effect. However, mystic topaz is more durable and overall better than mystic ‘quartz’.

How durable is mystic topaz?

While topaz gemstones are known for their durability and hardness (8 on the Mohs scale), mystic topaz aren’t as durable and require more maintenance. The reason comes back to the coating on the gemstone. This can get scratched and abraded when exposed, resulting in the outer layer of the stone being damaged.

Is mystic topaz a real stone?

A common misconception is that mystic topaz isn’t a real stone. In reality, it is a real gemstone that has undergone treatment to enhance its appearance. The treatment is performed on natural white topaz, which is a gemstone (and a popular diamond substitute) in its own right.

How do you clean and care for mystic topaz?

As a result of its relative softness, mystic topaz must be given extra care to prolong its longevity. For example, set the stone in a protective jewelry setting, like bezel or halo settings, and remove mystic topaz jewelry when engaging in vigorous activity.

When washing mystic topaz jewelry, use only mild cleaners and soft cloth or brushes to clean. Avoid abrasive items or ultrasonic cleaners which can cause damage to the stone and remove its coating. 

Also, always store mystic topaz jewelry in a separate cloth pouch or jewelry box to avoid abrasion from other harder jewelry objects.

What type of jewelry does mystic topaz suit?

Mystic topaz ring

Mystic topaz engagement ring by EJ Collections. See it here.

Like topaz, mystic topaz can be used in any type of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants. It makes for eye-catching jewelry, especially when crafted into larger statement pieces. Because the color of the stone is so visible and easy-to-spot, even smaller mystic topaz jewelry tends to stand out.

As an engagement ring, mystic topaz is a beautiful, colorful choice. However, as it requires a lot of care, it may be unsuitable for every day wear. This is where gemstones like diamonds, ruby and sapphire really shine (no pun intended), as their toughness and durability make them perfect for daily exposure. 

However, it’s important to purchase high quality mystic topaz jewelry, to avoid pieces that look tacky. Look for solid craftsmanship, stylish designs and a jeweler who’ll stand by their products.

What are mystic topaz quality factors?

When purchasing mystic topaz, quality factors are similar as those for regular topaz. These include looking for a good cut, clarity and color.

In terms of cut, mystic topaz is typically faceted as the angles bring out the color of the stone. These stones can be cut into all regular gemstone shapes, including fancy cuts which highlight the stone’s vibrancy and hues.

In terms of clarity, topaz is typically an eye-clean gemstone with relatively fewer inclusions than most other stones. Most mystic topaz on the market are relatively eye clean.

What mystical properties does mystic topaz have?

Mystic topaz has the same symbolism as topaz, considering that it’s a topaz stone with a human-created surface coating. As topaz is one of the oldest gemstones that has been used for jewelry and adornments, it has acquired numerous metaphysical associations over time.

Topaz has been considered a stone with powerful healing properties throughout history, believed to heal digestion issues, bad vision and other illnesses. It’s also been associated with magical properties, such as rendering the wearer invisible in times of trouble and warding off nightmares if kept under a pillow.

How much does mystic topaz cost?

The cost of mystic topaz varies, depending on the quality factors of the stone. In general, just like topaz, mystic topaz is relatively affordable and can be found at prices to suit all budgets. For example, you can find very affordable mystic topaz stud earrings like these ones as well as expensive, high-end pieces like this statement necklace. It’s important to note that while mystic topaz is very eye-catching and beautiful to look at, topaz in its natural form is more valuable.

Is mystic topaz the same as alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a rare natural gemstone that’s renowned for its colorful display. While it has some similarity in appearance to mystic topaz, the important point to note is that alexandrite is a natural stone, gaining its color from the presence of chromium during its formation. As a result, alexandrite is much rarer and very expensive.

Does mystic topaz fade?

Because mystic topaz is made up of a surface coating, much like gold plating or rhodium plating, over time it can fade in color and wear out. To prolong its life, it’s important to take care of the stone, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat, as well as chemicals that can damage it.

Wrapping Up

While not the most traditional gemstone, mystic topaz is ideal for a bohemian, eye-catching look in your jewelry. When mounted onto high-quality carefully crafted jewelry settings, this gemstone can hold its own with any other.

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