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Swarovski Jewelry – Is It Worth the Hype?

Swarovski jewelry guide

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Swarovski is one of the most popular jewelry brands, popular in almost every corner of the globe. The company is famous for its amazing crystals in the form of finished jewelry, jewelry components, beads and figurines.

But is it worth the price and the hype surrounding it?

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In this article, we’ve got all the information you need about Swarovski jewelry to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you. Let’s take a look.

What Is Swarovski Jewelry?

Swarovski jewelry is a world-famous jewelry brand launched in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, an Austrian glass producer. The company focuses on three main areas:

  • The Swarovski Crystal Business – which produces crystal jewelry, accessories and glass.
  • Swarovski Optik – which manufactures optical instruments like binoculars, telescopes and telescopic sights (or scopes) for rifles.
  • Tyrolit – a supplier of machines and tools as well as a manufacturer of dressing, sawing, grinding and drilling tools.

Swarovski began as a simple family business but over time has grown to become of the most popular jewelry brands and suppliers in the world. Swarovski Crystals remains the major part of the business, with their products in over 3,000 stores in 170 countries.

Today, the company is still family-owned and is run by the fifth generation of Swarovski’s family members.

What is the Quality of Swarovski Jewelry?

Time hoop pierced earrings

Swarovski is famous for its classy and elegant designs. Check price here.  

Swarovski sparkling dance cat ring

Their designs, like this playful lucky cat ring are quirky, attractive and truly one-of-a-kind. Check price here.

Gold tone plated Swarovski

Swarovski is known for producing some of the most unique charm bracelets, like this Gold-plated Ocean Bracelet. Check price here.

Swarovski jewelry are classy, decorative and unique, guaranteed to stand out. They’re highly popular among celebrities and have been featured in many films including James Cameron’s blockbuster Titanic. The famous ‘Heart of the Ocean’ necklace seen in the film was made of  Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski products comes in a wide range of prices as well as quality. The brand is highly popular since it offers endles varieties of designs and there’s always something for everyone.

In general, Swarovski focuses on unique designs, high quality and durability at a reasonable price.

What Materials Do Swarovski Use for Their Jewelry?

Swarovski Crystals are manufactured from a variety of materials including sand, quartz, lead and minerals which is why their durability and sparkle excel in comparison to most natural crystals.

In the past, the company’s crystals were composed of approximately 32% of lead, which increased the durability of the piece and maximized its refraction. However, because Swarovski crystals now contain less than .009% of lead, they’re considered to be lead-free and safe to use.

Apart from this, they use quality metals which are typically white- or gold-tone, made from rhodium plating or gold plating. In some cases, Swarovski uses palladium tone-plating.

What Colors Do Swarovski Crystals Come In?

The colors Topaz, Emerald and Ruby make up the core of Swarovski crystal assortments. The jewelry is available in a rich palette which consists of more than 70 different colors, which allows for numerous combinations.

The colors of the crystals remain the same regardless of size and cut, offering ideal color saturation from all angles.

Swarovski crystal colors are usually made through chemical coatings that are highly durable and can last for a lifetime, if taken good care of. They hardly fade even when exposed to saltwater, UV, machine washing, sweat, plating or even soldering. However, regular and prolonged exposure may have some effects on the crystal colors.

Does Swarovski Jewelry Tarnish?

While Swarovski jewelry is known for its durability, regular wear and prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals and direct sunlight can cause tarnishing. Pieces that are worn daily tend to tarnish much faster than those worn only on special occasions.

However, if properly cared for, your Swarovski jewelry can last as long as diamonds. You’ll need to maintain your jewelry by cleaning it frequently and carefully.

Swarovski crystals differ from natural crystals because of their chemical coating. This coating can tarnish if exposed to harsh chemicals found in perfumes, certain detergents, suntan lotions and cosmetics. Chemicals like chlorine can also cause the jewelry to tarnish but this is unlikely unless you swim with your jewelry on.

Note that because all the metal is plated, over time, the plating can flake off or peel. When this happens, the base metal beneath will start showing through. Such base metals usually tarnish and discolor over time.

How Do You Care for Swarovski Jewelry?

In order to keep your Swarovski jewelry in great condition, make sure to keep it away from such chemicals and avoid exposing it to sunlight for long periods of time.

Remove your jewelry before you go swimming or before applying cosmetics or other products such as hairspray, perfume, lotion or soap since this can damage the metal and discolor it. While the crystals themselves won’t discolor easily, they can lose their brilliance so the less exposure the better.

Clean your Swarovski jewelry often using lukewarm water. It’s not necessary to add soap, but if you do choose to use it, make sure it’s mild enough so that it won’t harm the jewelry.

Dry the piece well and store it in its original packaging or a pouch. If you don’t have either of those, you can always wrap it up in a soft cloth and place it somewhere safe from hard or sharp objects that could cause damage.

Swarovski Crystals or Swarovski Zirconia?

If you’ve chosen Swarovski, you might have trouble deciding whether to opt for their zirconia stones or their classic crystals.

While both are great choices, they’re quite different from each other.  Here’s a quick look at the major differences between the crystals and the zirconia stones.

  • Swarovski zirconia is harder.

Unlike the crystals, Swarovski zirconia stones are much harder with a rating of 8/10 on the Mohs scale. The crystals, on the other hand, have a rating between 6 and 7 which means that they’re much softer and can get scratched easily. If they’re not cared for properly, the crystals can also become cloudy over time.

  • Swarovski zirconia stones are among the finest diamond imitations.

Swarovski zirconia is known to be one of the most popular diamond imitations on the market today because of their similar characteristics.

Like diamonds, zirconia is hard, heat resistant and refracts light. These stones are almost always set in silver or gold and are used extensively for bridge jewelry, eyewear, electronics and watches.

The Swarovski Pure Brilliant Cut has been equated with some of the most beautiful diamond cuts available on the market.

Unlike zirconia, Swarovski crystals are available in many different cuts. They’re also softer and less refractive than Swarovski zirconia which is why they’re popularly used for fashion and costume jewelry.

  • The refraction index of zirconia is higher than crystals.

Swarovski zirconia has a much higher refraction index than Swarovski crystals (about 33% higher). While the crystals have an impressive sparkle and brilliance, they’re not quite on the same level as the zirconia.

  • Zirconia is more expensive than crystals.

Because of its characteristics, zirconia is much more expensive than Swarovski crystals. However, since the stone is significantly cheaper than diamonds, but matches them in quality, it’s considered well worth the price.    

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Genuine and Fake Swarovski Jewelry?

There are many Swarovski imitations on the market, in both online and in physical jewelry stores. In order to avoid purchasing a fake piece, always make sure to shop from reputable, trustworthy vendors or directly from Swarovski stores. It’s also important to know how to tell the difference between a fake and genuine Swarovski item so that you’ll know what you’re buying.

  • Look for the laser logo: Swarovski items come with the classic Swaroski laser logo etched into them. The logo is trapezoid-shaped and is found inside some crystals and stones. All Swarovski Strass Crystals have this logo so don’t purchase any items without it. From 1989 onwards, Swarovski began engraving their Swan logo on all genuine products, making them easily identifiable. However, the logo can be copied so it shouldn’t be the only thing to check when determining if the jewelry is fake or not.
  • Check the tags or stickers: Some crystals like the Emerald and Bordeaux Swarovski crystals don’t have the logo because of their surface coating, so if you’re looking to buy one of these, check the item’s tag or sticker for the Swarovski seal. It should have a 16-digit code which you can verify on the Swarovski website.
  • Look for bubbles, shine and imperfections: If the Swarovski crystal you’re looking at has any bubbles in it, the piece is an imitation. It will also have a dull look to it unlike genuine Swarovski which sparkles brilliantly.
  •  You should get a certificate of authenticity: Your Swarovski jewelry should always come with a certificate of authenticity and official branded packaging.

Is Swarovski Jewelry Valuable?

If you’ve done some research on Swarovski products, you may have come across complaints that the brand is overpriced and the products aren’t worth their cost. However, a lot of these complaints are from customers who purchased fake Swarovski items. Genuine Swarovski crystals are of excellent quality, making them well worth their price.

Why is the Swarovski Brand So Popular?

Swarovski is an extremely famous brand because they offer high quality gemstones and crystals which are excellent at imitating natural gemstones and diamonds. The brand offers their products at attractive prices. Swarovski’s innovative culture has shaped the brand’s image and tied itself to creativity and luxury.

FAQs About Swarovski

Is Swarovski a luxury brand?

Swarovski is not considered a luxury jewelry brand since no gold, platinum or silver is used in the making of their jewelry. In fact, all Swarovski stones are glass.

Can you wear Swarovski in the shower?

Wearing your Swarovski piece in the shower can cause unnecessary wear and tear so it’s best to remove it before you do so. While Swarovski jewelry is highly durable, it won’t remain in good condition for too long if you don’t take proper care of it.

Is Pandora better than Swarovski?

Pandora is a jewelry brand that offers a much larger variety of jewelry styles than Swarovski. However, Swarovski is more focused on their own unique, signature jewelry. Swarovski’s prices are also significantly higher because of their brand and quality. If you’re looking for a wider variety of designs, Pandora would be your first choice but if you have the specific Swarovski style in mind, their stores will provide you with just that.

Is Swarovski a good engagement ring?

Swarovski Zirconia is a great choice for an engagement ring since it lasts longer than crystals. However, note that it it doesn’t have the same prestige and value that a diamond or gemstone ring will have.

Why is Swarovski jewelry so expensive?

Swarovski is more expensive than other glass jewelry products because of the complicated, patented production process and techniques used to create their crystals. For the crystals to be considered high quality, they need to have about a hundred identical facets in many direction and Swarovski achieves this with each and every crystal they make.

Wrapping Up

Swarovski remains one of the most popular jewelry brands on the market, with something for everyone.  It’s ideal if you’re after fashionable, exclusive and unique designs at great prices.