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Black Metals for Wedding Bands – Types, Pros and Cons

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Black wedding rings have been surging in popularity lately, in alignment with the current shift towards more avant-garde, unique wedding ring styles. It’s an excellent way to show your personality and to break tradition.

Black wedding rings don’t refer to a single metal, as some may believe. Rather, it’s simply the color of the ring, as there are many metals that can come in a black shade.

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With that in mind, let’s take a look at the different types of black metals out there, their pros and cons and which is best for your wedding ring.

What You Need to Know About Black Metals

Guide to carbon fiber rings

Deciding on the best metal type for you is a subjective choice, as everyone’s preferences and requirements are different. Even so, the main factors to consider are as follows:

  • How resistant is the metal to scratching and damage? This requires considering the hardness of the metal.
  • Can the metal be resized if required?
  • How easy is the metal to remove in the event of an emergency?
  • Is the metal within your price range?
  • Do you have a metal allergy? If so, is the metal hypoallergenic?
  • Is the metal easily available in a range of designs?

Deciding on which of these factors is important to you will help you sift through the many types of black metals available on the market.

Types of Black Metals for Wedding Rings

Now that we’ve gone over the main considerations, here’s a look at the top types of black metals for wedding rings.

1- Black Cobalt

Black cobalt has a beautiful, striking look perfect for someone who wants something different. It’s a durable metal that’s perfect for daily wear because it’s hard enough to resist tarnishing and scratches.

Cobalt is easy to maintain, but make sure that the cobalt is entirely black and not just treated with a black plating. If it is plated, this will eventually wear off and chip away, leaving you with a patchy wedding band.

Cobalt is hypoallergenic and safe to wear, as long as the alloy doesn’t contain nickel. Black cobalt is also very affordable with most cobalt rings coming in the range of $100-$300.

Black cobalt wedding band for men

Black cobalt wedding ring. Check Price Here.

2- Black Ceramic

Black ceramic, a.k.a. titanium carbide, is an extremely hard, non-metallic substance that’s recently become very popular for use in jewelry.

It’s an excellent option for a black ring because it requires minimal maintenance – the black color goes all the way through the metal and isn’t a plating. It doesn’t scratch easily and won’t rust, tarnish or damage in any way. It’s also hypoallergenic, because it’s not a metal. However, if it’s hit with extreme force or dropped on a very hard surface, a ceramic ring can shatter. It also can’t be resized.

Ceramic rings are fairly affordable and come at around $100, making it suitable for most budgets.

Black Ceramic Ring

Black ceramic wedding ring. Check Price Here.

3- Black Tungsten Carbide

The hardest of all the metals, black tungsten is made by embedding black titanium zirconium into the surface of the tungsten ring. This means that the titanium is what gives a black tungsten it’s color. It’s a highly durable finish that doesn’t scratch or fade and can be worn in all types of environments. Note, however, that black tungsten rings are slightly more prone to scratches than a regular tungsten ring, because the surface is made of titanium.

Black tungsten rings can’t be resized, but they’re affordable and most retailers offer free replacements. Tungsten rings can also be removed in an emergency, despite rumors to the contrary.

Black tungsten carbide ring

Black tungsten carbide ring. Check Price Here.

4- Black Titanium

Black titanium is among the most commonly available black metals for rings. These are lightweight, comfortable to wear and very durable. Black titanium gets its color from a complex manufacturing process where a special titanium alloy is treated so as to change its color to black. Because black titanium is very hard, it doesn’t easily scratch or get damaged.

Note that there are some black titanium rings made by plating titanium with a black surface coat. These will wear off over time and aren’t as durable.

Black titanium is very difficult to resize, but it can be cut off in an emergency. It can also be engraved using traditional engraving methods. It’s also very affordable, easily available and hypoallergenic.

Black titanium wedding ring

Black titanium ring. Check Price Here.

5- Black Gold

Black gold can be made in a few different ways, but the most common is electroplating a gold ring with black rhodium to achieve the desired black color. However, this is only a surface treatment which wears off and can chip over time.

Unlike the other black metals listed here, black gold is valuable because it has pure gold in its content. Black gold is a softer metal, just like yellow or white gold, and can scratch relatively easily. It also can bend if struck with force.

Black gold wedding rings will need to be re-plated periodically, much like white gold. Black gold rings are more limited in design and are expensive, because of their value.

Black gold wedding ring

Black gold ring by Braverman Oren. Check Price Here.

6- Carbon Fiber

This unique, futuristic material is made of tightly woven carbon fibers that’s extremely durable, lightweight and strong. Carbon fiber rings are typically black in color, hypoallergenic and can be crafted into various designs. They can also be engraved but can’t be resized.

Carbon fiber is safe to wear because the material doesn’t cut into your finger in case of an accident. It can withstand immense pressure and doesn’t shatter or break. These rings are affordable and easy to maintain. They’re ideal for science and technology lovers.

Carbon fiber wedding ring

Carbon fiber ring by Origin HG. Check Price Here.

7- Black Stainless Steel

Black stainless steel rings are typically made by anodizing regular stainless steel, which changes the surface color of the metal. This method doesn’t change the chemical composition of the ring. Black stainless steel rings are extremely affordable and therefore not valuable. However, they’re suitable for daily wear and have good durability and scratch resistance, but aren’t hypoallergenic. Black stainless steel is an excellent option if budget is your main concern.

Black stainless steel

Black stainless steel ring by Rogue River Jewelry. Check Price Here.

Should I Choose a Black Metal Ring?

Wearing a black wedding band is becoming a popular and modern trend and although black is often associated with negative emotions and characteristics (e.g. death and depression) it’s also associated with positive aspects, like strength, power and confidence.

The difference between black rings and classic options like yellow gold or white metals is that these have lasted the test of time, whereas black rings are a more recent addition to wedding band metal colors. It’s probably safe to say that black wedding bands will join the ranks of these classics and continue to be sought after.