Ruby Wedding Bands – A Quick Guide

Ruby wedding and engagement rings

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Wedding bands that feature colored stones are increasing in popularity with brides that want to veer from tradition.

If you are looking for a colored stone to add pop to your wedding band, look no further than rubies. These stones are imbued with tradition and meaning that is perfect for a wedding band and possess all the right qualities to make them appropriate for everyday wear.

Learn how to find your dream ruby wedding band with our guide below.

Do Wedding Bands Usually Have Stones?

White gold diamond wedding band

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When couples shop for wedding bands, they usually gravitate towards a simple, plain metal band without stones. This was the norm in the past as wedding bands were kept simple so as to not compete with the engagement ring.

It was also common for women to wear their wedding ring every day and save their engagement ring for special occasions, so it made sense for wedding bands to look like simple everyday rings.

However, wedding style, including rings are becoming less steeped in tradition. Instead, brides are choosing their engagement and wedding rings based on their own personal taste and lifestyles.

Jewelers are have also come up with ways to protect stones in wedding and engagement rings through design and settings. This gives brides with more options for stylish wedding bands that have a little sparkle.

What Makes Rubies Good Stones for Wedding Rings

Ruby wedding ring

Ruby wedding ring by Brilliant Ring. See it here.

Rubies are a good stone choice for wedding rings because they are durable. With a hardness rating of 9, they’re the third hardest gemstones used in jewelry, after diamonds (10 Mohs) and moissanite (9.25 Mohs).

A high-quality ruby, such as the prized Burmese pigeon blood ruby, possesses the deepest red seen in a colored stone. A well-cut ruby will be oriented to showcase the richest color on the top of the stone (table) and hide any inevitable natural marks.

Rubies, like any other colored stone are also a good aesthetic choice for a wedding band as their color draws the eye in. This way your ring will still be noticeable with fewer or smaller stones that a wedding band with clear stones.

Significance of Rubies and Weddings

Most people associate wedding jewelry with diamonds, but rubies have been revered in many cultures throughout history and have collected several meanings that are significant to mark a marriage.

Their striking, deep red color is associated with love, romance and passion. Historically, rubies have also been thought of as a token of good health, guidance, peace and wisdom – all wonderful virtues that every marriage should aspire to.

What to Look for When Buying a Ruby Wedding Band

Unique ruby ring

Vintage Ruby Ring by Ornamento Studio. See it here.

When buying a ruby wedding ring, consider the quality of the materials used. Both the metal and the gemstones play an equal part in the ring design, so pay careful consideration to these factors.

Rubies in a wedding ring are typically small stones set into the metal. As such, it’s not all that important that the stones are of the highest quality. What matters more is how they’ve been set, whether they’re uniform in color if there’s more than one, and their overall aesthetic appeal.

In terms of metal choices, rubies go well with any metal color. They have a vintage look when combined with yellow or rose gold, but when paired with white gold, they give off a chic, modern vibe.

Ruby Wedding Band Styles

Here are some ruby wedding ring styles to consider.

  • Classic Eternity Band:
Ruby eternity band

Ruby Pave Ring by Blue Nile. Check Price Here.

Eternity wedding bands are all the rage and adding rubies into them adds a unique beauty compared to a diamond eternity band. A simple, slim wedding band with a single row of pave-set rubies is classic and elegant yet striking. A style like this will be easier to pair with different engagement ring designs because of its relative simplicity – but the red rubies will ensure that it still pops.

  • Rubies and Diamonds:
Ruby and diamond eternity ring

Pave Ruby and Diamond Ring by Blue Nile. Check Price Here.

If you are choosing to mix diamonds and rubies, keep the style simple and the stones small to avoid an overly busy look. Alternating these two stones reduces the color while adding in more sparkle from the diamonds.

  • Small Center Stone:
Ruby center-stone wedding band

Baguette Ruby Ring by Blue Nile. Check Price Here.

If you want a wedding band with a stunning ruby center stone, look for a slim baguette or marquise cut ruby laid along the length of the band. A ruby oriented in this way will preserve the slim feeling of a wedding band which will mean that it won’t compete with your wedding ring. The best part about a ruby wedding band with a center stone is that is that it is equally as striking if worn on its own and is a two-in-one ring that covers the requirements for both engagement and wedding bands.

  • Vintage:
Marquise ruby ring

Marquise Ruby and Diamond Ring by Blue Nile. Check Price Here.

If your engagement ring is vintage, opt for a vintage style ruby wedding band to keep in line with the theme. Marquise stones evoke a vintage feel and look especially elegant when paired with barely-there diamonds.

  • Romantic Style:
Romantic ruby ring

Ruby Wedding Ring with Rose Design by Kiaral Mouto. Check Price Here.

If you gravitate towards romantic designs, consider adding in romantic motifs to your wedding ring – like flowers, hearts, leaves, birds and so on. The design will be perfectly complemented by the romantic look of the red ruby stone, enhancing the overall symbolism of the design.

  • For Your Groom:
Ruby ring for men

Tungsten and Gold Men’s Wedding Band with Ruby by Deluxe Bands. Check Price Here.

If you share your love for rubies with your groom, consider looking for a men’s wedding band that features a single ruby in it too. It is becoming more popular for men’s wedding band to have a single small stone set in it. With a matching ruby component, your groom is free to choose any metal and wedding band style, but you’ll both have the rubies in your bands to keep them both harmonious.

Matching Your Ruby Wedding Ring with Your Engagement Ring

The most important thing to consider when shopping for your ruby wedding band is your engagement ring. You want to be sure that the styles won’t clash and will complement each other.

If you’re going for a matching wedding and engagement ring look, the beauty lies in the details. If your engagement ring is classic and has no rubies in it, try and keep the metals the same for a cohesive look.

If your engagement ring does have rubies in it, try to match the color and tone of the rubies in your wedding band with it. You will also want to try and match the depth of color in your rubies. If the rubies in your engagement ring are a deep red, try and find rubies with similar depth for your wedding bands.

Mismatched rubies will be confusing to the eye – and the richer, better quality ruby will make the other look cheaper.

Alternatively, you might want to choose two completely different styles of wedding and engagement rings, for a jarring yet stylish look.

Wrapping Up

A ruby wedding ring is an excellent way to add some color to your ring design, making it unique while still keeping it classic. While the most popular design for ruby wedding rings is the eternity or half-eternity styles, you’ll also find some unique options that include small center stones, clusters or metalwork.

Look around to find the ruby wedding ring that suits your style, preferences and budget. And don’t forget to consider your engagement ring to find the right match.

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