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Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings and Bands – A Quick Guide

Carbon fiber wedding ring close up

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Carbon fiber rings have a range of benefits and are becoming one of the go-to materials for couples who want something unique for their wedding bands. They’re affordable and comfortable, with a unique look and feel compared to other wedding ring metals.

Let’s take a look at what this material is and if it’s the right choice for your wedding band.

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What is Carbon Fiber?

Unisex carbon fiber ring

Unisex carbon fiber and titanium wedding ring by Lore to Store. See it here.

Technically speaking, carbon fiber isn’t a metal although it can look like it. Rather, it’s a polymer typically made of polyacrylonitrile or in layman’s terms PAN.

The material is made of thousands of tiny strands of carbon fibers, often thinner than a human hair. When tightly woven together these fibers become extremely strong and stiff, giving the material its extreme strength.

Carbon fiber is favoured by engineers and designers as it’s a tougher and harder material than steel but at the same time also lighter. It has many uses in the technology and aerospace industries and is truly a space age material. It’s use in jewelry, especially for wedding rings, is very recent but has grown in popularity because of its many benefits and uniqueness.

Are There 100% Carbon Fiber Rings?

Black pure carbon fiber ring

Pure carbon fiber ring by Nex Ring. See it here.

While carbon fiber rings can be made of only carbon fiber and nothing else, this type of design is rare. Instead, carbon fiber is typically combined with other metals and materials like tungsten, wood, ceramic or titanium, to create different combinations.

Pure carbon fiber rings are extremely lightweight, and you won’t even notice that you have it on your finger. This can be off-putting for some people who prefer a more substantial feel for their ring. On the flip side, this is perfect for someone who isn’t used to wearing rings in general.

Carbon Fiber Durability

Looking at it, you might think that carbon fiber is fragile and easily damaged. But this isn’t the case. Carbon fiber is among the strongest materials used in creating wedding rings. It doesn’t shatter, break or crack nor does it easily scratch or damage. It’s perfect for daily wear and can take knocks and bumps without showing it. 

Some people think that carbon fiber isn’t very durable simply because it looks fragile. This video shows you just how strong this material is:

Carbon Fiber Texture and Feel

Wearing a carbon fiber ring feels very much different to wearing a metal ring. Because it’s not a metal, a carbon fiber ring doesn’t have the cold, steely touch that metals have. Rather, it has a porous, rough feel to it and can sometimes feel like plastic.

Cutting off Carbon Fiber

You might be wondering if carbon fiber can be cut off in an emergency. Absolutely! Unlike metals like titanium or tungsten that can be near impossible to cut through during emergencies, carbon fiber can easily be cut. This makes it a safer option to wear especially for people who work with heavy machinery or use their hands a lot for work.

Carbon Fiber Appearance and Ring Designs

Carbon fiber is typically black in color, with a charcoal like look. This gives it a very contemporary vibe. However, because the material pairs well with metals and wood, you’ll have endless options to choose from.

Black carbon fiber ceramic inlay men's wedding ring

Carbon fiber inlay in ceramic ring. Check the price here.

Carbon fiber is typically used for inlay designs, which gives you the option of having the weight and look of a metal ring with the unique style of carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber Ring

Carbon fiber ring with rosewood inner by Woodman Ringcraft. See it here.

For a truly surreal look, choose a design featuring carbon fiber and wood, which gives you the modern, space age technology of carbon fiber with the traditional, natural look of the wood. This is a popular style and you’ll find many designs incorporating these two materials.

Black women's carbon fiber ring

Women’s carbon fiber ring with red coral inlay from Dalia Woodia. Check the price here.

You’ll notice that most of the carbon fiber rings on the market feature traditionally masculine designs and finding a ring for women might be more difficult due to limited designs. This could be because women tend to prefer more valuable materials like diamonds, gold and platinum, and might not be drawn to the black, lightweight look and feel of carbon fiber rings.

Carbon Fiber Value

Carbon fiber rings range in price depending on the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. However, in general, these rings are affordably priced, with some designs offered as low as $50 and as high as $2000 or more. You can find a ring that suits you on that wide spectrum.

However, while carbon fiber rings are affordable, note that they don’t have the prestige or value that precious metals like silver, gold or platinum have. While you’ll be getting a unique ring at a good price, it won’t have the resale value of precious metals, and you won’t be able to sell it for much if ever you need to.

Carbon Fiber and Allergies

For people with metal sensitivities, carbon fiber offers a big benefit in that it is hypoallergenic. You won’t get skin reactions or rashes by wearing this as it contains no allergens.

Resizing Carbon Fiber

Like tungsten and titanium, carbon fiber cannot be easily resized. In fact, most jewelers will not accept carbon fiber resizing jobs as it’s too difficult and not worth the effort. Because carbon fiber rings aren’t expensive, you can always have it replaced instead of trying to resize it.  Many retailers take this into consideration and offer a replacement whenever your ring no longer fits. Check this prior to purchase.

Carbon Fiber Conductivity

If you’re looking for a non-conductive metal, note that carbon fiber can conduct electricity even though at low levels. It’s not the right choice if you’re looking for a non-conductive ring. You’d be better of selecting either ceramic, wood or silicone if non-conductivity is a key criteria you’re after.

Check out our article on non-conductive ring metals for a comprehensive guide on the topic.

To Buy or Not to Buy a Carbon Fiber Ring?

If you’re still on the fence about carbon fiber rings, take a look at what some of our readers say:

Samantha: My other half wanted a carbon fiber ring because he works outdoors a lot and didn’t want to have to take off his gold or platinum ring all the time. It looks great and he really likes it.

Taylor: My SO wanted a black ring and because he loves technology, he found carbon fiber rings super interesting and cool.

Mandy: I think carbon fiber rings are very trendy and stylish. I mean, they’re not a metal but they look like it and that’s really cool. I’m just not sure if it’s a thing that’ll be a timeless classic. I prefer gold or platinum because it’ll always be in style.

At the end of the day, whether you choose carbon fiber or a more traditional metal like platinum, gold or silver depends entirely on your preferences. It’s true that because carbon fiber is a new material for jewelry, we don’t know if it’ll last the test of time. Down the track, it might go out of style.

If you’re worried about something like that, it’s best to go for the tried and tested metals. But if you want to get off the beaten path and try out something new and futuristic, then carbon fiber is for you.