7 Best Free Wedding Website Builders (to Organize Everything)

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Weddings are wonderful and a time of great joy, but there’s no denying that they’re also extremely busy and chaotic. Fortunately, one of the best ways to organize everything, from RSVPs to venue details, share information with your family, guests, and friends, as well as celebrate and commemorate the day forever is with a wedding website. It’s no wonder that this simple yet brilliant idea has quickly become a widespread standard almost every couple partakes in.

If you don’t have programming experience or much funds and time to deal with a website, this can feel like an overwhelming exercise. Can’t you just use your social media to share photos, events, and dates?

If you pick a good free wedding website builder, you won’t have to. There are numerous sites out there that anyone can use for free and with minimal effort and know-how. And the best part is that most of these are free.

Let’s look into the seven best free wedding website builders to organize your wedding.

What To Look For – The Basics

If this is your first time doing this – as is probably the case for most people – you may be wondering what to look for and prioritize when picking a wedding website builder. There really is no one true answer, as we all want different things from our wedding websites.

Having said that, there are some basic services that everyone needs from a wedding website. Here are the main things to look for when picking your wedding website builder:

  • Simple and intuitive design tools
  • Variety of templates
  • Beautiful pre-made designs
  • An RSVP tracker
  • A guest-list manager
  • Wedding registries

You might also want to consider how many of the features are really free and how many are locked behind a paywall. Some of the paid options, such as a customized URL, do cost an extra penny, but some couples may like the idea of paying for such services.  

Best Free Wedding Websites

There are many wedding website builders out there, but based on our criteria above, we would recommend these seven options.

1. The Knot


Check out the website here.

One of the most popular options out there, The Knot website builder is easy to use and quite intuitive. With a good selection of templates out there, and all the basics you need to create a wedding website easily and in seconds, this is one of the website builders that most brides gravitate towards.

What we especially liked about The Knot wedding website builder is that it allows your guests to easily RSVP and even send you a personalized message. In addition, you can manage your guests by collecting their contact information and directly messaging them from the website.

If you’re worried about privacy, you can password-protect your site so that only your guests can access it. Overall, building your wedding website on The Knot is easy and convenient.

Main Features:

  • Easy to navigate dashboard with intuitive tools
  • Easy RSVPs and guest management
  • Create photo timelines to tell your story
  • Guests can select meal choices (if you’re having a sit-down meal)
  • You can include registries from other sites
  • Phone app only available in the US

“I tried a couple of website builders when I began researching into making my own. Some of them were just plain confusing and others were too rigid – they didn’t let me customize the website as I wanted. The Knot website builder had just the right balance. I could customize the important stuff, add links, build our registry, and more. I would recommend it to anyone out to build their wedding website.” – Nina

2. Minted


Check out the website here.

Minted impresses with thousands of templates drawn by independent artists and a vast array of features, both free and some for the low cost of $15. The site also allows you to have new and unique artworks created just for you at affordable prices, typically around $100. This means that your website will be truly unique.

Even with just the free package, you can craft an excellent and personalized site.

Main Features:

  • An impressive array of pre-made templates
  • Each template is customizable with the freedom to change colors, design, fonts, and more
  • Invitations and RSVP management
  • Mailing, address, and list management
  • Add travel and accommodation information
  • Matching wedding stationery
  • It’s smart phone friendly – easy to use on the go

“Stylish templates – it really gave us the look we were after.” – Stella

3. WedSites

wedsites website

Check out the website here.

Probably the easiest website builder to use, WedSites is a top choice for any bride because of its convenience and intuitive design options. A simple drag-and-drop tool is all that’s needed for building your website around one of the WedSites’ many templates.

Main Features

  • Easily and comprehensively customize your website’s design by moving sections, editing modules, switching fonts, and adding images.
  • Password protection included in the free plan
  • Site visitor analytics so you can see who has seen your site, when, and who you need to remind to check it out
  • There are two extra paid options that are a bit pricy, unfortunately but include a whole host of extra features such as RSVP management, more planning tools, and more.

“I used websites to create my wedding website and I’m SO happy I did! I decided to go with them because it had everything I needed; beautiful designs, guest list management, matching digital stationery, a budgeting tool, a seating chart tool, and the checklist is super useful. I’m not a very organized person so having all these tools in one place was so convenient. The team at Wedsites were also so helpful and personal, I really can’t recommend them enough!” – Emily (via Sitejabber).

4. Zola


Check out the website here.

Zola is famous for its wedding gift registry service, but it also has an excellent website builder option. This is great not just in and of itself but also because it allows guests to purchase wedding gifts directly from the website, further streamlining the whole process. Here’s what you can expect from Zola:

  • Zola’s pre-made website templates are in the hundreds although editing the templates is not available
  • Virtual wedding events can be hosted on the website for guests that can’t attend or couples who want a micro-wedding
  • Extra features such as password protection and private details are available for free, whereas other website builders include those in the paid features package
  • Zola also has a paid upgrade, in this case for $14,95 and including custom URLs, extra templates, and more

“Absolutely ADORE Zola! We used Zola for our small COVID ceremony in March of this year, and are in the midst of planning for our upcoming November wedding as well. Zola has made this whole process effectively painless — from our original engagement announcements to our save the dates, to our change the dates, to our new invitations, it’s been super seamless and their customer support has been extremely helpful. I am a victim of my typos and their awesome support team (especially Nicole) helped save the day even outside of the 2-hour approval window (thank you, Nicole!). The guest list, wedding website, registry, everything is super easy to navigate for both ourselves and our guests and we’re so grateful for Zola and the team!” – Emily (via Yelp).

5. Wedding Wire


Check out the website here.

A favorite in the US, Wedding Wire probably has one of the best combinations of features most couples would find useful. We especially like the array of stylish templates, and the easy customization they offer. The website is easy to create and then share with guests – and offers a range of tools, including easy template switching, online RSVPs, and registry integration.

Main Features:

  • A wide range of website template designs, be they modern, traditional, or others
  • You can upload a custom photo backdrop to any template
  • Custom URLs
  • RSVP tracking
  • Mobile- and tablet-friendly website designs

Loved the range of themes on offer – we were able to create a stylish website quite easily. RSVPs were easily tracked and the mobile app definitely helped. Would use it again – only, I don’t think I’d have to. Haha!” – Megha

6. Joy 


Check out the website here.

If you and your guests are more into mobile use, Joy is another awesome pick as its websites also come with included an included app. This is fantastic for planning and organizing your wedding on the go, but it will also help your guests to always stay informed and properly guided through the big day. The app brings a lot to the table too with push notifications for RSVPs, photo uploads, and more.

Joy also offers photo sharing not just from you to your guests but the other way around too. This way your guests can even stream in real-time both on the website and on the app. Multiple active users can manage and operate a Joy website, giving more freedom for both the bride and the groom, as well as the maid of honor, the best man, and even the couple’s parents to help with the organizing process. After all, it takes a village to pull off the perfect wedding, right?

Main Features

  • Beautiful templates – and unique-looking sites
  • Completely customizable templates – including fonts, colors, photos, pages, and more
  • You can even make changes to the code if you have knowledge of CCS
  • Invite guests to different events
  • Integrate registries
  • Privacy is a big thing with Joy – it’ll only be accessible to guests
  • You can also create a personalized schedule for each guest

“Joy is amazing and has the most customization and tools from all the wedding websites I looked at – and I looked at over 6! It took a bit of a learning curve at the start but turned out to be really useful once I got the hang of it. Definitely recommend it!” – Natalie

7. Basic Invite

basic invite

Check out the website here.

Basic Invite specializes in more than just wedding website builders – they are widely used for all types of events and holidays. They are known for their print invitations, stationery, and even wallpaper. But don’t let that put you off – they’re master website builders too. The templates are gorgeous, with a clean, intuitive feel. You can check the demo of each website without having to sign up or put in personal information – a feature we like as it allows us to check out whether the site is really right for us without committing in any way.Ch

Main Features:

  • Hundreds of free template designs
  • Variety of wedding invitations and save-the-date designs
  • RSVPs data can be easily exported for the creation of physical lists and printed place cards.
  • The design templates are easily customizable with various fonts, colors, and space management.
  • Online chat to help you through the process if required

“Basic Invite wasn’t so basic – it had everything we needed and more!” – Myra and Chris

8. Getting Married – (UK-Based)


Check out the website here.

If you’re looking for a UK-based website builder, Getting Married is your top choice. You don’t have to be based in the UK to use them, however, as they operate online – so anyone can create a wedding website and avail themselves of the services on offer.

Getting Married Mainly is exceptionally easy to use and it’s mobile-friendly. You can also choose matching print or email stationery to go with your website. And it’s completely free.

Main Features:

  • Lots of pre-made and customizable website templates
  • The freedom for your guests to share their photos of your big day
  • Venue maps
  • Easily integrate wedding gift lists from Prezola

“The wedding website was simple and gave fantastic results. We used it to keep guests informed of everything happening during the day.” – John & Emma

In Conclusion

You can go about making your wedding website in various ways. But if you’re looking to save both time and money, looking through some of the best free wedding website builders to organize your wedding is a good idea. The best builders offer a wide range of gorgeous templates, all the useful tools you’d need for free, and are very easy to use. Plus, if you want to go a bit extra with the design, there are usually even more options, both free and paid.

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