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15 Amazing Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Reception wedding centerpiece

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It may not seem like the centerpieces on your tables make a huge impression with your guests but it is important to remember that everyone eating the meal or talking to other guests and friends will be looking across the table the whole time.  The centerpiece will be one of the major focal points of their entire dining and reception experience, so making sure it matches the tone and style of your wedding is very important.

Here is our list of the top 15 wedding reception centerpiece ideas for your wedding.

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1- Silk Flower Rose Bouquet

silk flower rose bouquet

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 Nothing beats a gorgeous flower arrangement and if you can’t get your hands on real flowers, then artificial flowers are the next best thing. Artificial flowers are often set at a great price point compared to using real flowers.

A case in point is the example we’ve chosen which comes in a lovely white vase. This is the perfect choice for a summer or a rustic wedding but is also elegant enough for a classic wedding.  They come in various color options for flowers, making it possible to match your wedding colors perfectly.

2- Personalized Flower Vase

Personalized flower vase for wedding day

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This beautiful and elegant wedding vase can be customized with your names and the date of your ceremony. It’s large enough for a sizeable bouquet or could be filled with alternative materials like shells or potpourri.  This is a great fit for almost any type of wedding, and as an added benefit, it can serve as a wedding gift to be taken home by family or close friends who were not in the wedding party.

3- Customized Lantern

Personalized table lamp

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This unique and beautiful, old-fashioned lantern is perfect for a night time wedding and can really set a homey, comforting tone with its gentle glow.  This is the perfect customized centerpiece for a rustic or an outdoor wedding and has the added option to be extended along the walkway to the reception to help guests to get to their seats comfortably.

4- Vintage Style Wooden Letters

Vintage style wooden letters for wedding table

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These beautiful wooden signs can be made with any combination of phrases, names or dates and can be painted in various colors. They can be made for the bridal party table and the bride’s family’s table or for any of the other tables in the room.  This is a great and tasteful choice at a reasonable price point that would suit any style wedding.

5- Hanging Tealights

Tea light globe hanging

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These beautiful and whimsical little tealights are the perfect addition to a nighttime or evening wedding. They can add a touch of fun to a serious wedding or be perfectly in step with a wedding that has a fairy theme or style. These are a great choice to hang off of a larger table centerpiece and they can even be added in other parts of the room to set a tone of candlelit elegance.

6- A Stunning Flower Stand

Flower stand for wedding table centerpiece

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This is a great choice if you are having a vintage wedding, or if you want guests to be able to talk to one another without having to look around the centerpiece on the table.  You can add flowers, candles or anything at all that you want to this fun stand which comes complete with elegant beadwork hanging from the center. This is a great choice if you want the option to dress the table up for a chic look or if you are just wanting to do something simple with a touch of elegance.

7- Flower Chandeliers

Flower chandeliers

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These flower chandeliers are a great choice if you plan to have low lighting in your reception area and offer elegance and charm with their presence.  Perfect for lighting a very large table arrangement at a reception, these are a great fit for a reception which includes many guests at large tables.  Flowers or candles can be placed on the top of the chandelier to add personality or a touch of your wedding colors on each table. These wedding reception centerpieces are the right choice for a nighttime wedding or an elegant wedding in a large space.

8- Mason Jar

Distressed mason jar

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These fun and charming hand-painted, distressed mason jars come in a wide array of colors and can be styled any way you like with added burlap twine, ribbon or a variety of other personalized choices.  This centerpiece idea is perfect if you’re planning to use real flowers at your wedding but can also be used with silk flowers. This is the right centerpiece to use for an outdoor wedding or a casual wedding and are the perfect centerpiece idea if you’re planning to send them home with guests.

9- Light-Up Mason Jars

Light up mason jars

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Perfect for an evening wedding or a beach wedding, these lovely wedding centerpieces create an atmosphere that reminds guests of catching fireflies in a jar during summer.  They’re a great way to add illumination if you don’t want to have larger lights which might spoil the atmosphere. If you are looking to add some comfortable charm but also communicate the elegance of a fancy candlelit dinner, these are the perfect choice for your wedding reception.

10- Customized Acrylic Table Numbers

Acrylic table number

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If you want your guests to be able to find their own table numbers and also add elegance and tasteful charm to your reception, these freestanding, acrylic table numbers may be the right choice for your wedding reception centerpieces. They can also be made to your custom selection and can have inscriptions with your wedding date, phrases or any other custom message of your choice. These are suitable for any wedding style and offer simple elegance. They’re very minimalist and beautifully complement a few flowers strewn across the table.

11- Stylish Card Box

Stylish card box

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This elegant and plush card box is a beautiful way to both decorate the centerpieces of your reception table and also allow your guests to write personalized messages and drop them into the box for you to read after the wedding.  Card boxes are a fabulous way to offer your guests the chance to communicate well wishes, shared memories or advice on a day where it will be difficult to have time to talk to everyone. And it’s pretty enough for the most elegant wedding.

12- Float the Pearls Floating Vase

floating pearl

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As a break from the normal flower arrangements, this wedding centerpiece suspends colored pearls in transparent water gels. If you don’t choose to buy the water gels, you can fill them with anything of your choosing, from flowers to glass beads. The tops of the vases can be stuffed with flowers, hold a floating candle or be covered and hold a flower arrangement.  This trendy and elegant look is a great fit for a traditional wedding or a sleek, trimmed down, modern wedding. This is a great choice for elegance at an affordable price point.

13- Custom Candle Vases

Tea light candle holder

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If you want a custom wedding centerpiece that will hold a floating candle and also express a message and a memory, these simple and beautiful vases are the perfect choice. You can customize the vases with added colored glass or insert flowers into the vase below the candle. These are a good fit for any type of wedding and can be used for daytime or nighttime weddings. These are another great centerpiece if you are planning to send the centerpieces home with them

14- Ling’s Geometric Blush Flower Centerpiece

Geometric flower arrangement for wedding table centerpiece

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These delicate, feminine and clever centerpieces are classically beautiful with an added twist.  If you’re looking to have a tasteful and small centerpiece that still oozes elegance and wedding sensibility, these centerpieces are the perfect choice. They can be paired in groups or be used singly for small tables. These are the kind of centerpieces that can be used on any table in the reception, including the buffet table or side tables. They can also be paired with flower centerpieces for an added pop of color. This is a great choice for a classic wedding and can even be used for a casual wedding to add color and style.

15- Rustic Wood Card Holders 

Rustic wooden card holder for guest table wedding day

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Perfect for a rustic, boho or an outdoor wedding, these clever little wooden car holders can hold a card with table numbers, messages or any other custom idea that you want to communicate to your guests. Pair them with a few vines, tendrils, flowers and leaves and you’ve got a complete look! An added benefit is that they are affordable and easy to customize.  If you’re going to have an outdoor wedding, a beach wedding or a casual wedding, these little guys are the perfect note to strike to pull together the whole theme of your special day.

Picking the right centerpieces is an important part of this process because it ties the theme together and is an integral part of the look of your wedding. Choosing the elements for your wedding day often takes months and can be very stressful, but having a cohesive wedding that is beautiful and meets all of your expectations is worth every moment of the planning process.