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10 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers to Add Personality to Your Cake

Funny wedding cake toppers

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Your wedding cake topper is like the icing on your cake, metaphorically speaking. Not only does it dress up your wedding cake and look great in photos, but it can also tie in with your wedding theme, reflect your relationship and add a touch of light-heartedness to the wedding scene. A funny, well-chosen wedding cake topper can make a cute statement and bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

But there’s a fine line between funny and downright crass or vulgar. Here are 10 ideas for funny wedding cake toppers and how to pick the right one for you.

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Top Wedding Cake Toppers

Game Over

Game over wedding cake topper

By Stellar Toppers. See it HERE.

It’s a fine border between nasty and funny, but this cake topper walks that line well. It depicts the new bride, dragging her husband away from his boyish pursuits like video games and junk food. It’s a reminder that there are responsibilities now, it’s time to get to business and tells you who’s in charge. This topper can be customized to make the figures look like you – which adds to the  merriment.

While this is a funny cake topper, it does hint at the changes that come with marriage and how both partners will have to grow up for each other.

Married AF

married AF wedding cake topper

By Cely Casy. See it HERE.

This funny wedding topper isn’t exactly PG, but the kids in the crowd probably won’t get the AF reference. This one is sure to bring a laugh to your older guests and is a reference to the enthusiasm of being married. You’re not just married, you’re married as f***!

A Little Bit of Sexy

Sexy and funny cake topper

Sexy couple topper. See it HERE

This sexy topper featuring an in-love couple shows that regardless of what’s happening around the room, you’ve each got the other. Block out the world and look into the other’s eyes! Some of your more conservative guests will do a double take but you’re going to get some laughs and winks for this one. 

Shit Just Got Real

Shit just got real cake topper

By Topsicles. See it HERE.

You’re in love, you’re engaged, you can’t wait to get married and then… suddenly you’re married and everything feels a little bit different. Yep, shit just got real. This cake topper reflects what every married couple feel at some stage of the process but hey, at least you’re in it together!

Hooked for Life

Hooked for life wedding cake topper

Check price here

This cute hooked for life cake topper features hearts and hooks and reflects your lifetime commitment. This topper is ideal if you don’t want something that’s too silly or attention-getting but still want a bit of levity. This is perfect to add personality to a minimalist cake.

Disney Love

Disney wedding cake topper

By Special Design for You. See it HERE.

Whether you’re a Disney fan or you just love the look of two cute mice kissing each other, this topper will bring a smile to your face. Featuring the popular Disney characters, Mickey and Minnie, this topper reflects your child-like nature and shows that you don’t have to take everything too seriously on your wedding day.

What’s in There?

Couple figurine funny cake topper

By Unikatina Everlast. See it HERE.

This naughty, but super cute cake topper, will surely make all your guests laugh out loud. Yes, you’re married now and we know what’s coming next. Made of durable materials, this topper will continue to bring on the laughs down the track.

Boom – Married!

boom married wedding cake topper

By Owl Top That. See it HERE.

Really, what else is there to say? Boom – and now you’re married. This large cake topper combines a masculine and feminine look with the different fonts, suggesting the perfect combination. It’s a large attention-getting topper that’s sure to make your guests smile.

Bride and the Frog

Silly frogs wedding cake topper

By Love Nesting. See it HERE.

These two funny frogs sitting atop a beautiful wedding cake adds a contrast that’s immediately funny. The bride frog with her veil and the groom frog with his bow tie reflects how perfectly matched you are – in your appearance, style and sense of humor. This topper is ideal for nature and animal lovers, or a couple who appreciate the silly.

Piggyback Bride

Funny piggy back cake topper

By Asia World. See it HERE.

This cute cake topper reflects your relationship – working as a team to get places together. It can be made to resemble you and is a really cute way to showcase your love for each other. It also makes a humorous statement about your relationship.

Before You Pick

Before you go out and pick the first funny wedding cake topper you come across, consider the following factors:

Your Wedding Theme

If your cake topper matches your wedding theme, you’ll be able to create a cohesive look, balancing the funny with the theme you have going. For example, if you’re theme is a fairytale wedding, then a funny cake topper like the Mickey and Minnie one featured above would be a great choice. If you’re leaning towards a romantic wedding, then the funny figurines would fit your theme while still bringing a laugh to everyone. You don’t have to strictly match everything, but by paying attention to these details, you can create a cohesive look. 


Pick your cake topper carefully with respect to materials. It’s a matter of hygiene and safety but it’s also important to consider the future of the topper. If you intend on keeping it as a keepsake, a long-lasting material like acrylic, porcelain or clay might be a better option.

The Wedding Cake

The cake topper should complement the cake, neither underwhelming nor overwhelming it. That can be tricky to pull off so it’s good to know the details of your cake before you buy the topper. If you’ve already got the topper, then double check with your pastry chef about the best cake shape and size to complement the topper.

A funny wedding cake topper will make your guests laugh, remind you to be comfortable and have fun on your wedding day and will turn into a wonderful keepsake to remember your wedding moments. Have fun picking one out and have fun showing the funny side of your relationship!