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Choosing Your Wedding Shoes – 6 Tips to Help You on Your Quest

Bride in wedding dress holding her shoes

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Marilyn Monroe was famously quoted saying “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” We know this much is true – shoes do have the power to lift a girl up in more ways than one. And what better day than your wedding day to feel your best and boldest?

Choosing the right wedding shoes can start out as a daunting task, but in the same way you picked out your wedding dress, it can be easy once you take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

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Here’s how to choose the perfect wedding shoes for your big day.

Tip 1 – Let Your Dress Come First

Bride sitting on haystack showing her shoes

It’s a good idea to wait until you have decided on a wedding dress before purchasing your shoes. Your dress style pretty much steers the direction of your whole ensemble, as the dress is more prominent and therefore sets the tone for your whole look. Your dress is usually a bigger investment too, so it makes more sense to buy it first.

You might have an idea of what dress you want to purchase now, but once you start trying different dresses on, you may end up having a change of heart and buy something totally different.

The material, length, silhouette, and accents on the dress should be taken into consideration when picking your shoes. Imagine that you’ve bought classic nude pumps or unassuming off-white sandals thinking that they won’t get much of the spotlight anyway against your floor-length dress. But then, you end up falling in love with a tea-length dress which compels you to make a stronger statement with your shoes. You’ll just end up wasting valuable time and end up with a pair of shoes you won’t wear for your big day. So, consider this to help narrow down your search – the dress comes first.

Tip 2 – Let Your Style Shine

Couple on their wedding day

There are just so many options and boundless trends that can be tempting to jump on especially if you want to make a unique statement on your wedding day. However, how will you feel looking back if you wore something that’s not true to your own personal style? You should feel free to express your identity through your shoes on a day that’s all about you.

Let your style shine by picking a pair of shoes that are truly you. Here are some ideas:

  • Bridal shoes don’t always have to be white, and a pop of color may just be the subtle twist you’re looking for.
  • If you are a more laid back, sporty lass, why not surprise your guests with a sneaker sighting underneath your dress?
  • If you have never worn stilettos before, don’t risk wearing one on your wedding day just to conform to the usual wedding trends. Go for kitten heels or heeled mules if you need a bit of height.

After all, it’s your wedding, and YOU make the rules!

Tip 3 – Allow Yourself to Dance

bride and groom dancing at wedding

Always pick a pair of shoes that you’re comfortable with and can actually dance in! It’s a shame to invest on beautiful shoes only to kick them under the table as soon as dinner starts. Here are ways you can make sure your pair will last you through the night:

1- Go easy on sky high heels

Even if you can manage wearing 5-inch stilettos to work, your wedding is a different story. For one whole day, all eyes will be on you, from the moment you walk down the aisle until you step onto the dance floor. You will be on your feet a lot. Sometimes treading on uneven surfaces, posing in different angles, entertaining guests – and you’re expected to look happy and glowing through it all. Deciding to go even an inch lower than your usual heel height can help you maneuver around your hectic day smoothly. After all, it’s your party and you don’t want to spend the day aching.

2- Break them in before your wedding

Do this early on to ensure that they’re the right fit and durable enough. One way to effectively and painlessly break in your shoes is to wear thick socks while walking around indoors to gently stretch the material without wearing it out too much.

3- Make your shoes non-slip

New shoes can be slippery since the soles are still very smooth. There are many ways you can turn them into non-slip soles yourself. An easy trick is to use a nail file or sandpaper to abrade the sole. You’ll notice that they’ll have a better grip after this simple technique and you won’t think twice to get up and dance!

Tip 4 – Choosing Shoes to Suit an Outdoor Venue

There is an elegance about outdoor settings that make it very suitable for romantic celebrations like weddings. If you are getting married outdoors, you know you’ll have to pick a functional pair of shoes that will enable you to deal with unpredictable surroundings and changing terrain. Here are some examples:

1- Wedding Shoes for Barn and Countryside

If you’re getting married in a barn, you can expect that the ground could get slippery and wearing stilettos would be a bad idea. Opt for closed-toe variations of flats, wedges or booties to avoid getting mud inside your shoes or worse, falling head over heels – literally!

2- Wedding Shoes for Garden and Patio

A garden is one of the dreamiest and most whimsical settings for a wedding. What comes with it, though, is a risk of sinking in soft patches of soil or getting caught in the greenery. Chunky heels or wedges will give you the height and support you need.

3- Wedding Shoes for the Beach

The beach is the least forgiving terrain and your best bet is a pair of dainty yet durable flats to keep your balance. If you want to take your beach theme a step further, you can try wearing barefoot sandals – it’s basically a toe ring and ankle bracelet connected by a strap, giving the illusion that you’re wearing sandals. It’s a cool, creative way to accessorize for free spirited brides out there!

Barefoot beach sandals

Barefoot sandals for the beach. See this here.

Regardless of which outdoor venue you choose, weather is an external factor that has to be considered when choosing your footwear. Even a quick gush of rain can leave the pavement with small puddles or the garden moist and muddy. Since weather is uncontrollable, it would be a good idea to prepare a Plan B just in case. A second set of bridal footwear can surely come in handy if you’ve found your original pair drenched or damaged by walking on a wet or soiled surface. Sure, it’s a bit of an extra investment that comes with having an outdoor wedding – but hey, it’s a perfectly good excuse to buy a second set of shoes!

Tip 5 – Take Your Time

There’s no harm in trying on multiple pairs before you commit to your wedding shoes. We know it’s hard to pick just one – and there are days you’ll find yourself wishing you could wear them all. The advantage of trying on different styles is that you’ll get to know what works best for you – aside from the fact that it’s undeniably fun!

Tip 6 – Treat Your Feet

Once you’ve picked your shoes for your big day, prep your feet too at least on the week of the wedding! Slipping into your gorgeous pair with a fresh pedicure and pampered soles will make you feel like Cinderella, except you won’t need to rush out at midnight. You’ve found the perfect pair for you so go ahead and dance the night away!