How to Choose a Wedding Celebrant

how to choose a wedding celebrant

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A wedding celebrant is the person who will officiate and lead your wedding by performing the ceremonies required. Not only are they in charge of marrying the couple, but they also handle most of the background work, so it’s important to make sure you choose the right person for the job.

But how do you go about choosing the perfect wedding celebrant for your special day? That’s where we will help you.

Responsibilities of a Wedding Celebrant

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First off, before you choose your wedding celebrant, you’ll need to understand the role they will play at your wedding. They start off by writing the ceremony to ensure you have a personalized experience. They will do this after discussing with you while pitching in new ideas that have worked during other weddings from their experience.

They can even help you write your vows when you’re stumped or will just go through them with you. They try their best to understand your style to ensure that the ceremony suits your personality and when in confusion, they help you pick the best option.

Planning a wedding is a herculean task that may be stressful for the bride and the groom, especially in the absence of a wedding planner. But a wedding celebrant will be with you through the whole journey to help you achieve your dream wedding using the skills they’ve attained through experience.

On the day of your wedding, they basically play the role of a host, from assisting the guests to their seats to officiating the wedding. They also make sure that all the paperwork and legalities are taken care of without any hassle on your part, keeping copies of everything ready just in case something gets misplaced on the big day.

The job of a wedding celebrant doesn’t just end with the wedding, however. Even afterward, they are the ones who ensure that everything is in order, that your marriage certificate is valid, and submit all the required legal forms and documents such as birth certificates or other IDs to the appropriate registries and ensure your marriage is recognized. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the person for the job since they will be with you throughout the process from the planning stage to your “I do’s” and to when your marriage is legally recognized.

Qualities of a Great Wedding Celebrant

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One of the most important factors to look for when choosing a celebrant for your wedding is that you share similar values and feel a connection with them. This is crucial since they will be on your wedding journey from day one. The celebrant is someone who understands what the wedding means to you and helps you have the ceremony exactly how you want it.

A good wedding celebrant is creative and always has a treasure trove of ideas to make your wedding day a dream come true. With them as your celebrant, nothing would seem impossible, and they will continue to inspire you with different approaches. They will never shy away from unconventional ideas or be constrained by traditional ones. They will provide all the information you will need to make your ceremony unique and will also suggest ways to make your ideas a reality.

They are fun! They find the perfect balance between the seriousness of the occasion and the fun side of it while also keeping things professional. They have all the skills required to manage any crisis that may occur including time management. They should be able to instill confidence in you that everything will be on the right track, especially since they have one of the significant duties of handling the marriage documents as well as getting legal recognition for your marriage.

The wedding celebrant also ensures that you won’t have to stress about anything on the big day. A good wedding celebrant will make most of their prior experiences to make your wedding a smooth sailing one. They’re also excellent orators and presenters and they create an amazing atmosphere where everyone feels included and connected to the ceremony. They must have the confidence to engage the crowd effortlessly.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Wedding Celebrant

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You may already have a vague idea of what you want your wedding to look like. A set framework such as whether the wedding will be a traditional one, a casual and informal one or even a themed one is something you need to seriously consider before you choose the right celebrant since they need to fit the image of the ceremony you have in mind. The celebrant must be flexible to your needs and requirements.

Celebrants too will try to probe into your ideal ceremony to give you a customized and personal experience that matches your style and preferences. The qualities you may need to look for in a celebrant can also depend on the wedding venue. An outdoor wedding for example may require celebrants with strong, loud voices or a good sound and speaker system.

A great wedding celebrant will never curtail the possibilities of what you want for your ideal wedding. They will think outside the box and set no limitations when it comes to creative ideas.

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Before you meet or choose your wedding celebrant, it’s important to do thorough research. Check out the reviews from couples who have used the services of the celebrant. You can learn a lot about your potential celebrant by also asking around the people who have used their services or with recommendations from any family or friends. Doing your homework right will also keep you informed about the experience that the celebrant has and whether they will be able to execute the type of wedding ceremony you have in mind.

Your ideal celebrant should also have enough experience to include anything you need to in your ceremony, such as any faith-based or religious content in your readings for example. Most importantly, make sure you book your ideal wedding celebrant in advance, since the longer you take, the more likely it is that they will be unavailable.

Building a good rapport with your chosen wedding celebrant is crucial as you will be spending quite some time with them. You’ll be able to figure out your compatibility with the celebrant during the initial consultation and if all goes well, you can go ahead. Always make sure to communicate well with them and be open to new ideas and suggestions.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right wedding celebrant is a big decision and you’ll need to make sure that they’re someone who checks all your boxes.  Meet with as many celebrants as you can before you find the perfect match for your ideal ceremony. At the end of the day, you must be comfortable with trusting your wedding celebrant with the important responsibilities of your big day.