How to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

how to propose to your bridesmaids

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Congratulations! You’re engaged and once you and your partner have decided on a date and the important preliminaries you can finally get round to asking your potential bridesmaids the big question.

Your bridesmaids are going to be there for you through the ups and downs, so the least you could do is to give them a little token of appreciation at the start. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge or expensive gift. It can be something that’s within your budget. In this article, we’ve put together a list of ways and gifts you can use to propose to your bridesmaids while staying within a limited budget!

1. Deliver a Balloon or Flower Bouquet

petite mini bouquet

Petite Mini Bouquet by Miss Fleurs. See it here.

This is one of the simplest ways and easiest ways you can propose to your bridesmaids. Personalize it with a handwritten note and color-scheme the flowers or balloons with the color scheme of your wedding, giving them the first look at it! It’s a cost-effective and affordable way to let them know you want them to be by your side.

2. Get Nostalgic with a Picture Frame

bridesmaid proposal picture frame

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift by Custom Wood Wonders. See it here.

Giving your bridesmaid a picture of the two of you is one way to let them know you cherish them and would like them by your side on this special journey. If the whole group you want to propose to are friends, why not use a group photograph?

3. Put Together a Gift Box

bridesmaid proposal box

Bridesmaid Proposal Box by Love Linax. See it here.

This is a simple way of letting your besties know you’d love having them on “Team Bride.” Fill up the box with simple items, from face masks to sweet treats and even bath salts. It’s cute and it’s fun. The pro with this type of proposal is that it could work with any budget. You just have to include items in the gift box that are within your budget and you are all set!

4. Meet for a Cup of Tea

tea time

Why don’t you and your friends meet up for an afternoon cup of tea, adorned in florals and the like? You and the girls could chat over scones and sandwiches while you share with them just how much they mean to you. A bonus – afternoon tea (or a Royal Afternoon Tea) more often than not is accompanied by champagne! For brides on a tight budget, this method wouldn’t be the most feasible means of popping the question, but if that’s the case you can always try another option.

5. Coffee Dates

girls having coffee

Finding it difficult to coordinate and get the whole squad together? Set up individual coffee dates with each of your besties. It’s a personal way of letting them know how much they mean to you and how much you would appreciate them being by your side. You could ask the barista to write the big question on the cup instead of your friend’s name.

6. The Big Question on Insta

using a phone

This is for the bride that would like to bring her followers along on the entire journey. You could invite your girl gang to join an Instagram live and pop the big question while the others join and share in the excitement over the news.

The biggest advantage is that it’s completely free and a great way of involving your other friends and family as well! They will have the option of responding with emojis, stickers, and comments, making this quite a lively way to propose to your bridesmaids.

7. Proposal Cards

bridesmaid proposal cards

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card by Ink and Fred. See it here.

There’s a whole world of cards out there to choose from. Picking one and customizing it to your liking is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to ask your girlfriends to be your bridesmaids. You could colour scheme the cards in accordance with the theme of your wedding making it a perfect way to propose to them!

8. Bridesmaids Puzzles

proposal puzzle

Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle by Atelier Gifthouse. See it here.

This is a unique, fun idea that will keep your besties guessing until the end! Send them a puzzle through the mail and let them solve it to discover the burning question. Customizing the puzzle, with a picture of you and your girlfriends with the question would be a cute and personalized way to let them know you really want them by your side when you say “I do!”

9. Light It Up with Candles

bridesmaid gift candles

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Candle by Normadorothy. See it here.

If you and your group are suckers for candles, this option will make your girls say “Yes!” as soon as you pop the question. You can customize the labels and have their names on them or just have the question you’re planning to ask. Candles are a cheaper option on the list, and if you’re on a tight budget, this is an easy way to stick within it while still giving your group something they will love and cherish.

10. Team Bride T-shirts/Sweatshirts

bridesmaid proposal

Bridesmaid Proposal T-Shirt by TUF Customs. See it here.

Who says you can’t give your potential bridesmaids something cozy, comfy, and cute? You can personalize the item with the color scheme of your wedding and have “Team Bride” printed on it. You can always get creative and reference movies or books on the sweatshirt and have them figure it out.

This is a fun way to pop the question and let them know you would appreciate them by your side. It isn’t as expensive as some of the other options mentioned, but for brides on a really tight budget, this isn’t an ideal go-to option.

11. Bridesmaid Bracelets

will you be my bridesmaid

Bridesmaid Proposal Bracelet by Magnolia Tree and Co. See it here.

Friendship bracelets have stood the test of time, so why not resort to asking your childhood besties to be your bridesmaids by giving them one? Adding charms to each bracelet with each bestie’s name and the word “bridesmaid” would give it an elegant and dainty touch. You can even have them wear these on the big day.

12. A Movie Night

women enjoying movie

Throwing a theme movie night could be a fun way to let your girlfriends know that you want them to be a part of your special journey.  Organize a night with popcorn, drinks, and candy and choose a classic movie like ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ or ‘Bridesmaids’.

You can also pop the question by referencing a scene or character. For example, “will you be my Katherine Heigl?” would be the perfect way to pop the question while the credits roll for 27 Dresses.

13. Game Night

wedding themed games

Wedding Themed Game by Pams Party Printables. See it here.

Let your gang know you are hosting a game night full of fun and games and let them know that a big prize awaits a winner. For games, you could choose Pictionary or charades with the wedding vibe present through the game, by including wedding-themed categories.

Instead of handing out a prize to one winner, have customized bridesmaid proposals and hand the “prizes” out. Watch as the gang flips in excitement over the question you just popped and enjoy the special moment with them!

14. Travel Tags

bride tribe travel tags

Bride Tribe Luggage Tags by Leeway Designs Co. See it here.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, propose to your bridesmaids with luggage tags.  Customize the tags to match the color scheme of your wedding and make sure it’s like a reading card. You can choose what you want to have on the tag, like an inside joke to personalize it more. For example, printing “Ellie [name] – Bridesmaid”, showcases a certain amount of authority you’ve assigned to your gang by asking them a special question.

15. The Less the Better – In-Person Proposal

women talking in person

Not comfortable with all this pomp and flare? A bridesmaid proposal is just letting your best friends know how much they mean to you and how much you would appreciate it if they would agree to be there when you and your spouse say, “I do!” You can simply do this in person as long as you can successfully let them know why you want them to be part of “Team Bride” and convey this message with sincerity. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

Wrapping Up

Proposing to your bridesmaids does not have to be stressful or difficult and there are numerous ways you can do it. This article mentions only a few of the most convenient and cost-effective options, but you can always change them around and add your own touch to them. Once you have decided on how to propose to your bridesmaids, pop the question and toast to happy days ahead!

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