Best Necklaces for Strapless Wedding Gowns (With Images)

Necklaces to wear with strapless dresses

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Strapless wedding gowns are currently one of the most popular wedding dress styles. However, a common question among women is how to choose the right necklace to match their strapless wedding gown.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of 10 necklace types to suit various styles of strapless gowns. We’ve also included some tips on how to pick the right necklace for your dress style.

Strapless Dress Neckline Types

Types of strapless necklines

The neckline of your strapless wedding dress is one of the first things you’ll be choosing. As the dress is the most important part of your ensemble, jewelry is almost always chosen after the dress (unless there’s a sentimental or pressing reason to wear a certain necklace).

Because of this, the neckline will have an impact on the type of necklace that you choose to wear with it. There are three necklines that most commonly appear on strapless dresses:

  • Straight Across: Pretty self-explanatory, the straight across is just that – a neckline that goes straight across your front.
  • Sweetheart Necklines: The sweetheart neckline is shaped like the top of a heart. This accentuates the chest area. It’s a great choice for women with fuller chests.
  • Semi-Sweetheart:  This type of strapless neckline has a curve in the front, but it isn’t as pronounced as the sweetheart neckline.

Necklaces for Strapless Wedding Dresses

It’s common for women opting for a strapless wedding dress to forgo a necklace altogether. Strapless dresses can stand on their own with minimal jewelry.

However, if you do want to fill in the empty space around your neck, there are numerous types of necklaces that go well with the different types of strapless dresses. Let’s take a look at some of the most common necklace styles for strapless wedding dresses.

Statement Necklace

statement necklace with strapless wedding dress

Statement necklace by Tatishotties. See it here.

For some, the motto is go big or go home. Statement necklaces are unique and chunky designs  that grab all the attention.

The best time to wear a statement necklace is with a strapless dress as the two complement each other perfectly. The necklace fills up the space above your neckline, and draws a lot of attention.

However, it sets off the beauty of the dress below it too. Together, a carefully chosen statement necklace and a beautiful strapless dress are a match made in heaven.

Bib Necklace

strapless wedding dress statement-bib-necklace

Statement bib necklace by Ali Christine Bridal. See it here.

Bib necklaces are a specific type of statement necklaces that are wider at the front and taper gradually towards the back. They’re like bibs, sitting near or just on the collarbone.

Bib necklaces are made of a wide variety of materials, including gold and silver. They’re also typically decorated with glass beads, crystals and gemstones.

With their triangular or circular shape, bib necklaces pair beautifully with strapless wedding gowns. They integrate well with your strapless wedding dress since they look more like collars or necklines than jewelry items.

Shoulder Necklace

Bride wearing shoulder-necklace

Art Deco Shoulder Necklace by Lat Designs 1942 Us. See it here.

If you’re wearing a strapless dress on your wedding day, you could adorn your chest, back and shoulders with a stunning shoulder neclace to add some sparkle to your shoulders and neck. This is a unique style that stands out.

A shoulder necklace consists of drapes and swags of chain, metal bindings or beads as the main part of their design.

This necklace style beautifully complements strapless wedding gowns since they look like part of the dress itself. It’s one of the most popular necklace styles worn by brides today.

A gorgeous rhinestone shoulder necklace like the one featured above can brighten up even the simplest wedding gown.

Graduated Necklace

Graduated necklace

Round Cubic Zirconia Graduated Necklace by Leslies Arts. See it here.

Featuring high quality cubic zirconia stones that sparkle just like real diamonds, this graduated necklace is the ideal choice for a minimalist bride. It’s simple and elegant while also adding a luxurious look to your bridal attire. 

A graduated necklace is any beaded necklace that varies in bead size. The largest bead is placed in the center of the necklace and from that point each beads gets smaller gradually towards the ends of the necklace.

All the beads in a graduated necklace are the same style, they just differ in size. Most pearl necklaces are a common example of graduated necklaces, with the larger pearls placed towards the center.

Negligee Necklace

Negligee necklace

Swarovski Glass Cased Negligee Necklace by The Vintage Harlequin. See it here.

Add a special finish to your strapless wedding dress with this vintage chrome negligee necklace, featuring stunning Swarovski rhinestones.

A negligee necklace is features pendants that are asymmetrical and dangle at an unequal length of the chain. The pendants, which are usually diamonds, sapphires or rubies, are typically connected by a thin bar.

This necklace style first became famous during the Edwardian era and since then it’s become quite a popular fashion trend among brides. Negligee necklaces complement strapless dresses beautifully, adding more detail to your look.  

Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklace

Solitaire Pendant Necklace by Blue Nile. See it here.

A pendant necklace is simply any delicate necklace with a pendant – typically a gemstone or a diamond. Pendants come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny and delicate to large statement pendants.

In the past, pendants were worn as talismans in the belief that they would keep the wearer from harm.

Pendant necklaces suit all dress necklines as well as strapless dresses and sweetheart necklines. They’re perfect if you’re looking for something dainty and simple but still elegant and beautiful.

Chain Necklace

Bride wearing chain necklace with strapless wedding gowns

Chain necklace by Belita Shop. See it here.

You don’t have to always look for elaborate necklaces with gemstones and pearls. A well-chosen chain necklace can be the perfect accompaniment to a strapless dress, highlighting the beauty of the dress without distracting from its details.

There are many types of necklace chains to choose from, including more unique styles like herringbone, snake chain and Byzatine. Playing with the type, length and thickness of the chain will give you endless options.

Twisted Necklace

Twisted pearl necklace

Twisted Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace by Lisha Pearl Jewelry. Check price here.

A twisted necklace, also known as a ‘torsade necklace’, consists of multiple strands of beads twisted around each other and held together with a clasp.

There are different torsade necklace designs available on the market, made from a variety of materials including wires, pearls,fabric, stones and beads.

Torsade necklaces can make any strapless wedding dress look elegant and classy.

Choker Necklace

Pearl choker necklace

Pearl choker by Oshiny. See it here.

A choker necklace sits at the base of your neck. This style of necklace doesn’t have much movement, but it has a lot of style and glamor.

Pearl bridal chokers are one of the most popular variety for brides, offering a lot of options. You can opt for a single strand, if you’re after a minimalist aesthetic, or an elaborate dramatic look with several strands.

If pearls aren’t your thing, you can find chokers in lace, rhinestones and gemstones. They accentuate and elongate the neck, drawing the eye up from the strapless neckline towards the face. 

Choosing a Necklace for a Strapless Wedding Dress

Sweetheart neckline style

The great thing about strapless wedding gowns it that they leave a lot of room for you to accessorize as much as you want but remember not to go overboard! Here are some tips to bear in mind:

Some brides prefer not to wear a necklace at all with their strapless wedding dress but if you’ve got your heart set on one, go for it.

  • When choosing a necklace, remember that it should complement your strapless wedding gown instead of competing with its overall vibe.
  • If your gown is heavily embellished, you might want to go for a simple piece like a pendant necklace to balance out the look. On the other hand if your wedding gown is a very simple one, a shoulder or multistrand twisted necklace could give it a gorgeous, princess vibe.
  • The dress comes first. Unless your necklace is a special piece that you have to wear for the wedding.
  • If you’re wearing a straight-across neckline, choose a necklace that doesn’t overlap. For example, a choker would suit better than a bib necklace which could overlap with the neckline.

There are hundreds of bridal necklaces available on the market so you’re going to be spoiled for choice!

Keep in mind that the one you choose to wear with your strapless wedding dress should make you feel comfortable and beautiful in it, regardless of what design it is. It should also match the style of your dressing and your wedding theme.

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