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7 Reasons to Choose Diamond Stud Earrings for Your Wedding Day

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Diamond studs are one of the most popular earring options for brides today, and it’s easy to see why. They’re classy, versatile and elegant, and look amazing on any bride. Here we outline our top 7 reasons for choosing diamond stud earrings to wear on your wedding day.

1- Wear them over and over.

Most people end up never wearing the outfit and accessories that they choose for their wedding day. This includes the dress and accessories like flower crowns, sashes, tiaras and dramatic jewelry. However, with a classic, timeless set like diamond studs, you’ll be sure to wear them again and again for decades. This makes diamond studs a jewelry investment and well worth the money.

2- Diamond studs are classy.

There’s something about diamonds that make them very attractive. It might be all the media and marketing hype, or the simple sparkle that makes them subtly beautiful. In any case, they’re classy and sophisticated, adding a touch of elegance to your outfit. On your wedding day, diamond studs will add just the right amount of sparkle at your ears without drawing the attention away from you.

3- They’re valuable

When wearing diamond studs, you’ll know that you’re wearing something valuable which often gives that extra bit of confidence to most brides. Like I said before, they’re worth the money and down the track, they make for excellent heirlooms to be passed down the generations.

4- They suit any wedding dress color

Regardless of whether your wedding gown is a traditional white or an avant-garde black dress, diamond studs are versatile enough to be worn with either. They perfectly suit any color due to their neutral colorless look. Of course, the metal you set them in will make a slight difference, as white metals tend to look better with cool tones while rose or yellow gold metals complement warm tones. But even so, the metal in view on diamond earrings is minimal and what we tend to see is the diamond itself. This fact is especially useful if you’re planning on wearing a different colored dress for the reception without having to change your jewelry.

5- Diamond studs suit any wedding dress style too

Whether you’re going bohemian or flaunting a classic mermaid silhouette, your diamond studs will be able to dress themselves up or down to suit the dress. Choose a medium sized pair (.50 carats or so) for a neutral look. The larger the diamond studs, the more formal and attention-getting they become, whereas smaller studs tend to be more versatile.

6- You can’t date diamond studs

You can’t date diamond studs, because they’re timeless. While other aspects of your ensemble can be dated, it’s safe to say that diamond studs will look fashionable 50 years from now.

7- Have the diamond look for less

Unlike an engagement ring, which people tend to stick up to their faces to view closely, most people admire diamond studs from afar. Most people aren’t going to come in for a close look because that would just be weird. Because diamond studs are viewed from a distance, you can drop down on the color grade (near colorless grades like H-J) and clarity grade (Slightly Included or Included grades). By dropping down on these scales, you’ll be saving a good amount of money. But don’t skimp on the cut because that’s the main thing you see when you look at diamond studs – the sparkle of the cut.