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24 Unique Wedding Cakes for the Non-Traditional Couple

Bride and groom cutting wedding cake

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Your wedding cake is more than just a pretty center piece. It’s is an excellent way to incorporate a bit of your personality and to make a statement about your style. While most people go for the traditional tiered cake with perfectly symmetrical circles, others opt for more unique shapes, colors and embellishments. There’s no right or wrong – it’s all about what you prefer as a couple.

Here’s a look at 24 gorgeous and unique wedding cakes. There’s a wide range of styles covered here so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

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1- Pressed Flowers

Floral wedding cake

Pressed organic edible flowers make this white cake a work of art. You can add your pressed flowers to the cake a day before the wedding (unlike fresh ones which have to be placed on the day). The end result looks like a painting that’s almost too pretty to eat.

2- Pink Textured Cake

Textured wedding cake

This beautiful single tier cake is both minimalist and dramatic at the same time. It features a topping of fresh flowers and a gorgeously textured aesthetic. Who says only smooth cakes look good?

3- Asymmetrical Cake

asymmetrical wedding cake

The beauty of this cake lies in its asymmetrical, leaning look and unique coloring. The balance in sizes and shapes works perfectly, creating a delightful overall style that’s truly unique.  

4- Fresh Blooms

Fresh flower wedding cake

We’re used to sugared blooms, but fresh flowers on cakes is a major trend and looks amazing! What’s more, fresh flowers tend to be much more affordable than sugar flowers. The piped pink pearls and smooth buttercream combined with the purplish blooms, transform a basic three-tier cake into a vision of delight.

5- The Leaning Tower Cake

Leaning wedding cake

For a little bit of comedic whimsy, why not try a leaning tower cake? This minimalist white creation features 6 tiers learning to one side, with the funny topper finishing it off. Perfect for an attention getting, laugh-inducing center piece.

6- All That Glitters

All gold wedding cake

For the most drama, you can’t do better than gold. From top to toe, the single tier with gold coloring and flowers is a nod to the current trend of metallic looking cakes, spray painted with edible luster spray. You don’t need a large cake when it looks as good as this one does.

7- Chalkboard Fantasy

Chalkboard cake

This rustic looking chalkboard cake with the words of the eternal song, All you need is love, Love is all you need, is a cake worthy of the name. The matte finish and the blending of white and black makes for a truly unique look.

8- A Naked Cake

Naked cake

Naked cakes, with their minimalist no-frills aesthetic, are all the rage right now. They tie in perfectly with rustic weddings and they’re also affordable. The brown tones of this sponge cake together with the white of the cream, create the perfect neutral tones for a woodsy wedding.  

9- Black and Bold

Black cake with blooms

Black wedding dresses, black décor, black cake… black is showing itself in the wedding industry and it’s not just for gothic themes. This cake features fresh flowers and greenery, which balances out the black tones of the cake. Overall, a very dramatic cake that’s sure to draw all eyes.

10- Blue Dots of Delight

Blue dot cake

This simple two-tier cake is transformed by the inclusions of the glossy blue sugar disks, which give it texture and color. The same disks are used to top off the cake, creating a simple yet unique look.

11- Simply White

All white lace wedding cake

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to look unique. This all-white cake features white sugared blooms, white icing and a simple textural design for a clean, contemporary cake.

12- Tell Your Story

Picture wedding cake

Another simple yet eye-catching cake, this one features stencilled scenes painted onto the cake. The black and white color palette keeps it neutral and the pictures add that unique touch to elevate its look.

13- Candy Cake

Chocolate candy cake

This chocolate covered delight features a three-tier cake completely covered in chocolate balls. It makes for a very unusual looking cake, and while it’s not for everyone, you have to admit it does catch the eye.

14- Mix It Up

Colorful wedding cake

Who says all the tiers have to look the same? Mix up the textures and colors to create unique contrasts for a standout confection. This cake features fresh blooms to give it color and top it off, while the uneven tiers with berries and vines add to the fresh yet different look. The gold, rough-textured lower tier really sets the whole thing off.

15- Beach Wedding Cake

beach themed wedding cake

For a beach themed wedding, add some starfish and blue waves, and you’re good to go. The studded blue pearls embellishing the middle tier and the swirling designs of the other two tiers, add texture to the entire cake, complementing the wave and water theme.

16- Folded Tiers

layered wedding cake

A twist on the traditional white tiered cake, what makes this cake stand out is the subtle textures and the folded diagonals bordered by sugar pearls. The overall look is one of simplicity yet sophistication. Perfect for rustic, garden and festive weddings.

17- Haphazard Tiers

Unique layered cake

This unusual cake is simply stunning with dripping vines, fresh flowers and asymmetrical tiers haphazardly placed on each other. The effect is undeniably chic and eye catching.

18- Orange Cascade

Orange floral cake

This basic three tier white cake is elevated by the inclusion of a cascade of orange sugar blooms. Simple but beautifully done.

19- Berry in Focus

Berry wedding cake

This wedding cake is packed with color and flavor, with each tier beautifully highlighted by the berries – blueberries, figs, strawberries and raspberries all add to the texture and  hue to make this one showstopping cake.

20- Pink Shards

Shard cake

Pink shards and dripping white chocolate add an exciting touch to this cake. There’s enough luxurious icing to satisfy everyone’ sweet tooth here.

21- Birds of a Feather

Birdcage wedding cake

This romantic cake features a green birdcage complete with feathers and a bird made of sugar. It’s an unusual choice for a wedding cake and that’s exactly what makes it stand out. 

22- Ombre Touches

Ombre wedding cake

Ombre means tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from dark to light. This blue cake is a perfect example, with ruffles and fondant frills that add the perfect wave-like texture.

23- Spell It Out

Just married cake

Sometimes you just have to spell it out. With the words Just Married spelled out in large, block letters, this cake doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its three-tier cream colored sophisticated tiers combined with the whimsical, large block fondant letters makes for a simple, heartfelt style.

24- The Hatter’s Hat

colored multi layer wedding cake

This interesting cake of many colorful tiers conjures images of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. It’s the perfect cake to add a touch of whimsy to your décor. Each tier is different in color, texture and shape – but it still works together for a cohesive look.