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Wedding Ceremony Ideas to Make Your Wedding Fun and Unique

wedding ceremonies ideas for unique wedding

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Weddings can be one of the most meaningful and important days of your life. It should be something that allows you and your partner to showcase who you are, what you appreciate and what’s important to you. This is why these days, many couples look for unique and fun ideas to make their wedding ceremonies truly special.

To aid you in this search, we present to you some wedding ceremony ideas that can make your wedding day most unique and fun.

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Incorporate Your Passions

Wedding ceremony fun ideas

My favorite wedding ceremony idea is to incorporate what you and your partner is passionate about. If either of you loves the wilderness, conduct the ceremony/reception somewhere around nature—a lakeside, shore, or even the mountains. Perhaps, one of you is an avid reader? Choose a wedding sequence from your favorite book and try to recreate it with your own twist. If you or your partner is into a particular instrument, say violin, hire a musician to play the violin in the wedding and during your vows.

Involve Your Guests

Friend officiating wedding

To some, weddings can seem like a performance with the main players doing their part while the rest of the guests simply watch. For a more fun option, consider involving your guests in various elements of the wedding ceremony. This is especially perfect if you have a small wedding. You can delegate tasks such as being the DJ, playing music, officiating the wedding (think Joey from Friends!), making the cake, hosting some games and the list goes on.

Sandra: We involved our guests as much as we could in the wedding. Not only did this make it fun and make them all feel like they were actively being a part of our wedding, but it also took some of the stress of our shoulders as we could share the load.  

Play with the Dress Code

One of the most apparent way to personalize your wedding is through appearances. Ditch the traditional outfit and wear what you truly want to. Perhaps, you never got to wear a maroon suit before, or a turquoise dress—or even something entirely different. Even if you stick to the traditional white dress/suit outfit—make it unique to yourself. Use a quirky bowtie or a chic veil—one that speaks to your inner fashionista and demonstrates your idiosyncrasies.

Not only this, you can also create a synchronized look for your bridesmaids, best men, and ring bearer. The best look will be the one most meaningful to you and your partner.

Write Your Own Vows

Wedding vows

Remember Jake and Amy’s wedding in Brooklyn Nine-Nine? It was so memorable because it was true to the people getting married. Their vows for each other were personalized and contained references and inside jokes. To make your wedding a memorable and meaningful event, write your own vows for your partner. You will surely realize how much more you actually love them when you are sitting to write your happiest moments together and promising to be with each in sickness and in health. It’ll only make you both more grateful for each other.

Gift your Guests

Your wedding is a day to collect gifts, not distribute them. But presenting your guests with a curated gift can make them feel more acknowledged and special. In turn, it can help make your wedding day a unique experience for all those involved—and not just you.

A uniquely curated basket can involve postcards, chocolates, flowers, and a handwritten acknowledgment note. Also, if there are any such special guests that helped you and your partner meet or become friends, and are partially responsible for your love, thank them in a special way by mentioning them in your toasts, or asking them to share a toast in your wedding.

Walk the Aisle Together

walking aisle together

It’s customary for the groom and his groomsmen to wait at the altar, while the bride walks down towards her husband to be with the rest of the bridal party. However, a nice way to change things up is for the couple to walk the aisle together. This shows solidarity, equality and is a metaphor for facing all of life’s challenges together.

Anna: I didn’t like the idea of walking down towards him, while he waited to take my hand. It felt archaic and wasn’t what we represented.  We wanted to show that we were equal in everything we did. When we walked the aisle together, we also didn’t feel the pressure of everyone watching. It was a lot more relaxing. We didn’t have the first look moment, but it didn’t matter to us at all.

Skip the Aisle

While the aisle has long been a part of traditional weddings, a modern approach is to skip the aisle altogether. Rather than separating your guests into two sides, have everyone sit in rows. Consider placing the chairs in a semi-circle style with the altar as the main focus. This might seem like a simple change, but it will make a big difference to the ceremony and will immediately make it stand out.

Amp Up the Atmosphere

fun wedding atmosphere

Make the atmosphere of the wedding as friendly and fun as you can. One excellent way to do this is by using aroma. Use your favorite scents in the form of flowers or candles (jasmine, vanilla, coffee, etc.). If the ceremony is taking place in an outdoor environment, arrange the seating in an innovative way; maybe small tables of four to five people or chairs arranged in semi-circles.

In an outdoor setting, it is also possible to play slow and romantic music throughout, whether live or on speakers.

Find Natural Confetti Alternatives

Confetti natural alternatives

As you walk away from the altar as a new husband and wife, it’s customary for guests to throw confetti or rice to celebrate. However, these days plastic and paper confetti as well as rice are banned from most venues due to the environmental damage they do, as well as for other hazards they pose such as damaging surfaces. But you can find a way around this, by opting for natural alternatives. Consider flower petals or leaves. These will still look beautiful in photos, make for a stunning exit and pose no issues to the environment.

Bring Your Pets

Dog at wedding

If and your partner are pet-people (cats, dogs, horses!), honor them at your wedding. You can even have them take part in the ceremony, by walking down the aisle with the bridal party or standing nearby to watch you as you tie the knot. You can always include them in the wedding photos and have a friend or two look after them for the rest of the celebrations. After all, weddings are for families and to most people, a pet is family.


By incorporating fun and unique elements to your wedding, you’ll be able to avoid a boring, unremarkable wedding. You don’t have to go all out or spend a lot of money to make your wedding memorable. It just takes a little thinking outside the box, and a little leap of faith.