Wedding Favor Ideas That Guests Will Love to Use

wedding favors

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Wedding favors are a great way to show gratitude to family and friends who have traveled to celebrate your big day. Personalizing these gifts is a nice gesture, but you would want items that won’t end up collecting the dust after the wedding day. The key is to balance creativity and practicality. Here, we rounded up the best wedding favor ideas that your guests will love.

1. The Perfect Blend

coffee wedding favor

The Perfect Blend Coffee Wedding Favor Bag by Give It Pretty. See it here.

Coffee is almost everyone’s favorite, so send guests home with your favorite coffee blends they can enjoy in their downtime. These little packages will let you curate a mix of your favorite beans. They’re also perfect as a favor at the next-day wedding brunch as your family and friends recover from the night before.

You could also set up a coffee bar displaying varieties of coffee beans in glass containers and encourage your guests to fill their little packages with the beans of their choice. Just include a note describing the flavor profile and roast details of each. These will surely satisfy coffee lovers, but you may offer an alternative to those who don’t drink coffee.

2. Rustic Candle Holders

candle wedding favor

Personalized Candle Wedding Favor by My Wedding Pashmina. See it here.

If you’re hosting a rustic wedding, themed favors like these candle holders are a great choice. These rustic candle holders include natural dried flowers and a tealight. It could be best to opt for scented candles, as the scent is tied to memory, so your guests will also remember your special day every time they light up the candle!

3. Mint to Be 

mint to be stickers

Mint to Be Tic Tac Stickers by Sheila Kitts Paperie. See it here.

Cute, practical, and sweet, these personalized stickers with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date will let you create your own Tic Tac favors. Just display them at your bar, and your guests will surely appreciate them. After all, you can’t go wrong with a good breath!

4. For a Cooler Wedding

pashmina shawls

Pashmina Shawl Wedding Favors by Ae Creative Designs Co. See it here.

For fall and winter weddings these pashmina shawls will keep your guests toasty and warm. Apart from wedding favors, they can be a great addition to your décor, either rolled up on a table or piled up on reception seats. Just choose colors that go with your theme, from soft neutrals to pastels and bold hues.

5. Hot and Spicy

hot and spicy hot sauce

Hot Sauce Wedding Favor by Two Jays Creative. See it here.

Spice things up by treating your guest with your favorite Tabasco pepper sauce! These are the wedding favors that will have a spot in every guest’s pantry. Hot sauce is a functional kitchen staple. Just add a personalized tag to make it fancy.

6. Natural Wood Slice Candle Holder 

candle holder favors

Candle Holder Wedding Favors by Butterfly Shop. See it here.

For rustic and backyard weddings, these candle holders make the perfect wedding favors. They double as décor elements and create a stunning ambiance for your celebration. A great thing, these thank-you gifts will also let your guests warm up their evenings.

7. Growing Your Love 

custom seed wedding favors

Custom Seed Wedding Favors by Plain Jane. See it here.

Sending guests home with these individual seed packets is an eco-friendly gesture. They can use it to grow flowers at home, both indoors and outdoors, and give back to nature. These packets include a wildflower mix such as California poppy, black-eyed Susan, baby’s breath, purple cornflower, and more!

8. Classy Agate Coasters

agate bridal favours

Personalized Agate Slice Bridal Favour by Luminary Gift. See it here.

Who wouldn’t love crystals and geodes? Add some luxurious touches to your wedding tables with these classy agate coasters. They’re timeless pieces that will make a beautiful thank-you gift. Guests will definitely display them in their homes, remembering your special day.

9. Love Beyond Measure

measuring tape wedding favors

Measuring Tape Wedding Favors by Two Jays Creative. See it here.

Practical and quirky, these personalized tape measures are an unexpected way to show that your love is beyond measure. Your guests can easily slip them into a purse or happily carry them in their key ring.

10. Wooden Coasters

wooden coaster wedding favors

Personalized Gift Coaster Favors by Ethereal Wedding Gift. See it here.

Crafted from Baltic birch, these wooden coasters are perfect for bohemian weddings. Their natural wood finish and beautiful cut-out design double as décor too. They’re a great addition to any coffee table and kitchen, so your guests will remember you every time they drink their coffee in the morning.

11. Take a Shot We Tied the Knot

wedding favor shot glasses

Wedding Shot Glasses Wedding Favors by That Wed Shop. See it here.

These personalized shot glasses will keep the celebration going after your wedding day. Your guests will use these wedding favors for years, reminding them of your special day. You can also match them with your signature drink or include your favorite spirits.

12. Meant to Bee

honey jar wedding favors

Honey Jar Wedding Favors by White Confetti Box. See it here.

Make your celebration sweeter with these honey wedding favors! Honey is a kitchen staple, so your guests can use it in cooking or in different sweets and desserts. For a personalized touch, you can also include your favorite recipe alongside the honey jar.

Or, make them yourself and put on these bee-themed tags.

meant to be key tags

Meant to Bee Favor Tags by Yours Truly Alexandria. See it here.

13. The Pieces of the Puzzle

jigsaw puzzle wedding favors

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Coasters by Pretty Personalised UK. See it here.

Crafted from real oak, these puzzle-shaped coasters are a quirky way to show that your loved ones are a significant part of your life. Just show the pieces coming together or intentionally loose in your wedding display. These wedding favors also inspire your guests to solve life’s complex puzzles.

14. Chocolate Bars

chocolate bar wedding favors

Personalized Wedding Chocolate Favors by Wedding by Deniz Aru. See it here.

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Whether you like dark or milk chocolate, these mini bars are a sweet way to send your loved ones home. Make sure to resist eating them before you gift them to your guests!

15. Travel Tags

luggage tag favors

Olive Branch Luggage Tag Wedding Favors by Letter and Leather. See it here.

If you’re hosting a destination wedding, these travel bags are a perfect choice! You can choose several color combinations to match your theme. Your guests will surely love to use them on their way home and for all their future travels.

16. Handmade Soap

mini soap wedding favors

Mini Soap Wedding Favors by Gifts from Istanbul. See it here.

Handmade soap never goes out of style, especially when it includes natural dried flowers. These wedding favors are perfect for tropical and beach weddings. Are you experienced with making soaps? You can create your own bars and add some touch of personalization too!

17. Fans for a Hot Day

fan wedding favors

Sandalwood Fan Wedding Favors by Gifts from Istanbul. See it here.

For tropical and beach weddings, wooden hand fans are a thoughtful thank-you gift for your guests. A great thing, these wedding favors double as adorable props for your wedding photos, with a beautiful, tropical oasis in your background. Your guests can easily fit them in their pockets or carry them almost anywhere!

18. Can coolers for a Hot Day

happily ever after brewery wedding favors

Happily Ever After Brewery Wedding Favors by You’re That Girl Designs. See it here.

The perfect wedding favor to give out at reception, these can coolers are cute and functional. Just choose colors and designs that perfectly match your wedding theme. Your guests will love using them every day and remember your special celebration.

19. Personalized Map for Those in the US

map tag wedding favors

Map Tag Wedding Favors by Wedding Puzzle Shop. See it here.

Whether your guests travel near or far to attend your wedding, these personalized state maps will help them remember your celebration’s location. These wedding favors are also perfect for a rustic wedding theme!

20. Vintage-Inspired Notebook

notebook wedding favors

Notebook Wedding Favors by Srs TR. See it here.

Sweet and functional, these vintage-inspired notebooks are bound to plenty of use after your wedding day. Rather than hunting down a piece of paper, your guests will surely use them for writing down to-dos, important dates, and memories. 

21. Lip Balm 

lip balm wedding favors

Custom Lip Balm Wedding Favors by B Bliss Favors. See it here.

Whether you like vanilla or cherry, these lip balms have a place in everyone’s makeup kit—and guys can use it too. You could also include body scrubs and soaps to complete your thank-you gifts. Just opt for a beautiful label design that matches your wedding theme.

22. Hand Lotion

hand lotion favors

Hand Lotion Favors by Momentos Events. See it herre.

Sweet and practical, hand lotions are the perfect wedding favor for travelers and ones always on the move. These thank-you gifts are perfect for fall and winter weddings, as dry skin is inevitable in colder temperatures. When it comes to fragrance, your options are endless!

Wrapping Up

Wedding favors are a great way to send off your family and friends, so they’ll remember your special day. Just set up a gift station near the exit, so your guests will be able to grab theirs at the end of the night. IF YOU ENJOYED THIS ARTICLE, YOU MIGHT LIKE OUR GUIDE ON: **put something similar. ** lin

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