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Wedding Invitation Ideas – A Quick Guide

Wedding invitation ideas

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The wedding is all going to plan. You have purchased the dress and reserved the venue. Now you have to invite your guests!  If you are not sure how to do that, you are not alone. Read on to find out more about the right way to send out your wedding invitations.

The Parts of an Initiation

All wedding invites need to have the right information included.  The following information is essential and almost every wedding invite you’ll come across will have this information:

  • The Host(s) Name: This is usually the parents of the bride and groom or else just the bride’s parents.  It could also be the family member who is holding the wedding on their property if you are holding the wedding in a backyard, for example.
  • Bride and Groom’s Names: This will be in larger, bold font as it’s the most important information
  • The Date: The wedding date will be clear and legible here and should show the day, month and year of the wedding.
  • Time and Venue: Make sure that you are clear about the venue and if it is not well known, ensure that you’ve included the address of the location. Nothing is worse than having guests miss the wedding due to the address being unclear.
  • RSVP and Your Dress Code: This is where you list out the expected dress code, whether or not children are welcome and the RSVP method that you wish guests to use.

Cards, Paper or Digital Invite?

Wedding invites can be actual folding cards or they can be flat paper squares which are single or double-sided. The company that is making your invites will be able to show you many different cardstock or paperweight options and should be able to offer different paper designs. You might opt for a traditional white paper but there are also different colored papers and printed embellishments that are available to make your cards or invites unique.

Check out the range of options for your wedding invites from traditional printers to online cards and invites that are made through a website. You might find that your invites can be made exactly to order in just a few clicks if you do some research.  Every bride and groom have a different set of needs related to the finishing details and thankfully, there are as many ways to have your invites designed and made as there are types of wedding.

E-invitations are becoming increasingly popular as more people turn to technology and digital solutions for everything. If you’ve set up a wedding website, it’s easier to send out e-invitations and to keep track of everything on the one site. While the traditional or older guests on your list might have some difficulty with this setup, most of your guests are sure to appreciate this.

Wedding Wording Invitation Styles

Invitation styles will vary depending on the tone that you want to set for your wedding and the people that you are wanting to invite. You might be planning to send out all your invites in the same style but it is also common to send out a separate set of invitations to friends and family that are not as formal. You can also create whimsical or unique invites that defy a category if that is the style of your wedding. Here are the three main styles of wedding invite and the expectations for each type:

1- The Traditional Invitation

Example of wedding invitation

This is the invitation that we all think of when we imagine being invited to a wedding. This invite will be on high-quality paper or card stock and in most cases will employ script-style writing.  You will often see an attached RSVP card with this style which helps ease the process of the RSVP for your guests.

Examples of wording for this style of invitation include:

For the bride and groom who are hosting their own wedding:

Example of wedding invitation
 With great pleasure
Jane Doe and
John Doe
invite you to join them
in celebrating their marriage
Saturday August 10, 2020 at three o’clock in the afternoon
Oregon Zoo-Zebra Room
Portland, Oregon
Reception to follow at Chez Unique

For the bride and groom when both sets of parents are hosting the wedding:

Example of wedding invitation
 Jane and John Doe
And Janet and Joseph Doe
Invite you to celebrate with their children,
Janice and Jeffrey
For their wedding day
Monday 10 Oct 20 5:00 p.m.
Oregon State University-Commons: Ceremony
Clodfelter’s: Reception 9 p.m.
RSVP with included card

For the bride and groom with bride’s parents hosting:

Example of wedding invitation when bride's parents hosting
 Please Join us
Jane and John Doe
For the wedding of
Janice and Joseph
The 6th of May, 2020
At half-past eight in the morning
The Vue
Santa Barbara, CA
reception to follow

2- For Friends and Family

Example of casual wedding invitation

If you are electing to invite friends and close family with separate invites or you are having a small wedding that only includes those near and dear to you, you have the option to be a bit more casual. This is especially true if you are holding the wedding in a familiar place or at the home of family. These invites are straight to the point and are often more fun and light-hearted.

For the bride and groom who are hosting the wedding themselves:

Example of wedding invitation when bride and groom hosting
 Jane and John Doe
are getting hitched!
December 10 2020
Be there at 4’0clock
The Vue
Merriment to follow ceremony

For the bride and groom who are being hosted by the bride’s parents:

Example of wedding invitation when parents and kids hosting
 Jane and John Doe
Are hosting the wedding of their children
Janice and Joseph
August 8 2020
At the
Doe family farm
Shenanigans and good times to follow

For the bride and groom who are being hosted by both sets of parents:

Example of wedding invitation when both parents hosting
 Jane and John Doe
And Janice and Jeffrey Doe
Invite you to attend the wedding of
Jessica and Joseph
Jan 1 2020
The Loft
Fun reception to follow

3- Unique Wordings

Unique Example of wedding invitation

For those weddings that just defy a category or for the bride and groom who are a bit whimsical, you can always break tradition and have a little fun. Here are some ideas for unique or non-traditional wedding invite wording. Some of these are for the bride and groom hosting themselves, while others are hosted by the parents.

Love is in the air!
Join Jane and John Doe
at the wedding of
Janice and Joseph
Doe Family Farm

We’re gettin’ hitched!
John and Jane
Join us 4.12.20
At 6:00 pm
The Hills Resort
Santa Monica, CA

Share in our ceremony of love and commitment
John and Jane Doe
The Vue
Ceremony on the balcony
Followed by food, dancing and laughter
Dress creatively or in costume
Don’t dress in formal attire
See you soon!

Love goes well with All Hallow’s Eve!
When the sun goes down
We will have a Halloween party
and also a wedding party on a spooky day
Join Jane and John Doe
and their families
0ct 31 2020
for a spooky wedding
Reception to follow

Nerds will unite
Jill & Joe
December 20, 2020
Find all the details at
Join us for an adults only wedding and reception.
Be there or be square!

You’re totally invited to the wedding of
Jane and John Doe
on Saturday, the twenty-third of June
at four in the evening

Love is in the air!
Join Jane and John Doe
at the wedding of
Janice and Joseph
Doe Family Farm

You can see how the tone of your wedding invite can set the expectations of your guests in one easy step. Don’t be shy about preparing your guests to come in costume, to leave their kids at home or to be prepared to come in black tie attire. This is your wedding day and your guests should be up for anything that you have planned.