12 Creative Wedding Place Cards and Holders You’ll Love

Creative wedding place cards and holders ideas

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Wedding place cards are an important part of your wedding décor because not only do they tell your guests where they’re assigned to sit, but they also tie in with the overall theme of the wedding as part of the table decorations.

While traditional options include flat or tent style place cards (also known as foldable cards), there are a range of unique and creative place cards and holders out there. Some of them can double up as wedding favors, killing two birds with one stone.

If you’re looking for inspiration for creative and unique place cards and holders, we’ve rounded up 12 ideas that you’re bound to love. There’s something for everyone here so keep reading!

Wooden Place Cards and Holders

Wooden place card holders for wedding day

Wooden Place Cards and Holders. Check it out HERE.

Made of little cylindrical wooden blocks, these cute little place cards and holders are an environmentally friendly and natural option, ideal for nature lovers. They are perfect for a rustic themed wedding as they contribute to the outdoorsy atmosphere of the venue and if your wedding is held outdoors, these holders are sturdy enough for the windiest of days.

All Keyed Up

Key bottle opener place card

Skeleton Key Bottle Opener Place Card Holder by Meressie. See it HERE.

These attractive key-shaped place card holders have a dual purpose – they can also be used as bottle openers, making them a perfect wedding favor option. Made of metal alloy, these keys are strong and durable with an aged look that’s ideal for a vintage or rustic themed wedding. The little heart shaped design also adds to the romantic feel of the event.

Acrylic Place Cards

Acrylic place cards

Hexagon Acrylic Place Cards. See it HERE.

We love these stylish customized place cards and we think you will too! These place cards don’t require a holder, because they’re attractive enough to stand on their own. Simply write in the details with an oil-based marker and place the see-through card on a dark napkin or for it to be perfectly visible. One of the best features of these cards is that they can be reused repeatedly. Simply clean with acetone and it’s as good as new. Make sure to store them carefully so they won’t get scratched if you plan to use them again in the future.

Mini Chalkboards

Mini chalkboards as place holder

Mini Chalkboard Place Cards with Support Easels. See it HERE.

These cute mini chalkboards are easy to use, practical and can be reused. They come with their own little holders and are easy to put together together. Make your tables unique with these eye-catching souvenirs and we guarantee that your guests are going to be impressed!

Custom Laser Cut Name Place Cards

Place cards Wedding place cards Custom Laser Cut Names Place Birch plywood

Custom Laser Cut Wedding Place Cards by Engrave Celebration. Check price HERE.

Can it get any clearer than this? These ‘place names’ will leave little room for confusion, as each guest’s name is clearly spelled out. Made of birch or plywood and colored rose gold, these laser-cut place cards are all about elegance. They add the perfect finishing touch to your table, and can be placed either on the plate or against a glass. After the ceremony is over, your guests could take these home as a wedding favor. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on these since they are quite cost effective.

Printable Lime Place Cards

Printable Lime Place Cards Download and Print Lime Fruit Name image 0

Printable Lime Place Cards by Festive Fetti. See it HERE.

Why not try printable place cards that you can just print out yourself? All you have to do is edit the template and put in the name of your guest, print it out, make a slit on one side and you have a lime wedge that you can attach to the rim of any glass or jar! These are cute and simple but if you’re planning to use these, make sure you’ve fit them well. You will find that these cards are very cost effective too so they will easily fit in your budget and still give your tables a nice touch.

Pumpkin Cards

Pumpkin place card holder

Pumpkins Wedding Place Card Holder by Sprout and Fete Co. Check it HERE.

These pumpkins are perfect in adding a touch of the whimsy to your wedding tables and suit rustic, barnyard or outdoor weddings. They’re also ideal if your wedding is in fall. Choose from three different colors. These holders also double as gorgeous wedding favors and will be appreciated for sure.

Agate Stone Place Cards

Agate place card holder

Agate Metallic Plated Edge Place Cards by Vandue. See them HERE.

If you want to add a classy look to your wedding tables, these unique agate metallic plated edge place cards are the way to go! These place cards are made from slices of agate stone and are perfect since they look stylish, colorful and elegant. A little-known fact about agate stones is that it’s also called an energy stone and is believed to soothe restless and worrying souls. These little stone place cards will easily fit into a pocket or purse so you can give them away to your guests as a ‘soothing’ souvenir!  

Amethyst Crystal Name Holders

Geode place card holders

Amethyst Place Card Holders by Rocknair. See them HERE.

Once valued on par with diamonds and sapphires, amethysts are a popular crystal known for its purple hues. Give your wedding tables a royal makeover with these crystal place card holders featuring the royal colors of gold and purple. This is another perfect item that doubles up as a wedding favor so you’ll be saving money that way.

Chiavari Sweet Chairs

Cchiavari sweet chairs

Chiavari Chair Shaped Place Card Holders by Meressie. See it HERE.

Chiavari chairs are synonymous with elegance, sophistication and class and work well in just about any type of wedding be it a formal ballroom setting or a casual one. If you’re not having Chiavari chairs at your wedding tables, have them ON the tables and surprise your guests with the yummy goodies inside! The last thing they’d expect is candy in their place card holders!

Pot Plant Place Card Holders

Terracotta pot place cards

Terracotta Pot Place Cards by CreatableDesignCo. Check them out HERE.

Bring the beauty of nature to your wedding and watch your guests get excited over these charming little flowerpot place holders. These little beauties are just adorable and are a perfect choice for rustic, boho or garden themed weddings. Each one is a terra cotta pot with your guest’s name inscribed on it in a stylish font. All you have to do is pop in a plant and your good to go. This is a sustainable choice and one that your guests will keep with them for a long time.

Personalized Coasters

Personalized coasters

Wooden Coaster Place Cards by PricklyCute. See them HERE.

Make your event special by using these lovely handmade coaster place cards as part of your wedding table décor. They’re environmentally friendly, practical and your guests will love them as wedding favors for years to come.  

One user says: “Our guests loved these coasters and kept sending us photos of them using the coasters. They were meaningful gifts and we were so glad about our decision to get them!”

To Sum Up…

If you’re having each place holder custom made, make sure you give the right list of names to your supplier and double check the spelling. You wouldn’t want to have misspelt names after all the effort you’ve gone through.

Also ensure that you’ve ordered the correct size. The traditional wedding place card size is the same as a business card but it depends on the type and your preference. Too small and your guests won’t notice it’s there, too large and it could spoil the look of your table.

In order to avoid any mishaps, we suggest ordering your place cards at least 10 weeks before your wedding. This allows for plenty of time in case you have to make any changes, or your order gets delayed. Getting it done ahead of time will save you lots of trouble and stress at the last minute.