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One Killer Ring Instead of Two – The All-in-one Trend

Girl wearing all-in-one ring

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Wearing a ring to represent your engagement and another to represent your wedding has been the tradition for the last several decades, but a new trend is on the rise – the all-in-one ring trend.

As the name suggests, you simply wear one ring to represent all your relationship stages. But why would anyone want to do that, you wonder?

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Let’s take a look.

At the end of the article, find our top favorite all-in-one ring designs.

All-in-one Ring Styles

If you’re intrigued by this trending idea, let’s take a look at some amazing ring designs that work perfectly as all-in-one rings.

Cluster ring

Cluster moissanite ring by Roo Ring Co. Check Price Here.

Twisted band ring

Twisted halo diamond ring by Blue Nile. Check price Here.

14k gold filled puzzle ring by Street Bauble. Check Price here.

claddagh ring

10k yellow gold Claddagh ring by Kool Jewelry. Check Price here.

Bypass ring with diamond by James Allen. Check Price Here.

Why Choose One Ring?

True, for some of us, we can never have too much jewelry so two rings instead of one? Yes please! But when you weigh the practicality of having a single ring against wearing two, you start to see the logic.

  1. It’s more comfortable – Some people just don’t like wearing jewelry *gasp*. This is especially true for people who don’t like the feel of jewelry on their skin or the constant worrying about damaging a valuable item. For someone like that, a single ring is a much more practical option than two rings.
  2. It’s less expensive – Have you seen the prices of engagement rings these days? The average American spends about $6000 on an engagement ring and at least $1000 on a wedding ring. Put these together and you get a pretty hefty priced pair of rings. Instead of this, purchase a single ring at a moderate price and you’re good to go.
  3. It’s special – Everyone’s wearing two rings these days, often matching bridal set. This doesn’t help you to stand out in any way and you might feel that you’re just following the herd. If you want to follow your own path, then an all-in-one ring might be right up your alley.

How to Choose an All in One Ring?

Girl wearing all-in-one ring

Engagement and wedding rings have distinct styles.

Engagement rings are typically flashy and elaborate, with a large center diamond or gemstone. Wedding rings, on the other hand, are typically a simple metal band or a band encrusted with gemstones, diamonds or engravings.

If you need to have both these styles, then an all-in-one ring isn’t for you. But if you’re willing to combine these elements, a single ring will do the trick.

You could combine popular elements of wedding and engagement rings to create a unique look. Think small diamonds in unique shapes set into a gold or platinum band. This style borders both types of rings and makes it difficult to pinpoint whether the ring is an engagement or wedding ring.

Another idea is to choose a single band that looks like two rings. Some designs include crossover ring designs, which feature two bands twisted together. Another idea is to opt for bypass ring settings, which can look like two separate bands set together.

Some ring settings have a duality about them. These two primary elements could be two different types of gemstones or two-toned metals. A moi et toi (me and you) ring is a perfect example of this duality in ring designs. This could represent your engagement and wedding.

We also love the idea of antique ring designs like puzzle rings or gimmal or fede rings. These ring styles have two or more interconnecting loops that are placed together to create a single band.

And finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Claddagh rings, the popular Irish design that’s lasted the test of time. Claddagh rings feature two hands holding a heart with a crown on top – representing friendship, love and loyalty. This ring stands in beautifully to represent your engagement and wedding.

All-In-One Ring Regrets

rings on hand

Sometimes what might seem a great idea at the start can end up causing regrets and wishes of a do-over. You might fall in love with the idea of a single ring for both your engagement and wedding, but down the track, will you regret it?

Here’s what one of our readers told us:

Maya: I never regretted wearing one ring. My husband proposed to me with a diamond eternity band and on the day of our wedding, he put that ring on my finger for the second time, this time as his wife. I just thought that was so symbolic and meaningful, instead of getting another ring.

But here’s another view:

Sandra: When we got married, we didn’t have the money to buy another ring, so I ended up wearing the engagement ring as my wedding ring. I haven’t regretted it because I know why we did it. But sometimes I do wish I had two rings like most girls do, with a massive diamond! We’re going to buy a wedding ring for me on our fifth anniversary, to make it special. Then I’ll finally have two rings!

If you’re interested in an all-in-one ring, then make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and that it’s what you really want.

In general, millennials are turning towards less extravagant, more practical ring options that don’t cost a fortune. This is an excellent option. And as rules regarding what you can and can’t do regarding your wedding begin to change, and people turn more towards expressing themselves in their own way, we think that all-in-one engagement and wedding rings will become much more popular.

What do you think about all-in-one rings? Do you think it’s a better idea than wearing two rings? Let us know!