16 Unique Jewelry Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

jewelry gifts for bridesmaids

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Giving your bridesmaids a special thank you gift isn’t mandatory. However, your bridesmaids play an important role in organizing your wedding, from bridal shower to the moment you say ‘I do’. Getting them a simple gift is a great way of showing them how much you appreciate their support.

There are many options you can choose from when looking for the perfect thank you gift for your bridesmaids, but one of the best choices you can make is jewelry. Not only can they wear it on your wedding day, but they can also wear it for any other occasion afterwards. Here’s a quick look at some interesting jewelry gift ideas for your girls. 

Floral Earrings 

magnolia earrings

Gold Magnolia earrings Hera Jewelry Art. See them here. 

Floral earrings are always a great choice, because they’re dainty, feminine and will be treasured if you choose high-quality ones. While there are many floral earrings to choose from, we love the gold magnolia earrings featured above. Available in both matte gold and silver, these magnolia earrings look more luxurious than their cost. They’ll be a great addition to your bridesmaids’ flower earring collection. 

Pearl Earrings 

Swarovski pearl earrings

Swarovski pearl earrings by Dream Island Jewellery. See them here. 

Your bridesmaids will be delighted to own a lovely pair of pearl earrings, which should be a staple in any jewelry collection. Pearl earrings, whether studs or dangles, are elegant and stunning. Pearls paired with diamonds or crystals have an added charm and sparkle. The earrings featured above come in a lovely little jewelry box, all ready to be gifted to your bridesmaids. 

Tie-the-Knot Cuff Bracelet

tie the knot bracelet

Tie-the-Knot bracelet by Torianic Jewelry. See it here.

Tie-the-Knot bracelets are a simple and unique way of thanking your bridesmaids for being your pillars of strength during your wedding. Knots have always symbolized strong relationships and connections, so they’ll also be a metaphor for how you value your bridesmaids. These bracelets by Torianic Jewelry can be personalized and are available in several finishes including gold plated, rose gold plated and stainless steel. While it’s a very simple design, this trendy bracelet will add a minimalist and modern touch to your bridesmaids’ look. 

Birthstone Necklace 

birthstone teardrop necklaces

Birthstone teardrop necklaces by Esther Rose Collection. See them here.

Most people love birthstone jewelry because it feels personalized and special. If your girls are into birthstone jewelry, they might also believe that their stones will bring in prosperity and luck and eliminate the negative energy surrounding them. The only downside of gifting birthstone jewelry to your bridesmaids is that you’ll have to find something different for each one of them which can be a hassle, especially if they’re all born in different months. 

Ear Climbers 

summer daisy flower drop earrings

Daisy flower ear climbers by Sophia Grace Etsy. See them here. 

Your bridesmaids would look gorgeous wearing these stylish accessories on your wedding day. While these ear climbers look stunning and charming, you’ll find they’re also highly affordable. After your nuptials are over, you can give them to your girls as ‘thank you’ gifts and keepsakes. 

Monogram Necklaces 

monogram necklace

Sterling silver monogram necklaces by Goldcrest Designs UK. See them here.

Personalized gifts always have a special touch to them and so do these monogram sterling silver necklaces. Made of 100% sterling silver, these necklaces come with the initials of your bridesmaids’ names engraved into silver disc pendants. They make charming and elegant gifts to give your bridesmaids.  

Bracelet Flask 

personalized bracelet flask

Personalized bracelet flask by Love and Luxe Handmade. See it here.

A personalized bracelet flask? Yes, this is a fun tongue-in-cheek gift to add a little humor to what could possibly be a hectic day for your bridesmaids. As a piece of jewelry, it looks stylish, but the fact that it also doubles as a flask makes it exciting. You can also have the flask personalized to suit each of your girls. 

Bridesmaids’ Jewelry Gift Set 

custom bridesmaid gift jewelry set

Custom bridesmaids’ jewelry gift set by SH Gems. See it here. 

If getting a gift for your bridesmaids still has you stumped, you can always go for something simple like this jewelry gift set. Not only will your girls appreciate the thought behind it, but they’ll also enjoy wearing the set for other occasions. Although the set costs only a few dollars, it has a classy and rich look to it that would suit almost any occasion. 

Real Flower Pendant

real flower necklace

Real flower pendant by Botania Jewelry. See it here. 

Here’s another unique and creative gift for your bridesmaids, especially for those who love nature. Made from real cherry flowers, resin and stainless steel, this pendant will have you glancing in for a second look. However, note that it costs more than some of the other options on this list and if your budget is low, this might be a little too high. 

Pearl Bracelet 

genuine pearl bracelet

Genuine pearl bracelet by Gems By Kelley. See it here. 

Pearls are classy, sophisticated and always stylish. They never really go out of fashion, so you’ll be giving your bridesmaids something they can use for a long time. If authentic pearls are beyond your budget, you can always go for synthetic pearls, which would look just as gorgeous and charming.   

Charm Bracelet 

bridesmaids charm bracelet

Bridesmaids charm bracelet by Birds Home. See it here. 

Ask here if she’d like to be your bridesmaid by gifting her a 14K gold plated charm bracelet with a genuine pearl and a gemstone she would love. To make things extra special, you can have her initials engraved on it and have her wear it on your big day. 

Sea Glass Bangle 

sea glass bangle

Cornish sea glass bangle by Anellas Jewellery Box. See it here. 

Sea glass is made using pieces of broken glass that come from bottles, table ware or glassware, found by the sea.  It’s valuable and in some parts of the world, collecting sea glass is prohibited.

Sea glass makes excellent jewelry gifts, since it looks gorgeous and classy at the same time. They can be ideal for a beach wedding. For your bridesmaids, consider a stylish sea glass bangle. While these are a little on the expensive side, they certainly make up for it with their lovely colors and elegant look. 

Crystal Bracelet 

dainty crystal bracelet

Crystal bracelet by Tom Design. See it here. 

Show your top girls how much they mean to you by gifting them a dainty crystal bracelet which they can wear on your wedding day. Made of silver or gold and set with cubic zirconia stones, the design of this bracelet is quite simple, but still elegant and beautiful. Not only does it look good, but it’s also extremely affordable.  

Hoop Earrings 

floral hoop earrings

Floral hoop earrings by Light Shine Bridal. See them here. 

Hoop earrings are immensely popular around the world and are a staple in almost every woman’s jewelry collection. They’re highly versatile and go well with any style.  Your bridesmaids will appreciate a pair of classy gold or silver hoops, or you can also go for a lovely floral pair like this one. 

Energy Bracelet 

pink coral bracelet

Pink teardrop coral bracelet by Everbliss Designs. See it here. 

Made of gold-plated brass and natural pink coral beads, this energy bracelet is a great jewelry gift for a cohesive bridal crew.  Pink coral is believed to promote harmony and purify negative energy, which would be perfect for your girls to wear on your wedding day. After all, they’ll definitely need all the positive energy they can get on this big day!  

Guitar String Gemstone Bangles 

reclaimed guitar string bangles

Guitar string bangles by Bayside Bliss Designs. See them here. 

These unique bangles are made entirely from reclaimed guitar strings with colored fluorite beads. They come in three colors: blue, bronze and green, and can be worn in sets or stacked with other bangles. These are perfect for music lovers. 

Wrapping Up 

Your bridesmaids have been with you through the highs and the lows, so getting them a simple jewelry gift is a great way of saying ‘thank you for being with me through it all’. You don’t necessarily have to go overboard and spend a lot of money on this, especially if you’re on a strict budget.

In fact, you’ll find there are many very affordable options on the market you can choose from. Think out of the box and make sure to choose something creative, different and special to show your girls just how special they are.  

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