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Black Gold Engagement Rings for the Daring Bride

Black gold engagement ring

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Black gold engagement rings aren’t for the faint-hearted. This stylish and avant-garde metal choice is for someone who wants to stand out and get off the traditional path. But because they come in a range of styles and are a versatile metal, you can find a black gold engagement ring that suits your personal style.

Here we take a look at types of black gold engagement rings and whether it’s the right choice for you.

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What Is Black Gold?

Black gold is created by either electroplating or alloying yellow gold to create a black-looking metal. In both cases, the black layer is only on the surface and can wear off over time. Black rhodium or ruthenium is typically used for the plating process, giving the metal a reflective, polished black look.

The trouble with black gold is that it needs replating over time to maintain the shine and appearance. In this way, black gold is very similar to white gold, which also requires periodic rhodium plating.

Black gold is typically created out of 14K gold, but the amount of gold can vary. This would have a direct bearing on the value of the metal. The higher the gold karatage, the more expensive the metal, all else being equal.

Black Gold Engagement Rings

Black gold engagement rings are daring, bold and confident. They stand out on your finger and are an eye-catching conversation starter! Here are 10 amazing black gold engagement rings to get you inspired:

1- Gemstones and Black Gold

Floral black gold ring

Floral black gold ring with emerald. See it here.

Black gold tends to pair well with colored gemstones as the black color of the metal highlights and emphasizes the color of the gemstone. Gemstones such as rubies, blue sapphires, amethyst, citrine, aquamarine or alexandrite pair well with black gold, making for a striking, confident look.

2- Solid Black Look

Black gold black diamond ring

Black gold with black diamond. See it here.

For a completely black look, choose a black gemstone to set with the black gold. Some excellent options for this are black diamonds, black sapphires, onyx, obsidian and black spinel. The black of the gemstone seamlessly blends in with the metal, creating a continuous dark silhouette against your finger.

3- Black Gold And A Colorless Halo

Black gold engagement ring with white melees

Black gold with black diamond and colorless diamond melees. See it here.

To add contrast to a black gold ring setting with a black gemstone, consider using colorless diamonds as accent stones, in a halo or as side stones. This creates just the right amount of contrast between black and white to outline the shape of the ring and accentuate the gemstone. 

4- Black and White Melees

Modern black gold ring

Unique black diamond black gold halo ring. See it here.

You can mix it up again with a combination of black and white diamond melees. A diamond melee refers to the small diamonds that are used as side stones to embellish the ring setting. You can opt for traditional diamond melees for your ring’s halo and black diamond melees to pave the shanks.

5- Black Three Stone Engagement Ring

Three stone engagement ring on black gold

Three stone black gold engagement ring. See it here.

A three stone engagement ring is full of meaning and symbolism. Add a twist to this traditional style by incorporating black diamonds set in black gold. You’ll still have all the traditional symbolism of the ring design with a modern take.

6- Contemporary Style

Black gold engagement ring

Contemporary black gold engagement ring design. See this here.

For an ultra-modern look, choose a contemporary, futuristic ring design in black gold. Unlike other metal colors, black gold tends to be quite versatile, lending itself to a range of ring styles. Sharp angular designs with modern elements look amazing with black gold.

7- Classic Solitaire

Black gold solitaire engagement ring

Classic black gold solitaire ring. See it here.

Sometimes, less is more. Keep it simple with the classic solitaire design which brings out the beauty of the center gemstone without too many embellishments. The black look takes it to the next level and makes it stand out on your finger.

8- A Pop of Color

Dramatic ring style black gold

Check the price here

Black gold looks beautiful with colored gemstones, but add colored gemstone side stone embellishments to the setting to heighten the color contrast. Unlike with white metals, where the reflection hides any flaws, every little detail tends to stand out in a black gold ring setting.

9- Split Shank Style

Black gold black diamond halo engagement ring

Black gold ring with black diamond halo. See it here.

The split shank ring setting is one of the most popular as it tends to add increased brilliance and shine to your engagement ring. This is the case with white metals and white diamonds. With the black equivalent, the emphasis is not so much on the sparkle, but on the details as each prong and stone stands out.

10- A Unique Style

Art deco alexandrite ring

See this ring here

To truly stand out with a stunner, pick a ring design that isn’t afraid to be bold and out there. Consider Art Deco styles or vintage ring designs. While we’re all too familiar with these styles, when designed with black gold, they look new, daring and mysterious.

Should I Buy a Black Gold Engagement Ring

Before you go out and grab a black gold engagement ring, consider whether it’s really the style for you. The thing about engagement rings is that they’re meant to be worn for a lifetime. What might be appealing now might lose its appeal in a few years. So, you’re decision should ideally be for the long term.

If you’re someone who likes the look of traditional engagement rings, a black gold ring might not be the right option for you. Down the track, you might regret your choice and wish you had opted for a traditional style. But if you like being different, flaunting the rules and doing it your way, a black gold ring might be just the thing for you.

When deciding, consider your usual style of jewelry. Do you like bold, dramatic styles? Do you like to wear unique jewelry that stands out? If yes, you’re taste in jewelry might suit a black gold ring.

Always go with your gut instinct and what you think will suit your look and personality.