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Unique Engagement Ring Designs without Stones

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Say engagement ring and most people visualize a large, sparkly diamond sitting atop a precious metal setting. But while this is an attractive image, not everybody wants a ring with a gemstone.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want a lot of sparkle and color from your ring, but instead are looking for a durable, low-profile and beautiful option without a stone, you’ve come to the right place.

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Here’s a roundup of amazing engagement ring designs without a center stone but with lots of glamor and style.

A Unique Centerpiece

Dice game engagement ring without stone

By Moore Design 13. Check price here.

A ring with a focal point often catches our attention more because our eyes are drawn to that center. While gemstones are frequently employed for this purpose, a quirky focal point like the ring featured above is ideal to express your personality while drawing attention to your ring. This ring is made for a game enthusiast and features a geeky 20-sided dice. This is perfect for a unique engagement ring and one that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Gimmal Ring

Hand clasp ring
Hand clasp ring

Check price here

If you love the quaint and the vintage, a gimmal ring will be right up your alley. Also called a fede ring, these are essentially a variety of puzzle rings, where 2 or 3 carefully crafted bands are put together to form a single ring. They can also be taken apart and worn separately. Traditionally, the bride and groom would each wear one ring from the time of their engagement until the wedding, when the rings would be reunited, and the bride would wear the single design. This represents two lives coming together to be a cohesive whole.

Cable Rope Ring

cable rope ring very nice engagement ring without stone

Twisted Rope Engagement Band in White Gold. Check price here.

Another minimalist style, this ring features a twisted rope design, harking back to the notion of knots and connection. While it works perfectly as a wedding ring as well, we love this design for engagement rings because of its low-key, comfortable look.

Claddagh Ring

gold-claddagh engagement ring without stone

Claddagh Ring in 14k Yellow Gold. Check price here.

The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish design featuring two hands clasping a heart with a crown placed on the heart. These three elements signify love, loyalty and friendship – three ideal traits for a successful relationship. Claddagh rings can be used as promise rings, but they’re most popular as engagement or wedding bands. They’re ideal for the bride who wants a romantic, traditional and time-honored design.

Puzzle Ring

Original  Puzzle Ring  14k Gold Filled image 0

Four Band Puzzle Ring by Street Bauble. Check price here.

A puzzle ring consists of several interconnected bands that can be taken apart and put back together. The number of bands in puzzle rings can range from just 2, like this sterling silver 2-band puzzle ring, to 12 bands, like this stunningly complex 12-band ring.

This type of ring is perfect for someone who likes a challenge and a very non-traditional ring. They’re beautiful, challenging and gives you a sense of achievement when you’ve solved the puzzle, which is more than what you can expect from the average ring!

Love Knot Ring

Engagement ring without stone, love knot ring

18k Yellow Gold Love Knot Ring by Fattoa Manou. Check price here.

A minimalist’s dream, the love knot ring features a simple band twisted into a knot. Knots have always been associated with friendship, romance and even marriage. After all, to ‘tie the knot’ is to get married. As such, the love knot is perfect symbolism for an impending marriage. It’s also perfect if you want a low-key, barely there ring that’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t attract too much attention.

Engraved Ring

engraved ring, very nice engagement ring without stone

Engraved Band by In Bar Fine Jewelry. Check price here.

An engraved band is the perfect way to have a low-profile, comfortable and simple engagement ring. The pattern on the band adds flair to what would otherwise be a very simple style. While it looks like a wedding band, this type of engagement ring is an excellent choice for a non-traditional stone-less engagement ring.

An Avant Garde Ring

Geometric Modern Bridal Set by Inbar Alezraki. Check price here.

If you’re going stone-less, the metal of the band needs to take all the attention. Why not pick out a modern, avant-garde design like the geometric bridal set featured here? The design is complete when both bands are worn together but can be taken apart to represent engagement and wedding rings separately. We love everything about it – the smooth matte finish, the color contrast, and the geometric design. Add the wedding band for a little bit of diamond sparkle.

Nature Inspired

Nature inspired engagement ring

Rose 9k Gold Ring by Rosalind Elunyd. Check price here.

Another gorgeous example of metal taking all the attention, this nature-inspired ring features 9k gold carefully crafted to resemble leaves leading up to a center gold rose. Diamond-free yet glamorous and eye-catching.

Before You Buy

In engagement rings, the stone takes most of the attention which means that if you’re going stone-free, the metal needs to be beautifully and expertly crafted to stand on its own. We recommend opting for either platinum or gold for the best look and a wider range of options.

Alternative metals, like titanium, tungsten or cobalt are affordable and durable options but you’ll find that your choices will be very limited.

We recommend starting your search on either Etsy or Amazon for the best range of engagement rings without stones.