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Should I Buy a Silicone Wedding Ring? Your Questions Answered

Couple wearing silicon wedding band

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A wedding ring made out of metal isn’t a viable option for everyone. For people who lead active and busy lifestyles, where they use their hands a lot, wearing a piece of metal around their fingers can be a safety hazard and even downright dangerous.

Silicone wedding rings are ideal in such cases and are growing in popularity because of all the advantages they offer.  They’re stylish, unique and safe and very functional.

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Let’s take at silicone wedding rings and why they’re becoming so popular.  

What is Silicone?

Silicon wedding rings

Silicone wedding bands for him and her. See them here.

Silicone is a type of rubber that contains a combination of silicone with other materials such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. When combined, the resulting material is a durable, versatile substance that has many uses.

Silicone has been used in jewelry making for a long time, but more in the creation of mold than as the material for the jewelry itself. Only very recently have people begun to take it seriously as a material for important jewelry like wedding bands.

Are silicone wedding bands safe to wear?

Man wearing green silicon ring

Green mountain design silicone ring. See it here.

This is the most important feature of silicone wedding rings. They’re safe to wear in more workplaces and professional contexts than almost all other ring metals. These rings are comfortable and easy to wear and are flexible with a little give in them.

If the ring gets caught or snags on an object, it won’t hurt your finger or cause injury. Think about jobs where you use your hands a lot – mechanics, electricians, athletes, doctors, nurses and people who operate heavy machinery. The list goes on. In all these instances, silicone wedding rings are a viable option.

Silicone wedding bands are also non-conductive unlike any other metal out there. They can safely be worn in any situation.

And as they’re also hypoallergenic, there’s hardly any chance of you getting a skin reaction when wearing a silicone ring. This is ideal for people with metal allergies who are sensitive to common allergens like nickel, zinc, copper and cobalt, which are found in many wedding band metal alloys.

Do women wear silicone wedding rings?

stackable silicone wedding band

Stackable silicone wedding bands. See them here.

This metal is unisex and is perfect for both men and women. These rings come in a wide variety of colors and textures that can be designed to suit any taste and can even be customized with textures and engravings as desired.

Not every woman will fall in love with what is essentially a rubber wedding ring, but it’s an excellent alternative to having to take your ring off all the time when you go to work or on an adventure. There’s also a bit of pizzazz that comes with wearing a silicone ring – a flaunting of tradition and a wish to walk your own path.

How durable are silicon rings?

customizable silicone bands

Customizable silicone wedding bands. See them here.

They might look fragile, but silicone wedding bands are very durable. The material is so strong that it resists scratching, chipping, breaking or general damage from exposure. They’re also highly heat resistant.

However, they aren’t meant to be worn forever.

Over time, silicone wedding bands will start to show their age. In such cases, the best option is to replace the ring. Considering that they’re so affordable, replacing a silicone wedding band isn’t difficult or expensive to do.

There might, however, be an emotional tug and you may not want to part with the original wedding ring. This is a factor to consider before committing to a silicone ring.

This is what one of our readers said about this:

Marissa: I am always outside and doing stuff, so I really didn’t like the idea of wearing a metal wedding ring all the time. But I also didn’t like the idea of just getting cheap, silicone bands. What we ended up doing was that we bought platinum wedding rings for the ceremony and we wear them when we go out to with friends or to events. But our silicone rings are our everyday rings. And we love them!  

Can silicone rings be cut in an emergency?

Absolutely! These rings are easy to cut through and don’t cause any injury on their own. Compare that to other alternative wedding band metals like titanium and tungsten that are very difficult to remove in the event of an emergency.

Are silicone wedding rings in style?

Silicone wedding band black

Black silicone wedding band. See it here.

If you’re choosing silicone wedding rings, you’ll have to admit that they’re not as sophisticated and classy as a platinum or gold ring would be. But that’s not where their strength lies. These rings aren’t meant to be formal and elegant.

Instead, they’re practical, comfortable and convenient. They keep the symbolism of the wedding ring alive, allowing you to still display your commitment to your other half while keeping the ring and yourself safe at the workplace or outdoors.

They are, however, very fashion forward. They can be very stylish and add a casual confidence to your look.  There’s something casually confident about a silicone ring that elevates it to badass status.

Are silicone rings expensive?

 Engraved Silicon Wedding Band

Custom engraved silicon wedding band. See this here.

Silicone rings are very affordable, often costing around $50 or less. This makes it easy on the wallet and also easy to replace if necessary.

Of course this is also the downside of silicone rings in that they don’t look expensive and there may be a fair bit of judgement on your choice of wedding rings by friends and family. They will never be family heirlooms and its unlikely your children will be waiting to wear your silicone wedding band at their own weddings in the future.

If this bothers you, then why not opt for a traditional metal? Or if not, you can always have a precious metal ring down the track as an anniversary ring.

At the end of the day, you know why you chose a silicone ring, so that’s really all that should matter.

Do silicone rings shine at all?

Silver silicone wedding band

Silver-look silicone wedding band. See it here.

Silicone rings typically have a rubbery, matte look but can sometimes be shiny depending on the individual type of silicone. It’s more of a glittery sheen rather than a polished shine. However, they will never exhibit the shine you see from metals… duh.

Having said that, for some people, the matte texture and extra friction of silicone wedding bands make them comfortable to wear and when well-designed, they can look stunning. It all comes down to good craftsmanship and clever designs.

Where can I find silicone wedding bands?

Because silicone wedding bands aren’t a mainstream ring style, it’s not easy to find them at your local store. We recommend searching online for the widest range of choice, best pricing and good service.

Etsy is currently an excellent source for silicone wedding rings, with a range of ring designs for men and women. Check the reviews on each store before you commit and communicate clearly with the seller as to what you’re looking for. Also check the after sales policies, just in case you need to return the ring.