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Heart Shaped Diamond Ring – Choose or Avoid?

Heart shape engagement ring

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The heart cut diamond isn’t for everyone. It’s not a popular choice but when well cut and properly set in a ring setting, heart diamonds have a unique appeal that you don’t find in other diamonds cuts.

Romantic, stylish and girlish, this is a diamond shape that gets people talking. Some love it, others not so much. Let’s take a look at the heart diamond and whether it’s the right choice for you.

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What is the Heart-Shaped Cut?

Girl wearing heart shape diamond engagement ring twisted shank setting

Elegant heart shaped engagement ring.

See it here

One of the earliest heart-shaped diamonds was given by Mary Queen of Scots to her famous cousin Queen Elizabeth, proving that this is a classic cut that has been around for a long time. However, it was only in the early 1900s that the cut was standardized with 56-59 facets and designed to resemble the heart shape that’s popular today.

The heart shape is known for its ability to refract light, resulting in exceptional brilliance. It needs to be perfectly proportioned because even slight deviations in symmetry are easy to spot and makes the entire stone look off.

Bow tie on heart shape diamond

Perfectly symmetrical slightly wider heart diamond.  

Check out its 360 rotation here

The heart cut can be thin or squat depending on the length to width ratio you choose. The recommended L-W ratio is 1.00, but if you like a narrow look, choose a L-W ratio over 1.05 while an L-W ratio under .95 gives you a wider heart. Also watch out for bowties, which can appear on poorly faceted heart diamonds.

The size of your heart diamond is very important to consider, because if you’re going for a small-sized diamond (.30-.50 carats), your heart shape might just look like a round diamond with an ill-defined shape. Pick a size that shows a clearly defined heart while keeping to your budget.

The heart cut tends to show color, making them perfect for colored gemstones. For colorless diamonds, choosing D-E-F (colorless) grades will give you the best look without any warm tints. For the best value, try to go as far down on the color scale as possible because each grade increases significantly in price.

The same goes for clarity. Always look for an eye-clean diamond with no noticeable flaws. Flawless to VVS2 grades are the best but you can drop further down on the clarity scale and still find a stunning diamond.

Nicki Minaj engagement ring

Photo courtesy of Nicki Minaj / @nickiminaj

Lady Gaga is known for sporting a giant heart-shaped diamond engagement ring, while some other popular celebrities wearing heart cut diamond rings include Gwen Stefani, Andrea Hissom, Blake Lively and Nicki Minaj.

Is the Heart Shaped Diamond Too Sentimental?

This diamond shape is perfect for romantic brides, who love the symbolism of the heart shape. After all, hearts are the perfect symbol of love and romance today. But at the same time, others feel that it’s too sentimental and even a bit cute. Here are some opinions we came across:

Brianna – I always wanted a heart shaped ring but then I decided to go with a classic round brilliant because I felt that a heart ring wouldn’t age well with me.

Stella – I absolutely love my heart shape engagement ring. I felt that in the future, if I wanted something a bit more serious and sophisticated, I could always get an anniversary ring. But for now, this is what I love.

Angela – I think the heart diamond is so romantic and perfect as an engagement ring. It was hard to find the perfect heart diamond because not many retailers carry them but in the end we did! This made it all the more special because it’s so rare.

The heart diamond is a statement shape, one that goes in and out of fashion (like most diamond shapes do). But if you want something that’s always popular, then a round brilliant would probably suit you better.

Best Heart Cut Diamond Ring Settings

To bring out the best in your heart cut diamond, choose a setting that will complement its statement shape and bring outs exceptional brilliance.

Also, in case you were wondering which way to wear the heart diamond, it doesn’t really matter. You can wear it with the heart pointing either up or down but traditionally, this shape has been worn with the heart pointing down.

Here are some of the most popular heart diamond engagement ring settings.

1- Classic Solitaire Setting

You can never go wrong with a solitaire setting which brings out the beauty of the heart diamond, accentuating its shape and brilliance. The solitaire setting is easy to clean and maintain and has a sophisticated, stylish look that perfectly complements the heart cut. Just make sure that the sharp point of the heart cut diamond is protected with a carefully placed prong. A V-tip prong provides the best protection for sharp points.

Heart solitaire engagement ring

Always classic solitaire setting

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2- Halo Setting

The halo setting adds an extra circle of sparkle around the diamond, emphasizing the heart cuts brilliance. Halo settings also add more protection for the stone, acting as a buffer between the diamond and daily exposure. However, halo settings require more care and maintenance than solitaire settings because of the tiny diamonds and many grooves the ring contains.

Halo heart shape diamond engagement ring in white gold

Brilliant halo setting with heart cut diamond.

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3- Side Stone Setting

Side stone settings add width to an engagement ring, complementing the center heart diamond with added sparkle. The side stones can vary in number and shape and even color. A variation to the side stone is the 3-stone setting, in which there are only 3 stones of equal, graduated or mixed sizes. 3-stone settings are meaningful and symbolic, meant to represent the past, present and future of the couple.

Side-stone setting heart shape engagement ring

Beautiful side stone setting.

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4- Vintage Heart Shaped Rings

If you’re a lover of vintage things, an antique or vintage-inspired heart shaped ring might be perfect for you. You might not get the exact heart cut that we know today, as that’s a relatively recent cut. However, you can still find a ring featuring the heart shaped stone.

vintage inspired heart shape engagement-ring

Vintage inspired heart shaped diamond ring.

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Know Before You Buy

We’ve already mentioned that heart shaped diamonds are very rare. In many instances, diamond cutters prefer to shape the rough into pear cuts which are more popular than the heart shape.

Finding the right loose heart shaped diamond or engagement ring can be difficult due to this rarity. We recommend searching on James Allen for a very good selection of heart shaped diamonds as well as Blue Nile. You can also scout around on Etsy which is an amazing platform for rare and unique vintage finds as well as gorgeously crafted artisan designs.

Always check for perfection in cut, and look for a clear diamond with no visible flaws.

Will a Heart Shaped Engagement Ring Go Out of Style?

Girl wearing heart shape diamond engagement ring

Gorgeous heart-shaped diamond ring.

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One worry that some ladies have about choosing a heart shaped diamond is that it’ll go out of style down the track. Engagement rings are meant to be worn for a lifetime, and it’s highly unlikely that what’s in fashion now will still be in style 10, 20 or 40 years down the track. All ring styles go in and out of fashion, so pick something that you love because that’s what matters most.

If you’re looking for a popular option, then the heart shape won’t make the cut. This shape is reportedly one of the least popular gemstone shapes, meaning that you’ll probably be the only one you know wearing a heart shaped engagement ring. If you like a less popular diamond shape that makes you stand out, then a heart shape’s a good pick.

Should I Choose a Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring?

Holding love letters

If you’re still on the fence about a heart shaped diamond ring, consider your options carefully and what you want from your ring.

Do you care what others think about your ring? Are their compliments and comments important to you? Some will love a heart shaped diamond and others will not like it as much. Shapes like the heart cut have divided opinions, often strong, and you won’t be able to please everyone. If you want a sure crowd-pleaser, then stick with a round or princess cut.

Also consider how you may feel about the heart diamond ring down the track. Like Stella mentions above, you can always replace your ring with a more formal looking stone in the future if you grow out of it.

It’s hard to know how you’ll feel about your engagement ring in the future but go with your gut feeling now. If a heart diamond is what your heart desires (no pun intended) why not go for it? When well-crafted and mounted in a beautiful setting, a heart cut diamond is a joy to behold!