How to Customize Your Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet

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A wedding is incomplete without the wedding bouquet as it has become an indispensable part of a wedding day. When choosing the right bouquet, there are many things a bride needs to take into consideration including its color, texture, shape, and complementing personal style to complete the wedding day look.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at several ways you can customize your wedding bouquet to make it more meaningful for your special day. Not only will it carry a special place in your heart, but it will also look unique and stand out.

1. Sentimental Items

One of the best ways to personalize your bouquet is by adding a sentimental item to it. A sentimental item can be anything that’s special and close to your heart. For example, it could be a piece of lace taken from your grandmother’s wedding dress or small photographs affixed to the bouquet. Here are some examples of sentimental items you can add to your bouquet.


twist diamond eternity ring

Petite Twist Diamond Eternity Ring by Blue Nile. See it here.

A bride can remember a loved one she cherishes by tying a ring of theirs to the bouquet. The ring can be tied around with antique lace or any type of material that the bride prefers to ensure that it’s firmly held on.


personalized disc charm etsy

Personalized Disc Charms by Ronny Pop. See it here.

Brides can have words or initials engraved onto charms to remind them of a loved one on their big day. Having part of a note engraved onto a special charm is one of the many ways you can customize your wedding bouquet.


tiny gold heart locket

Tiny Gold Heart Locket with Photos by Percival and Hudson. See it here.

Lockets often symbolize love and romance and are usually passed down from generation to generation. You can keep a picture or something special inside the locket to remind you of a loved one and keep them close to your heart by pinning it to your bridal bouquet.


elden ring stargazer

Heirloom Talisman Necklace by Evening Wind Goods. See it here.

There is no such thing as too many diamonds! Add meaningful glimmer and sparkle to your bouquet by arranging an heirloom diamond or gemstone in a ribbon tied around the bunch. You will always be reminded of a loved one every time it catches light and sparkles!

2. Religiously Significant Items

rosary bracelet

Yellow Gold Rosary Bracelet by James Allen. See it here.

If you’d like to incorporate an aspect of your religion into your bridal bouquet, you certainly can! Rosary beads and religious necklaces can be wrapped around the bouquet and pinned onto the ribbon. 

3. Flowers

osaka bridal bouquet

Dried Flower Bridal Bouquet by Miss Fleurs. See it here.

To the brides who are not big fans of traditional flowers, this tip is for you. Carrying an alternative down the aisle is one way you can customize your bouquet to make it look unique while adding more meaning to your wedding day.

Opting for succulents, which provide color and can live longer than fresh flowers is one way you can switch up the traditional look.

Not a sucker for plants and flowers? Brides who prefer books to flowers can carry a paper bouquet made from the pages of their favorite book instead.

4. Beyond the Bouquet

decorative lanterns

Decorative Vintage Lanterns by Craftygreat. See it here.

You don’t have to only stick to flowers, there are plenty of other options out there for brides who want to change it up and look different on their special day. One possible solution is having your bridesmaids carry small lanterns that will revamp the ceremony and give it an ethereal vibe.

You can also have your bridal party carry baskets, clocks, small purses, or paper fans to add a unique touch and stand out.

5. Dramatic Much?

cascade bridal bouquet

Cascade bouquet by Bride in Bloom Weddings. See it here.

When people think of bridal bouquets, it’s the pastel shades, pretty pinks, and calm blues that come to mind. Why not stand out with bold, dramatic colors with flowers that aren’t used very often in bridal bouquets?

If you’re a bride that likes sunflowers or black Lilies and they are significant in your life, you can opt for a bold bouquet. Remember, selecting bold bright colors goes in accordance with the dress and the overall theme of the day.

6. Greens are in Style

eucalyptus bouquet

Eucalyptus Bouquet by H Botanics Weddings. See it here.

Most florists bring in a perfect blend of colorful flowers and greens. You can always customize your bouquet to reduce the amount of color and add more greens. For the tree hugger that wants to make a statement, why not get a bouquet of wild plant leaves such as dried lavender to make your wedding bouquet one of a kind.

7. Fabric Flowers

fabric flower bouquet

Dried Flower Tambourine Bouquet by Meadow and Moss. See it here.

Some of the most amazing bouquets are made out of fabric and ribbon. The thing with fabric or ribbon bouquets is that you can add more frills, colors, and drama. You can always ask your florist to make your wedding bouquet elegant and stylish just like your wedding.

Florists can always make your bouquet stand out while still blending in with the overall color scheme and theme of your special day. Some florists will let you help in the customization of your bouquet so that it will be meaningful and just the way you like it. The bonus- you can keep it forever without it ever wilting or changing color!

Wrapping Up

Weddings have certain traditions that play a major role in making the day more authentic. A wedding bouquet is one such tradition. Despite the wedding bouquet being of significance on your special day, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and try out new things.

A wedding marks a huge and important milestone in your life and is an occasion filled with joy, excitement, and love. The best part is, that you don’t always have to go by the book. There are tons of new things you can try out to customize your wedding bouquet just the way you like, making your day more memorable and meaningful.