Super Cute Flower Girl Baskets Ideas

Cute flower girls holding baskets

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A flower girl basket is an essential part of your wedding and should be as cute and as pretty as its bearer! The tradition of having flower girls first began in Ancient Rome where the flower girl blessed the bride and the groom with prosperity and fertility by carrying a pretty little basket of wheat and herbs.

While most couples prefer to have a traditional wedding and a bridal party complete with a flower girl, there are many that don’t. Having a flower girl in your bridal party isn’t a must, especially if you don’t have anyone in mind for the role.

However, if you are having a flower girl walk down the aisle, you’re probably wondering how to choose the right basket for her. This is where we come in! We have put together a list of 12 flower girl basket ideas to give you some inspiration and help you decide.

1- Satin Flower Girl Basket

Satin flower girl basket

Ivory Flower Girl Basket by Blush Bridal and Tux. See it here.

If you’re looking for an elegant and stylish basket for your flower girl to carry, this lovely ivory design is an excellent choice! Embroidered with vine and leaf patterns with a handle made of a chain of ivory beads, this basket speaks elegance and is simple and charming at the same time. Your flower girl will surely feel like a princess carrying it!

2- Lace Flower Girl Basket

lace flower basket

Lace Flower Girl Basket by AlexEmotions. See it here.

This pretty basket is perfect for a vintage wedding especially if you’re walking down the aisle in a lace gown. The basket comes with a lace overlay to carry the theme of your wedding. The handle is made of beautiful pearls with a flower and ribbons on the side. It’s a charming option that would suit a flower girl of any age. 

3- Metal Flower Girl Basket

Metal flower basket

Rustic Flower Girl Basket by Ragga Wedding. See it here.

Planning a vintage or rustic themed wedding? Then this is the perfect basket for your flower girl! This basket is made of bronze metal and decorated with eucalyptus around the brim along with faux greenery and berries. It’s sturdy and sweet, a perfect option for a flower girl of any age. Line it with some fabric or lace so that the petals won’t fall out and you’ve got a beautiful basket for your little princess!

4- Wooden Flower Girl Basket

flower girl basket

Unique Flower Girl Basket by Feel So Happy Gifts. See it here.

If you want a unique and elegant flower girl basket for your flower girl to tote on your special day, why not try a classic wooden one with a pearl beaded handle and decorated with flowers? This basket is perfect for almost any type of wedding but works especially well for rustic or vintage themed weddings. It sports beautiful and delicate craftsmanship with special attention given to detail. The result is a gorgeous basket for your flower girl that will wow your guests!

5- Birch Flower Girl Basket

Birch wooden basket

Birch Wood Flower Girl basket by Micheles Cottage. See it here.

This beautiful birch basket is perfect for a rustic chic wedding and is sure to grab everyone’s attention. It’s naturally inspired and made of birch wood decorated with paper roses and baby’s breath. Not only will this gorgeous basket stand out, but so will the lucky flower girl who carries it! You can also opt for this basket if you’re having an outdoor wedding since it has a naturalistic look, like it really came from nature.

6- Woodland Flower Girl Baskets

Woodland flower basket

Flower Girl Basket by Monix Unique Creations. See it here.

Add a touch of romance and make your wedding something out of a fairy tale with these beautiful woodland flower girl baskets. These baskets are just right for a rustic wedding since they are made of wood and decorated with soft silk flowers and moss with greenery. You can decorate with any flowers you like that match your wedding colors and you’ve got the perfect basket for your little woodland princess!

7- Nautical Rope Flower Girl Basket

Rope flower basket

Nautical Rope Knot Flower Girl Basket by The Lazarette. See it here.

Here’s an ideal flower girl basket for a nautical or a coastal wedding. This handmade basket is made of rope, and based on a type of traditional knot that sailors have used for decades. Once your nuptials are over, your flower girl can take this basket home and use it to keep her bits and pieces in. It can also be used as a base for a very small hamper with a few personal gifts inside.

8- Box Basket

Wooden box as flower girl basket

Here Comes The Bride Flower Girl Basket by Red Heart Creations. See it here.

Another unique idea for a flower girl basket, this wooden box basket is a sweet addition to complete your little flower girl’s look. Although it may not look it, the box itself is very light and is quite easy for your flower girl to tote and is strong and sturdy at the same time. This will surely look unique and catch everyone’s attention as she walks down the aisle, signaling your arrival with the words ‘Here Comes The Bride’ printed on the side of the box.

9- Burlap Flower Girl Basket

Burlap flower girl basket

Burlap Flower Girl Basket by Bridal Wire Hanger. See it here.

If you’re planning a rustic themed or a country wedding, consider a burlap basket for your little flower girl to carry down the aisle. Burlap is among the hottest trends right now for these types of weddings due to the fact that it is extremely versatile. The lace on this basket adds an elegant touch to the whole look while keeping it simple and charming at the same time, a perfect choice for your flower girl!

10- Wicker Flower Girl Basket

Wicker flower girl basket

Formal Flower Girl Basket by Good Girl Design Studio. See it here.

Wicker baskets are always a great choice for a flower girl to carry on your big day. While most wicker baskets have a rustic look and are commonly chosen for rustic or country weddings, this one is quite the opposite. This handmade basket painted with ivory and gold glitter is just right for a formal wedding. It’s perfect as it gives a stylish and elegant look and will make your flower girl stand out beautifully.

11- Gothic Flower Girl Basket

goth flower girl basket

Gothic Flower Girl Basket by Modern Wedding Trends. See it here.

Looking for a unique and gorgeous flower girl basket for your big day? Try going for this special basket that we are sure will grab everyone’s attention. This basket is far from the typical you’d come across every day. It’s beautifully made and will make your flower girl look more adorable than she already is. This is perfect for a gothic wedding but it can work well for a vintage wedding as well. Just remove the Lolita skull cabochons and your flower girl is good to go!

12- Vintage Bohemian Flower Girl Basket

Vintage flower girl basket

Vintage Boho Flower Girl Basket by Iron And Teak. See it here.

Here’s an excellent option for a flower girl basket which can be used for a bohemian wedding as well as a vintage themed wedding. This basket is made of woven wood and is quite strong and steady so there’s no need to fear that it could break or that pieces may fall off. Fill it up with wheat and herbs for your flower girl to bless you with on your special day and after your ceremony, she can take it home as a keepsake or use it around the house or in the garden.

Wrapping up…

A common question that many brides have is what to put inside the flower girl’s basket. There are quite a few options to choose from. You can fill it up with the same type of petals from yours or your bridesmaids’ bouquets. You can also go for the traditional wheat and herbs or get creative and have small sea shells that she can drop as she walks down the aisle. Some venues don’t allow dropping flowers or anything else on the floor so make sure you check this first of all!

When buying the right flower girl basket, make sure that it suits your flower girl perfectly. The typical basket size is approximately 5” x 3 ½” at the top and 4 ½”x 3’ at the bottom. It should be at least 2” deep to hold its contents properly. However, the size varies depending on the size of your flower girl. Take your flower girl with you when you go shopping so that you can choose the right basket size accordingly. A very small flower girl with a huge basket would be a disaster on the special day.

Check to make sure that the basket is strong and sturdy and not too heavy for your flower girl to tote down the aisle or she would be quite uncomfortable. If you’re going for a wooden basket, check for any cracks in the wood that could lead to breakage. If you’re opting for one made of fabric, check for any snags or tears in the material.

We hope you’ve found our tips useful and wish you all the best! Happy shopping!

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